Is Shooting All Virus Game Legit? Review From Experience


There’s a 70% chance that you heard words about the shooting all-virus game. You have more chances of getting to see an advert about the game online, or if someone advertises it to you through word of mouth. The game offers you real-life money when you download and play the shooting all-virus game. All that’s required of you is to kill viruses, and you’ll be one step away from winning lots of cash prizes. 

The game has gained lots of controversies on the internet, and one of the things people ask is; is shooting an all-virus game legit? Is it profitable enough or a waste of time? How much can I earn monthly from the game, etc? 

This publication hopes to answer all of the aforementioned questions and to act as a guide on how you can earn with the shooting all virus game. 


Is Shooting All Virus Game Legit?



Shooting all viruses is legit but doesn’t pay all users. They pay users that withdraw a low amount of money. They tend to pay $5 withdrawal faster than $200. Don’t accumulate much money on this app hoping to get paid. I tried it by accumulating up to $200 and never got paid. 


My Experience 


There are lots of apps on the app store which promise cash rewards, and you can’t always see payment proofs of past app users. The shooting all virus game is not different from that, and you also can’t get to see what people think about the shooting all virus game because the app is still in its “early access$ stage on the Google play store.

I took my time to try out the “shooting all virus game” because I love the game concept, and not necessarily because of the rewards attached to it. I felt the owners of the game do not generate enough money to pay everyone hundreds of dollars.

There are legit money apps and games that pay you for your time on the app store but I don’t feel the shooting all virus game is a legit app that will pay you in the long run. The app does not have any legal document that obligated them to pay its users.

The game is interestingly fun to play, but there is no guarantee that you are getting paid in the end,  I feel the rate at which users accumulate cash while playing is alarming. For example, you stand a chance of earning more than $50 within your first hour of playing.

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I played long enough to accumulate my first $200 and tried withdrawing. Guess what? I never got paid. Then I kept playing for the fun of it and earned more money, and still never got paid. I have been able to withdraw $200, $500, and $1,000 respectively, and I have been able to receive my cash rewards.

I did my best to play fair for the love of the game concept, but the developers of shooting all virus games never uphold their part.


Overview Of The Shooting All Virus Game


The shooting all virus game offers people loads of cash when they play to kill viruses. As we all know, viruses are often considered bad or harmful which makes it one of the reasons why the game is addictive or fun to play.

Most people who gain awareness about the app online are usually attracted to the mouth-watering offers such as the ability to win over $100 gift cards every month, and how you may choose to withdraw to a PayPal account. The online ad always specifies how easy it is to earn a few bucks instantly but, the app also clarifies that you have to play by the app’s terms and conditions in other to be able to get paid.

The fact that it’s super easy to make money with the shooting all virus game does not guarantee its legitimacy because there are various apps on the Google play store that promise to reward you with cash and other enticing prizes when you spend time on their app performing certain tasks 

Curious to know if the app is legit or just another scam? Keep reading to find out more information!

 The shooting all virus game is available to download in all parts of the world, and anyone can play for a chance at winning exciting cash prizes. The interesting thing about all of this is that you are not required to make any form of deposit or make any form of purchase while playing the shooting all-virus game.

The game claims you can withdraw your earnings after you’ve been able to accumulate over $200. The game is fun and addictive since you are playing to kill viruses, and you can earn over $200 within a short period at your very own comfort.

The shooting all virus game has gained a lot of popularity since its launch, and Google plays store records over 100,000 downloads. If you recently download the app, it’s important to note that you are not alone in the quest of earning money with the shooting all-virus game.


How Does It Work?


The first thing that’s required of you is to have the app installed on your phone. You may need to head over to your app store to download the app if you don’t have the app installed on your phone. You are not required to create any form of membership account. You are also not going to pay any money upfront before you can get to start playing for a chance at earning lots of dollars.

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You play by shooting at viruses. All that’s required of you is to aim and fire at the viruses with the balls in the game. It’s a really fun game to play, and do note that the more you aim and shoot perfectly the more your chances of earning more.

You aim to ensure you reduce the virus to the lowest minimum, but you are most likely to experience more difficulty as the game progresses. The game is expected to be challenging to every human who tries it out, and that explains the game increased difficulty as the shooting of all virus games progresses.

The game in design is fun and enough to keep you playing. For example, you can always boost the speed of the game when you watch a short video ad. Although the game is built to become more difficult as you play, the game is relatively fair because you will be given more that can be used against the virus.

You can also use other props in the game such as the laser cannon or the bomb which can help cause notable damage to the viruses. You can always use the virus any day you want and can watch a short video ad in other to gain access to more cannon and bombs. 

If you ever feel like you need more balls to defeat the viruses. All you have to do is look at the top of your screen, then look out for a blue button. Click on the button where you’ll automatically get free 10 balls to continue your quest.


Earn More With The Shooting All Virus Game


As mentioned abo, the shooting all virus game is an interesting game for all age groups to play and you can earn a couple of bucks when you play the game. However, you also stand the chance of earning extra rewards when you collect and redeem coins in the game. Coins and cash rewards can be accumulated when you kill viruses. You may choose to withdraw your cash anytime, and may also choose to convert your coins to cash in the later future. 

In addition to earning more money with the shooting all virus game, you stand a chance of earning more cash when you unlock the treasure chest. The treasure chest can be found on the right corner of your screen, and it can be unlocked with points accumulated from the game, and when you watch a short video ad.

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How To Receive Payment?


You can always withdraw your cash and coins rewards when you’ve been able to accumulate up to the minimum amount. For example, you are expected to have accumulated up to 280,000 worth of coins before you can claim your coins rewards. 280,000 coins are worth 5 USD, and you can choose to convert them to real cash or a gift card.

You can withdraw your cash rewards directly to your PayPal account. However, the minimum amount you are allowed to withdraw on the shooting all-virus game is $200. You may choose to withdraw as much as a thousand dollars. Then the question remains “is shooting all virus game legit?”


Video Review






In conclusion, the shooting all virus game is an amazing app for both old and young to play for a chance at earning thousands of dollars. The app is a scam, and you are not going to receive any payments after playing in the long run. 

You may choose to play the game for fun, other than that you are only going to be wasting a lot of time playing the game. Therefore, I’ll advise you to quit playing the game if you are on a quest of earning cash while playing the game.

You can stop playing today, and prevent getting frustrated like other players who are hoping to earn a couple of bucks with the app.

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