Push Button Profits Review: SCAM OR LEGIT?


Before you start daydreaming about the fortune you’ll make by pushing a button. You may want to consider asking yourself the question; Is push button profits a scam? 

If you love the idea of making money in the comfort of your home while you sit back and do nothing then push-button profits are something you should try out! The platform promises to make you unlock your financial freedom, and you can become the latest millionaire in town just by pushing a button.

This publication will shine more torch on what the push button profits stand for, how it works, and how you take advantage of the opportunity. In addition, you are also going to learn if it’s just another scam app with futile promises.


Is The Push Button Profits Legit?


No! The company is designed to scrub off money from their user’s pockets, and they are shady with their terms of service as they often make demands about personal information about you such as your utility bills, and driver’s license. It’s best to know that giving out personal information about you can result in identity theft.

In addition, the website is built on lies expected to mislead users into making more purchases. For example, you can always see how fast people are selling products on the website dashboard, and we all know how hard it is to sell off a product online.

In addition, the website claims you can make money just by pushing a button after you sign up making it look like you just have to sit back and let your money work for you. Whereas, in reality, you are going to keep making more purchases, finding referrals, etc before you make money off the website.

Finally, users who are not satisfied with the website’s terms of service are not entitled to initiate a refund.


Overview Of The Push Button Profits


The push button profits is a platform where people can make thousands of dollars just from clicking on the web page. The web page is a simple designed single-page website that allows you to take part in one of the biggest affiliate marketing and MLM websites in the world.

The platform is also referred to as Traffic authority, and it is however not free to join, as you are required to pay a starting fee and to later upgrade your membership as you make progress on the platform. One thing you should know is that you are not expected to have anything less than $50 before trying out the push-button website to earn cash.

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If you are not new to affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), etc. You’ll understand what the website stands for, and how you can fully benefit. Meanwhile, newbies may feel a little skeptical about having to pay up to $150 to register on a website in exchange for earning cash.

The website focuses on boosting traffic for brands, businesses, and websites, and empowers people who can refer business owners, website and blog owners, and other people who seek to make money to the push button profits website.

Statistics had shown that most people who join the push button profits website are people who are looking to get more traffic for their businesses. While others are only seeking to make money off the referral program.

A business, brand, or website needs more traffic to boost sales, online presence, etc. This explains why most business owners are seeking traffic from the website.


Earning Money With The Push Button Profits Website: Possible Ways


The website’s on-page description makes it look really easy to make money off the platform. Meanwhile, making money just by pushing a button sounds unrealistic and fake.

The platform however seeks to provide traffic solutions to online business owners and the likes of them just from the push of a button. You also stand the chance of earning money as a business owner or website owner when someone purchases through your referral downline.

You can take advantage of either the starters or premium packages. For example, you may choose to kick-start your journey by trying out the starters package which cost less than #50. You’ll then be required to advertise and sell out traffic boosting packages such as email address capturing, traffic roaming, etc.

A person who does not own a brand or website can still take advantage of the platform. However, do note that your chances of losing money outweigh your chances of earning money through the website, but it’s worth a trial.


How The Traffic Works


You may choose to utilize the traffic boosting packages push button profits has to offer, but it’s important to understand how the traffic works. You may choose to redirect the traffic you generated from the platform to your funnel or you may also choose to channel that traffic to your official website.

It is not free to send out traffic. You are expected to budget at least $500 if you are hoping to get 500 clicks because the website charges $1 for every unique click. 

The platform does not specify the source of its traffic, and there is no way to verify if the traffic’s aren’t random bots, and this has people worrying about the credibility of the platform. There are diverse websites on the internet that offers similar services but do not pass the credibility test.

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Anna chose a website related to the push button profits to skyrocket her skincare business. She was dedicated to expanding her business to its peak by reaching out to a large target audience. She paid over $2,000 to redirect traffic to her sales page. It was disheartening for Anna that she recorded over a thousand visits on her website but no one made a purchase.

There are chances that 85% of people whom push button profits redirected to Anna’s website are probably not interested in purchasing a skin care product or might plan on purchasing in the nearest future.

Take a look at Maxwell’s experience; Maxwell sells phone and laptop accessories for a discounted price. He tried using the platform to generate traffic to his sales page and hopefully get more customers. Everyone understands the high demand for phone and laptop accessories, but Maxwell never got any lead from the platform.

The traffic generated from platforms related to push button profits platform can be said to be a fallacy, and should not be trusted. The truth is that majority of the traffic generated are bots while less than 20% accounts for real-life people. 

It is often best to test the credibility of the website you choose to generate traffic. You can do this by taking advantage of the website’s free trial offer before deciding to pay. Trying out a website’s free trial traffic option will enable you to understand how the traffics works, and what to expect when you decide to make a purchase. 


Earning Money With Push Button Profits


It is easy to make money off push button profits after taking a walk through their training program. You’ll understand how digital marketing works, and can thus apply what you had learned to the website.

The website allows people to make money off the website by selling a product on the website. You can earn mouth-watering commissions for every successful sale on the traffic authority website. 

The website also enables you to earn passive income monthly without doing much work. For example, you stand a chance of earning $10+ every month when the person you referred decides to purchase any of the traffic authority products. 

Imagine the possibility of earning $10+ from 50 people every month. You are expected to earn nothing less than $6,000 off those 50 people in a year, and the interesting thing about is that there are no limits to how many people you can refer.

In addition, you also stand a chance of earning a recurring $35+ every month when your referral can purchase the traffic academy membership program. Using the aforementioned analogy, you stand a chance of earning over $21,000 every year.

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However, it’s important to note that you are only entitled to those commissions after you’ve made a purchase. What that means is that you can’t receive commissions for products you haven’t sold. For example, if you are yet to purchase the traffic optimizer products, and the person you referred paid for the product, you will not receive any sort of commission unless you first try out the product.

It’s often recommended that you purchase the product. This will allow you to have an inside view of what the product is all about, and it’ll be easier to convince other people to buy what you are using.



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Video Review






The push button profits is a false website that capitalizes on generating its revenue off its users. The website makes earning money online look so easy, whereas you will spend months or years trying to earn $20.

The website is no different from other CPC or affiliate marketing websites. Although you may choose to use Facebook ads, Google ads, and other online advertising media to promote more referrals, it’s probably not worth it.

You may however choose other ways of making money online such as investing in stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.

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