Is Words To Win Legit? 2023 Review


A thousand and millions of questions around about words to win, questions like what are words to win? Are words to win apps legit? Has anyone cashed out on words to win connect app?

Not to worry this review will surely satisfy your curiosity.

You probably might have been tired and fed up with most of these game apps promising  some dollars and ending up not keeping up to their promises,

Convincingly enough instead of the usual cash-out threshold of $100 of most game apps, with words to win, players can cash out at just $7 straight into their PayPal account or get gift cards worth $7 without issues

You probably might be wondering how the company gets the revenue they use in paying their players since there is no in-app purchase or any hidden fee, honestly, the company can earn over $10 in ad revenue per each player so it wouldn’t be a big deal if they pay just a little portion to the player.


Is Words To Win Legit


Words To Win Review


Words to Win Is a free word puzzle Connect game also Known as Real Cash Rewards developed and owned by Rewardify Inc some months back in America,  available for the whole world with an overall rating of 1/5 on play store, Aptoid, and almost all the developer’s tool around the internet.


Words to win is a money-making game app that pays you to rack,  exercise your brain and have fun by solving some puzzles and uncovering hidden words, and supposedly earning some cash with can be withdrawn via PayPal, Visa Cards, And Gift Cards.

As you keep playing and unlocking the levels, you will keep receiving some virtual dollars slowly building up in your wallet,  and once you hit $7, you can withdraw using any of the withdrawal methods that soothe you.

Still wondering if, Words to Win is legit or a Scam?  Keep reading.


How Do Words To Win Work? Legit Or Scam


Words To Win Review


Words To Win is legit, it is an app that you can make real money from and withdraw.  

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Words to win app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, though it is eligible for anybody and everybody around the globe to install and use, but to be honest, it is more flexible for residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia in terms of earning and cashing out.

Does this mean I can’t earn since am not a resident of the above-mentioned? NOT, while others complain of not cashing out, for some it is a gold mine.

Note that by installing the words to win game app, you will be granting Rewardify Inc some permissions ( like photos, videos, and others) to your phone.


How are Words to Win played?


Words to win is a straightforward puzzle game to play, you solve the puzzle by just rearranging the given letters to get the hidden words.

Although the game might seem easy from the beginning where you will be given just three letters to solve, as you unlock more levels, the more complicating and challenging the game becomes

As you will be given more letters to solve.

You don’t have to be stocked in a particular level, if the level is so complicated that you can not guess the hidden words correctly, there is an option to shuffle the game and move on, the shuffle or hint button might cost you about a 100 Gold which is the currency of the game.

Aside from the normal fun and earning some gold currencies after completing any level, there’s a welcome bonus of 500 gold when you sign in and tap on the Blue icon at the top left corner and connect with Facebook to save the game and store the cash you have earned,  you also get to win $250 from a scratch card which you will be given after completing any level, by just matching three identical items. And most often you will be offered 3 cash-like notes which are worth $0.05 (it’s probably isn’t much but it’s something )

there is also a sweepstakes freebie organized daily and monthly by words to win where you get a chance to win up to $50 to $500,

you get a chance to win the $50 every day by 9mp, while the $500 is held on the last day of every month. To get qualified for the draws, you purchase a ticket.

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You don’t have to pay a dime for it or put in your debit card details, to purchase the tickets, there is a green button at the bottom left corner of the game click on the button and watch ten short videos then get a chance to collect tokens from scratchers and Lucky wheel spins.

After the draw, at least one random winner will be chosen from all the eligible tickets, and to get a higher chance of winning you must be a registered user.

Also when you referred a friend or family to install and play words to win for the first time, you automatically get a $1000 worth of scratcher. You also get the chance to collect more cash and tokens by login in daily, watching special events, and spinning lucky wheels.

So you see words to win are a win-win, everything about words to win is all about winning there is no dull moment while having your fun.


How Do I Get Paid On Words To Win?


This is probably the big question as no one would want to waste their time on stuff that doesn’t pay, well with words to pay you to get paid straight into your PayPal and you must have a minimum of $7 to be able to withdraw from your game wallet.

You are probably still asking if it’s a legit game that pays?

Although many people have been labeling words to win fake or scam, I wouldn’t tell you it’s a scam the only issue is that it has a very weak chance of earning real cash but it does really pay. Though most people do get stuck at $6 or $6.95 this might be caused by the country you came from or reside in,

In as much as there is some negative review, there are also some positive ones, once the issue of being stuck in $6 for months or weeks is solved, and you have up to $7 in your wallet there will be no issues transferring to your PayPal account and it’s almost instantly.

Although there is no guarantee that the company will let you withdraw $7 neither would you be very lucky to win the big prizes?



Video Guide






Words to win is a win-win and fun game, which can be used to exercise and build your brain, in as much as most users get stuck at some point and feel is a fake game.

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Think of the position impact it has on the brain and keep playing, you might be lucky to withdraw one day.

The game is totally free for everyone around the globe, but the company might be unfair enough to reward only residents from first-class countries.

Like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, those residing in these countries have at least a 90% guarantee of withdrawing real cash into their PayPal account.


The reason most people tags it is probably because only a few users bring out their time to read the Terms of Service before venturing into the game, most of them play the game for weeks tirelessly with the expectation to win real cash without reading the “Terms Of Service” and probably get disappointed at the end of the day.

After reading my review on words to win what’s your take on it? Do you think you are eligible to play the game and win real cash? Or have you played the game before now? Share your experience!

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