Best Lazy Ways to Make Money Online Without Stress


If only there were ways to earn money without doing a thing, there are moments when we all think about this and realize we have to work to earn. However, there are some ways of earning that is less stressful and won’t require you to do much. 

If you are interested in making money the lazy way, read through this article to find out how to do it. 


List of Lazy Ways To Make Money Online Explained


List of Lazy Ways To Make Money Online Explained


While it’s not advisable to be lazy, there are numerous ways through which you can earn money without feeling stressed or disinterested. All you will be required to carry out are some fun and simple tasks such as. 


  • Sell Pictures


Selling pictures is one of the simplest methods through which you can earn money online, and it is an ideal way of earning for a lazy person.  If you are good with the camera, then why not go for it? 

When you might have been taking numerous pictures just to keep them on your phone, it can start to fetch you some cash when you upload the captured images on online platforms that are ready to pay you for the images. 

The payment received from such upload is referred to as Royalty. To make sure your pictures are well taken and are up to the standard quality, a good quality camera will be needed.  Once this has been done, you can begin to take pictures of beautiful scenery and nature which can then get uploaded on the stock photo websites. 

Some of the prominent photo sites where you can make money include Getty images, iStock Photos, Shutterstock, Smug mug, Photos, and Deposit photos. 


  • Scan Your Shopping Receipts

When you purchase your weekly groceries, you can also make money by having your shopping receipts scanned. With the Ibotta app, you can easily do this.  You will receive a cashback from Ibotta when you make your item purchase in a partnership in-store or online. 

You can also earn an additional fee on Ibotta when you refer your family and friends. When a friend or family signs up with Ibotta making use of your referral link, you will be eligible to earn a free $5 on every referral. 

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  • Voice Your Opinion 


Yes, it5 is possible to earn by just giving out your view and opinion.  Numerous companies are willing to pay you just for you to tell them your opinion on how effective a product is to know if an improvement will be needed. 

However, you will be required to carry out an in-depth review or survey which will take just five to twenty minutes of your time and you can earn up to $50 just for a review.

There are different platforms where you can partake in reviews and some of the popular ones include Opinion Surveys, Opinion Champ, Opinion bar, Opinion network, Opinion inn, and Buzz. 


  • Earn By Typing


With a good typing speed, your laptop, and an internet connection, you can start making money online by completing different typing tasks online.

Acquiring tasks online would not be an issue as educational requirements and certification will not be necessary.  Some of the ways you can earn with writing include. 

  1. Typing of written test on Go Transcript
  2. Carry out typing tasks on Fiverr
  3. Typing of Captchas with Virtual Bees
  4. Creating subtitles with Rev


  • Do Voice Overs


Doing voiceovers is one of the less stressful jobs you can earn from. You are not required to be an actor or actress to be able to do a voiceover.

Your voice will be the fundamental requirement and you might also need to set up your home studio where you can carry out your recording sessions. 

Getting a voiceover gig will require you to go for an audition or submit a sample of your recordings so that the company can see what you can do and what they should be expecting if the gig was awarded to you. You can also get voiceover gigs on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Remote Co.


  • Earn Cash By Browsing Online


You might be wondering if this is possible but it is, you can get paid for doing what you practically do every day which is by surfing the internet. You can make use of Qmee, a mobile application where you can earn cash rewards for browsing sites such as Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. 

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To start earning with Qmee, you will have to activate its extension to your browser. Once you begin to carry out your search, there will be several sponsored links that will appear on your device screen.

Clicking on these links is what gets you rewarded. You can choose for your earned cash to be transferred directly to your Paypal account and there is no minimum amount that can be withdrawn. 


  • Earn By Sleeping

If you are looking for lazy ways to make money online, I can tell you don’t joke with your sleep and that itself can earn you some cash. With the high population of people with sleeping difficulties, various sleep trials are carried out by researchers to find the causes of these difficulties. 

To successfully carry out these clinical trials, actual human beings have to take part in the research to find a successful cure to these issues. If you agree to be part of this research, you will have to do some sleeping which will fetch you some cash. 

Mostly there are requirements and profiles of people that are needed for this trial. This will be determined by age, weight, and gender. If you fit into the required profile, you can take part in the trial and earn yourself some cash while sleeping. 


Where Can I Earn Watching Videos?


For a lazy person, watching videos to earn money sounds so good. You can do this without leaving your room and it’s also an entertaining way of making money. There are numerous platforms where you can partake in this earning method, they include. 


This reward website has been around for a very long time, on this platform, you will be able to earn yourself some cash when you watch videos, play games, and participate in surveys. 


With this platform, you will be able to earn cash rewards for watching ad videos. You can also partake in other tasks to earn an additional fee. These tasks include answering questions, partaking in polls, and completing surveys. 


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This is another money-making platform through which you can start to earn by watching videos 


Can I Make Money Without Doing Anything?


Can I Make Money Without Doing Anything?


It is not possible to earn without doing anything. However, there are numerous ways through which you can start to earn with little effort. With basic investment tools, savvy shopping strategies, and numerous applications, you can now start making money without doing much. 



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That is our list of different ways through which you can earn online as a lazy person. We hope you can find the one that suits you the most and goes for it. However, these jobs are not meant for lazy people alone and can be done by any interested individual.

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