Is Lucky Spin App Legit? Review After Use


You might have come across the popular app called Lucky spin. This mobile game is said to give out cash rewards to players and you might be wondering if it’s legit and real. 

Go through the complete article to see the answers to all the questions you might have about the lucky spin app.


What is Lucky Spin?


Lucky spin is an android device mobile game designed with a coin pusher and a slot machine. The player will be required to drop a coin which will then be pushed off the edge by the dozer.  When the coin fell off, the player will earn virtual cash that can be redeemed through the Cash app or Paypal.


How Does The Lucky Spin App Works?


The Lucky spin app is available on app stores and can be installed on all android devices in any country. Once the application has been installed on your android device, it will have the access to modify and also get rid of some contents on your device’s USB storage. 


How Do I Play Lucky Spin?


Playing Lucky spin is simple and straightforward. All you will be required to do is to click on the position you will like the coin to drop. Once the dozer pushes the coin off the front edge, you will be rewarded with virtual cash and your reward might be a token depending on what dropped between the coin and the green chip. 


In a situation when a coin or green chip gets in contact with the 777 boxes, the three-reel slot machine gets triggered. If you are able to match three symbols in this situation, you will be able to acquire additional coins, fruits, and cash rewards. 


To make the game easier and to earn more, you can make use of the shake or wall which will allow you to get rid of a large number of coins or break the piggy bank to earn additional rewards. Clicking on the gold bars will also allow you to wrap up quests easily which will make you earn your virtual cash quickly. 


With all these numerous activities through which you can earn, it is important to take note that these activities that earn you cash and tokens will also require you to watch ad videos to claim your earned cash. 


How Do I Cash Out On Lucky Spin?


How Do I Cash Out On Lucky Spin?


To cash out while playing Lucky spin, all you have to do is click on the Cash out option that is located beside your balance on your mobile screen. This will reveal all the available withdrawal options. 


You are required to have earned up to $300 before you will be able to cash out on both Paypal and the Cash apps. While exchanging tokens, you will be able to exchange up to 5,000,000 tokens for $500.


Another method of cashing out on Lucky spin is by landing 777 on the slots which will earn you $777, the cash you will only be able to claim with only Paypal and Cash app.  If you are also able to collect up to 36 fruits through the slot machine, you will earn a reward of $1,000. 


Is Lucky Spin App Legit?


No its not. Just like numerous games available online, Lucky spin is just a simulation game and you will be unable yo claim all the cash you might have won while playing the game.  No matter how much you try and wait, all the virtual cash and items that were collected in the game cannot be converted to real cash. 


While you might be frustrated at the waste of time and effort that has been invested in playing the game, there are multiple reviews from players who have earned quite a lot of cash and tokens in the game but they have been unable to claim the promised real cash. 



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Video Guide





If you are interested in the Lucky spin game just to have fun, it is an interesting and enjoyable game. However, if you have been told you can make some cash while playing the game, that is totally untrue and you will be wasting your time and effort competing and watching various ads videos while you wait for the promised cash which you will never receive. 


While the game will not fulfil all its promised rewards, it will also have access to your confidential information on your mobile device after installation which is dangerous as the intention of the game developers is not known. 

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