Venmo Account Permanently Deactivated – What To Do


Your Venmo account can get deactivated. In this case, you will be unable to perform any transaction on your Venmo due to the deactivation. This might be frustrating as you might want to make payments or perform an emergency transaction. 

If your account has been deactivated, you did not have any reason to panic. Follow this article as we will be providing you with the reason why Venmo has decided to activate your account and how to solve the issue. 


Why Has My Account Been Deactivated By Venmo?


There are numerous reasons that might have led to the deactivation of your Venmo account. However, we will be providing you with the common reasons why this has happened. 


  • Not having Enough Funds In Your Bank Accounts

Making use of Venmo requires you to link your bank account to your Venmo account. This process allows you to complete a transaction without having to provide money first in your Venmo balance. 

If you have been attempting to complete a transaction without providing sufficient funds to carry out such transactions in your linked bank account. This might trigger Venmo to deactivate your Venmo account. 


  • Detection Of Irregular Activities

While Venmo has been putting to make its users secure, there are still numerous fraudulent users on Venmo attempting to dupe other users of their funds. One of these fraudulent acts is attempting to get a chargeback from Venmo after making a payment to another user account. This payment will afterward be transferred back to the self-claimed victim. 

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Attempting to do things such as this will lead to your account getting deactivate. Even if you are not carrying out any fraudulent transaction on your account, other random activities can automatically be flagged as irregular and might lead to account deactivation by Venmo. 


  • Unpaid Venmo Debt

As a Venmo user, you might have applied and gotten some loans from the platform. When you collect loans from Venmo, the money will be returned by removing a small part of the overall debt in your balance. This amount will be removed monthly until the amount due gets fully removed. 

In a case where you did not have any money that can be deducted from your Venmo balance, Venmo can proceed by deducting this amount from the bank account that has been linked to your Venmo. If this account is also empty, your Venmo account might get deactivated and you will be reported to the right authorities. 


Can I Reactivate My Venmo Account?


Yes, you will be able to reactivate your Venmo account. To reactivate your deactivated Venmo account there are a few things you have to fix. They include. 


  • Make Sure Your Finance Is Sorted And Organized

While trying to reactivate your Venmo account, it is important to make sure your bank balance is healthy by providing sufficient cash that can be withdrawn by Venmo to process and complete your transactions. 

If you are owing Venmo some amounts, it is important to pay off this debt as failure to do so will not only limit you from not using your Venmo account. You might also have to face a lawsuit if the debt is not repaid in time.

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  • Reach Out To The Venmo Support Team

If your account has been mistakenly deactivated due to the detection of unusual activity, you will have to reach out to the Venmo support team for more details and likely an investigation. The Venmo support team will do their best to help you have access to your access again. 


How Do I Know If My Venmo Account Has Been Deactivated?


Once your Venmo gets deactivated, you will be unable to log in to your account anymore no matter how much you try. The inability to log in to your Venmo account will also stop you from performing any transaction on Venmo. You will not be able to send your friends money using Venmo. 

However, a sender will be able to send money to this deactivated account. You will also not be able to access and claim the money and the sender will be able to request a refund since the money has been sent to an inactive account. 


Why Has My Venmo Account Been Frozen?


Your account doesn’t just suddenly get frozen by Venmo, there must have been a reason as to why it was done. There are different reasons why this can happen. They include. 


  • Presence Of Unusual Activities On Your Venmo Account

The task of keeping funds safe and secure is not a simple one, which is why Venmo is rigid with its Privacy policy by stating that any unusual activity detected on your Venmo account will result in your account getting frozen. 

Unusual activities don’t have to do with fraudulent transactions alone, it can be a constant input of the wrong pin, logging in with multiple devices, and performing a transaction from a different location. 

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  • Lack Of Fund In Your Account

The major reason why accounts get frozen on Venmo is due to Insufficient funds in the account. When you fail to provide money in your account, some payments will get reversed. 


  • Breach Of The User Agreement

Some activities are not allowed on Venmo, and they have all been stated in the user agreement. Once there’s a breach in this. Your Venmo account will get frozen and you will be unable to access or perform transactions on Venmo. 


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When your account gets deactivated, you will be unable to access your account and carry out transactions. By following this article you will have a better understanding of why your Venmo account has been deactivated and how you can reclaim and have access to your account again. 

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