Can I See Who Views My Venmo Profile?


Numerous Venmo users have been asking the question if they can be notified and be able to identify if their account has been viewed by an individual.

We will be providing an answer to this question in this article as we discuss the possibility of you seeing who views your Venmo profile. 


Can I See Who Views My Venmo Profile?


Can I See Who Views My Venmo Profile


No, there is no way for you to identify who has viewed your Venmo profile. There is also no way other users on Venmo can detect you have been checking out their Venmo profile. 


This policy is put in place by Venmo to protect all customers. However, you can hide certain information on your Venmo account. Such details will not be visible to any individual that has been checking out your profile and can protect your details from being known by scammers.


Can Other Venmo Users View My Transactions?


Your privacy settings will determine if other individuals with a Venmo account can view your transactions.  By making use of the Venmo privacy options, you can easily control who you want to have the access to view your transactions and purchases.


The newly updated Venmo mobile app allows you to choose three different privacy options including friends, public, and private.  The public privacy option allows all your transactions to be available on the Venmo app public feed. This enables your transactions to be visible to other users. 

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Unlike public settings, the friend’s privacy option ensures your transactions are only available to your friends on the app only. For a payment transaction, the recipient’s friends on the app will also have the access to view the transaction. 


The private privacy option will provide your transactions on the “Your Story” tab which is located in your feed. Such transactions cannot be viewed by others except the second party involved in the transaction. 


Can I Prevent Users From Seeing My Venmo Transactions?


Can I Prevent Users From Seeing My Venmo Transactions


To prevent other users from having access to view your Venmo transactions, you will be required to change your Venmo profile privacy options. To do this, open the Venmo app on your device and click on the Settings option. 


  1. Click on the Privacy Setting menu and select your preferred privacy options. To ensure your transactions cannot be viewed by other individuals with a  Venmo account, you can adjust your privacy option to private or friends. 
  2. Once you’ve chosen your preferred privacy option, save the new update and your profile privacy option will be changed preventing other individuals with a  Venmo account from viewing your transactions.  


And if you have old transactions that you want to hide, select the transaction, select the transaction privacy option and change it to private. 


What Can People See On My Venmo Profile?


When another Venmo user clicks on your profile, such an individual will have access to details such as your full name, your Venmo handle, and the list of your Venmo friends. Such individuals will also be able to view your transactions. 

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The Venmo user will also be able to send you a friend request, like, and comment on your transactions. 


Can You Be Anonymous On Venmo?


You can only be anonymous on Venmo only if you make use of the platform without sharing your details such as your real name, phone number, and email address. You can easily be identified using this information. 


As the aim of the platform is to allow transactions between friends and relatives, its privacy option, and payment options are limited and your transactions can also be viewed by friends and other individuals on Venmo. 


How Do I Make My Profile Private On Venmo?


To provide additional security to your Venmo profile, it is advisable to change the privacy option to private as this would make your transaction not visible to other individuals on Venmo. To adjust your privacy options on your Venmo app.


  1. Open the Venmo app on your device and click on the hamburger icon that is located at the top left of the application. 
  2. Click on the Settings option and select Privacy and change the privacy setting to Private.
  3. Press back on your mobile device and click on More, select Past Transactions, and change the privacy option to Private. 


Changing your privacy option to private will only restrict what other individuals on Venmo can see on your profile and will not affect what you can see on other people’s profiles.  In a case where Venmo users involved in a transaction have two different privacy options, Venmo will initiate the most restricted privacy option on such a transaction. 



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All transactions are visible on Venmo, you can view other people’s profiles while they can view yours without your knowledge as well. However, you can limit what other individuals on Venmo have access to view on your profile by adjusting your profile privacy options on the mobile app to choose your preferred privacy option.

By following this article, you will already have the required knowledge to change your Venmo profile privacy option to Private. 

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