Does Mcdonalds Take Venmo?


McDonald’s is one of the oldest and most popular privately-owned restaurants. It is an American-based multinational fast-food chain founded in 1940 and operated by Maurice McDonald’s in San Bernardino, California, United States.

It is the world’s largest restaurant, serving over 69 million customers on a daily basis in over 100 countries in the world. McDonald’s is best known for its incredibly Hamburgers, Cheese and French fries, and so on.


However, as time goes on, the McDonald’s restaurant has continuously been experiencing what is known as an evolution especially when it comes to customers paying for what they have ordered.

This has brought about cashless payments, with your debit card, you can Pay for your orders without giving out any physical cash at the McDonald’s restaurant.


On the other hand, you might be a Venmo user and you are keen on understanding if you can directly pay for your orders right within the Venmo app.

It is a general convention that most restaurants in America do not accept in-app Payments from their customers, but with your Mastercard or Visa debit card, you can pay for your orders.


Does Mcdonalds Take Venmo?


Therefore, in this article, I will be answering the question if McDonald’s does take Venmo.


Does McDonald’s Take Venmo


The answer is straightforward, which is No, McDonald’s doesn’t Directly take Venmo as a method of payment, nor does it accept the Venmo QR codes. And this is quite common in other restaurants in the US.

If you want to make an order from the McDonald’s restaurant, you can make use of one of the several food delivery apps available, then you can pay with your Venmo balance, this is quite easy.


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Even though making payments to McDonald’s Directly from Venmo isn’t supported, you can use your Venmo debit card to pay for your orders.

If you are at one of the McDonald’s restaurants in one of its closets, you can simply pay for what you have ordered by simply using your Venmo debit, it is quite acceptable by McDonald’s.

Even right within the McDonald’s app, you can make orders and pay via your Venmo card, but trying to link your Venmo balance to McDonald’s is completely not possible.


Food Delivery Services That Take Venmo


Food Delivery Services That Take Venmo


There are several food delivery services that can be integrated into your Venmo balance to order food at the McDonald’s restaurant.

I have curated two popular fast food delivery App



UberEATS is quite popular and is available in the US. As long as you reside in America, you can integrate UberEats with your Venmo balance to order foods at the McDonald’s restaurant.


Note: This will only work, while you are within the US, once you are outside the US, you can’t use UberEats.

To order food from the UberEats, using your Venmo balance, can be done as follows:


Ensure you are using the latest version of UberEats, else, you might not find the Venmo option.

  • Step 1: Open the UberEats app on your mobile device, you can download it from the appropriate application store.
  • Step 2: Hover to your UberEATS wallet once the app has opened.
  • Step 3: Tap on Add Payment Method, and then tap on Venmo.
  • Step 4: Then, log in to your Venmo account using your Login credentials, and Accept Venmo as a payment option.



GrubHub is yet another quite popular food delivery service available in the US, with GrubHub you can share your payment bill with a friend.

GrubHub also accepts linking your Venmo balance, to pay for your orders at McDonald’s.


To get started, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the GrubHub app, and add items to your cart.

  • Step 2: Tap in Continue to Checkout
  • Step 3: Go to payment options and choose Venmo
  • Step 4: Approve GrubHub to use your Venmo balance, as a source of payment for your orders.
  • Step 5: Review your orders and confirm them.
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Quite simple, isn’t it?


Does the McDonald’s App Accept Venmo?


McDonald’s also has its own mobile application, but can you integrate your Venmo balance on its app? Well, the answer is No, McDonald’s doesn’t accept direct payment from Venmo.

Since it does support most cards issued by popular card issuers, like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and the likes, you can simply add your Venmo card to the McDonald’s app as a method of payment, since it works just like any other traditional bank card.


What Fast-Food Restaurants Accept Direct Venmo Payments?


Unfortunately, there is no Fast-Food restaurant that accepts direct Venmo payment. If you want to order food from McDonald’s, you can simply use your debit card, since it is quite acceptable.

Or, you can try out other food delivery apps like UberEats, or GrubHub, that do support the integration of your Venmo balance on their App.

This is quite a common convention with most restaurants in the US, McDonald’s is not exclusive.


What Food Places Use Venmo?


What Food Places Use Venmo?


Most restaurants don’t accept Venmo as a direct method of payment, meanwhile, you can use UberEats or GrubHub to order food at a popular restaurant.

Apps like UberEats and GrubHub, do support direct payment with your Venmo balance, all you have to do is to add it as a payment method, right within the app.


Does Taco Bell Accept Venmo


Taco doesn’t currently accept direct payment from Venmo, if you have a Venmo debit card, you can use it at a particular Taco location to pay for what you have ordered.



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McDonald’s currently does not accept payment from Venmo directly, the same as other restaurants in the US. Therefore, the best option you can rely on is using your debit card to pay for what you have ordered at McDonald’s.


You can also use other types of debit cards, like American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard.

However, in answering the question, then the answer is Yes, that is if you are using the Venmo debit card to pay either at the McDonald’s restaurant, or via its mobile app, and No, if you are referring to the in-app payment.


If you want to order food at McDonald’s, and you want to pay for your orders from your Venmo balance, you can try some of the fast-food delivery services available.

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