Can You Buy A Car With A Debit Card?


Paying for your dream car has never been easier thanks to the availability of different payment options. Whether you’re getting a brand-new car or a used one, you can choose to make a payment with any convenient payment method.

However, if you are wondering if you can make payment for your car with your Debit card, read along as we will be providing the answer to that question in this article. We will provide the needed information about the possibility of paying with your debit card and how it can be done. 


Can You Buy A Car With A Debit Card?


It is possible and acceptable to make payment of your car with your Debit card. However, you should note that most car dealerships don’t want to be paid with debit cards. This is because of the excessive mandatory fees that will be deducted when you pay with your debit card.


The amount a car dealer can lose when you pay with your Debit card will be determined by the car sale price. However, it will be up to three or four percent of the price which can be a substantial amount. 


Apart from losing a chunk of their money to charges, another reason why car dealerships are wary of Debit card payments is because of the risk associated with it.  They prefer to play safe to prevent themselves from falling victim to Debit card fraud.

You can easily renounce the sale by providing complaints about the car, situations like this will result in the dealer losing money even if your dispute is correct.


Can You Go To A Car Dealership And Buy A Car With A Debit Card?


Can You Go To A Car Dealership And Buy A Car With A Debit Card


While it is possible to purchase your dream car with your Debit card, you have to take note that not all car dealerships are open to accepting the payment method due to the associated fee and risks.

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However, there are numerous alternatives through which you can make payment for your car if the dealer is not open to accepting Debit cards. You can make use of a bank transfer, perform a wire transfer or pay with your prepaid card.


If you will be making use of any of these payment methods, it is important to notify your bank about the transaction and ensure the available amount in your account will be sufficient enough to complete the transaction to ensure a smooth transaction between you and the dealer. 


How to Buy a Car With a Debit Card


How to Buy a Car With a Debit Card


When paying for your new car with a Debit card, there are some requirements that have to be checked to ensure the transaction is flawless and successful. 


  • Make Sure You’re  Not Exceeding Your Daily Limit

You have to evaluate the sale price and make sure you will be able to make the payment without exceeding the daily limit you’re allowed to spend by your bank.  Most banks have the daily limit restriction in place as it helps to keep your account and funds secure in case your card got lost or stolen,


If the amount you’re meant to pay has exceeded your daily limit, you might want to contact your bank and make a request for an exception to allow you to complete your payment successfully. 


  • Make Sure Your Car Dealer Accepts Debit Card Payment

Before proceeding to make a payment, it is important to confirm if the car dealership will be accepting a Debit card payment as many dealers don’t accept it due to the transaction fee attached to it which will reduce the dealer’s profit. 


While the dealer can be open to accepting Debit card payments for service and repair, it might not be the same for the overall car payment. 

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  • Make Sure You’re With All The Required Documents

Even if the dealer is willing to accept Debit card payments, you have to make sure you have all the needed documents with you to ensure a smooth and fast sale process. These documents include your driver’s license and insurance proof. 


Make sure all these documents have been properly arranged and are together to prevent them from getting mixed up or lost.


  • Purchase Your Car Using Your Debit Card

Once you’ve confirmed the dealer is willing to receive payment through a debit card, you can proceed with the payment.  You will be required to produce your driver’s license and insurance proof to proceed with the sale. 

You will be given the total amount to be paid with additional fees such as tax and registration fees included. 


These additional fees are not fixed and tend to be different depending on the state the purchase is taking place. After all the fee has been calculated, the dealer will run a credit check to confirm if you are in a good financial position to make the purchase. 


Once you have the total fee and have provided the sufficient amount to cover the payment in your account, you will receive an invoice with the necessary information such as the amount required to be paid upfront and if there are any required monthly fees to be paid.

Once all of these have been sorted,  swipe your card and make the payment. 



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By following this article, you will have realized it is possible to make payments for your dream car with your Debit card. However, most car dealerships don’t accept this payment method which is why it is important to consult your dealer before proceeding with payment. 


If your dealer is okay with you making a payment with your debit card, follow our guide to ensure a smooth and flawless transaction and the car will become yours. 


However if debit card payment is unacceptable, you can reach out to your bank and collect a cashier’s check to complete your car payment. The dealer will be okay with this as he can confirm the check won’t bounce. You can also make your car payment through wire transfer and a money order instead of your Debit card. 

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