Can I Rent A Car With A Chime Debit Card?


I guess you have these questions on your mind! Can I rent a car with my Chime Debit card?, or Do popular Car rental companies like Hertz, Avis, Budget, and the likes, accept the Chime Debit Card?

You will find out the answer to these questions by reading the article.

Chime is a popular financial technology company that provides several banking functions, where you can make Deposits and as well Withdraw your funds.


It comes with a Credit Builder Card and a Debit Card as well, suitable for what it is used for.

Chime though, not a physical bank, partners with other physical banks in the US, in order to offer effective banking operations.

While Being Popular it’s acceptable by many companies and organizations, as a method of payment. 


Can I Rent A Car With A Chime Debit Card?


If you reside in the US, you should certainly see the majority of online wallets and payment platforms accepting either the Chime account or the card.

For those who already have the Chime debit card, Congrats, but you might be wondering if you can actually use your debit card to rent a car, probably for business or for an occasion.

Or, is there any car rental company that accepts the Chime debit card as a method of payment.

Most Car rental companies do not support the Chime bank card, for a reason best known to them.


So let’s dive in, answering the above questions I mentioned earlier.


Can I Rent A Car With The Chime Debit Card?


Can I Rent A Car With The Chime Debit Card?



Well, answering this question doesn’t require a straightforward answer, asking if you can rent a car with a Chime debit card largely depends on the particular car rental company.

For car rental companies, choosing a particular card depends on some variables that are measured by them, before it can be accepted.

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Some of the variables are:

  1. Demands Of The Card: How often do people use the card to rent a car, a card that is used or asked more often is given higher regard and priority to cards that only a few people make use of.
  2. Past Experience: How common- rating is the Past Experience of a particular card, accepting a particular bank card will require some level of partnership between the car rental company and the bank producing the card.


However, most car rental companies don’t support the Chime debit card, car rentals like Enterprise support the Chime debit card. Unlike, a budget that does support the Chime debit card, but no longer supports the card.


However, it is important to confirm about a particular car rental company if they accept the Chime debit card, or, you can look for other alternatives if the Chime card didn’t work as expected.

Also, identifying if a particular car rental company depends on the location, some car rental companies in a particular location do not support the Chime card.

However, in answering the question if you can rent a car with the Chime debit card, we will be looking at the several car rental companies available and making a review of them if the Chime debit card is supported or not:


Does Hertz Accept Chime Debit Card


Most of the Hertz locations do not support either the Chime debit card or the credit card. Most users have experienced rejections of their Chime debit card at Hertz.

Although the Chime card isn’t supported by Hertz, some locations do support the Chime Card, either the debit or the credit card.

However, most users on Twitter and other online community forums have expressed how both their Chime credit card and debit card are being rejected by Hertz.

If you ever found any Hertz company that accepts the Chime Card (Credit or Debit) there are certain requirements that are needed by Hertz before you can rent their cars.

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You must have at least $500 on your debit card, and if you are using the credit card, you must have a minimum of $200 on your Respective account.

If anything less, you won’t be able to take their car, persay a rental service.

Therefore, I can’t say if Hertz supports the Chime credit card or not, but reports have suggested that most Hertz locations do not support the Chime debit card or credit card.

Therefore, if you are going for a car rental at Hertz, then you need to go along with other Chime card alternatives.


Does Enterprise Accept Chime Card


Yes, Enterprise is also a popular car renting company, but does Enterprise accept the Chime card (both the credit and debit)? Well, you will find out in this section.

Among most car rental companies, Enterprise is one that accepts the Chime card, with your Chime cards you can rent a car on Enterprise.

However, this may not be the case in some locations, you might find out that some Enterprise locations do not support the Chime card.


Does Avis accept Chime Card?


Avis is another popular car renting company in the US, although Avis accepts other payment cards.

Reports have shown that Avis does not support the Chime Debit Card or the Credit card.

Though, Avis does claim that they no longer accept cards from Chim, because of the higher rate of fraud.

However, if you want to consider renting a car from Avis, you need to consider using an alternative card.


Does Sixt Accept Chime Cards?


Sixt doesn’t accept the Chime card, it is officially stated that sixt won’t accept any card from any domestic online banking institution, which unfortunately Chime happens to fall under this category.


Does Turo Accept Chime Cards?

If you are looking for a car rental company that officially accepts the Chime card as a method of payment in renting cars, then Tuyo is the best choice.

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With Tuyo, you can rent a car with your Chime debit card. Tuyo also supports credit card issues by financial institutions like American Express and Discover.



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In renting a car from any car rental company, you need to go along with other alternative debit or credit cards, because most car rental companies who accept Chime cards might discontinue that.


However,  I have been able to answer the question if you can rent a car with the Chime debit card. The answer reveals that most car rental companies do not accept Chime debit cards.

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