Can You Dispute a Venmo Payment?


There are several reasons why you may want to dispute a payment on Venmo.

Probably, after sending some amount of money to the wrong person, or, kind of, identified some unauthorized transaction(s) carried out on your account, or something related to buyer and seller dispute, which has been one of the significant reasons while people file a dispute. 

Venmo on the other hand is a P2P payment platform, which allows you to make instant transfers right from your mobile device. 

While we can be certain that most of the financial institutions existing, play a significant role when it comes to users filing a dispute regarding a transaction, or probably, requesting a chargeback for a particular transaction gone wrong.


While this assertion can be true, it is important to note that this may not be the same case for some other financial institutions offering similar services.

Therefore, in this article, I will be providing you with a complete guide on whether payment can be disputed on Venmo, and the process involved. 

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Can You Dispute a Venmo Payment?


While disputing a charge seems to be one of the best ways you can get your money back at Venmo, after a failed transaction.

It is important to note that getting your money back by Venmo isn’t guaranteed, therefore, to be assured that you get a refund of money, you need to consider disputing the charge directly from your card issuer.

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Disputing a charge carried out on your card, you simply have to contact the card issuer, who will then take the payment dispute process duly.

However, the non-responsibility of Venmo engaging in the chargeback process does not exclude itself, in taking the path of getting your money back. 

Whenever you have a related transaction dispute case, the first thing to do at the moment is to first contact the merchant, or probably the person who you have sent the money, in a request for a refund.

If this process does not seem to bring successful results, then, you can consider contacting the Venmo support center, or probably, mailing them, either option you choose will work just good as expected.


In the process of contacting the Venmo support center, you will have to provide all relevant information regarding the transaction disputed, such as:

  • Username of the Person the money was mistaken or unauthorized sent to
  • The Payment Amount of the transaction
  • Date the Payment was done

Once you can provide this information, then, you should wait for a response regarding the next action to take.


Disputing a Venmo Payment from The Card Issuer


Since this is one of the best ways to dispute a charge on Venmo, if you figure out that both methods stated above do not seem to provide a successful result, then, you can consider disputing the said transaction from your card issuer. When I refer, to the card issuer, I am simply referring to your bank itself.

The process of disputing a charge directly from your bank can be done through the following process:

  1. Contact your Bank, 
  2. File a transaction dispute regarding the transaction, and also, lay down the reasons why you are disputing the charge.
  3. The Card issuer of the merchant, or probably, the recipient, will receive the chargeback request from your bank.
  4. The merchant will, therefore, be notified, about a specific transaction disputed, which, he will be required to provide a response regarding the disputing, by sending all necessary evidentiary documents
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Venmo Payment Chargeback Policy


There are several guidelines and rules to follow while requesting a chargeback on Venmo, does advise customers to strictly adhere to these policies as a means of getting their money back.

Venmo states that it is possible to get a chargeback directly from your card issuer, regarding the transaction dispute.

It is also important to note that disputing a charge can also be done using Venmo, but there isn’t any guarantee that you will your money back, because, some disputes may exceed the Venmo process of getting a chargeback for you.

If the above method doesn’t seem to be successful, then, you can consider filing a payment dispute directly from your card issuer.

However, trying to use the two methods as a means of disputing a charge, simultaneously, is not acceptable, and therefore, you have to consider one method, over the other, if the first does not seem successful, then you can consider the second, your last resort should be the disputing a charge via your card issuer. SEE: Can You Have More Than One Venmo Account?




You can dispute a charge on Venmo if you have ever, experienced a payment not authorized by you, However, the stack to follow when disputing a charge are: I, Contact the Merchant, or probably, the person who you mistakenly sent money to, ii, Contact the Venmo Support center, iii, Contact your bank.

Once you can follow the dispute process duly, after some days, you should be able to get your money, refunded back to you.

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