Capital One Zelle Limits 2023 (Daily, Weekly And Monthly Limits)


Banks often set limits to control how much money you can use from your account on any given day, and by how well most banks sustain these limits, you’ll understand that they’re working. There are limits for withdrawals, spending, deposits; any banking activity you can think of.

Enter Zelle. You probably already know it as the platform that lets you send and receive money quickly when you use any of the supporting banks. Also, you almost certainly know that Capital One is one of the founding banks of the platform, making them one of the better options in terms of limits.

In this article, you’ll learn the limits associated with sending and receiving money using Zelle with Capital One Bank. Don’t fret if you’re not sure how Zelle works, this article will also show you how to send money from your Capital One bank account to others using the Zelle payment service.


Capital One Zelle Limits


At this point, you should already know you don’t have a problem with Capital One if Zelle is a deal breaker for you. However, it’s still crucial to know how much you can send and receive and compare it to other banks, before finally choosing the objectively best option.

Before I go on to mention the limits, I think I should just let you know that these are only the Zelle limit for Capital One Bank; it doesn’t carry over to your bank unless you’re operating the same bank account. With Zelle, banks have the liberty to set their limits to whatever they see fit, and what you’ll see below is Capital One exercising its rights. So, what are the Capital One Zelle limits?

When you send money on Capital One using Zelle, you’ll be limited to sending a maximum of $2,500 every 24 hours. This limit starts counting from midnight and it also resets at midnight every day, so it’s easy to know when to stop sending. 

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 You should also know that there are no predefined weekly or monthly limits with Capital One on Zelle; you can send as much as the system will allow you to; the $2,500 limit only applies per day. However, the bank may be forced to report your transactions to the authorities when they happen too frequently.

As for the limits on how much you can receive using Zelle, there aren’t any. As long as you have an account connected with a bank like Capital One, you can receive as much as you want on the platform without worrying about any limits.

Before asking someone to pay off your $750,000 debt in one fell swoop, however, you should know that their account also has limits on how much they can pay you per day. Also, if the name of their bank isn’t Capital One, the chances are very high that the limit isn’t even up to $2,500 per day!


Does Capital One Have Zelle?


If you know Zelle’s inside story, there’s a very low chance of you asking this question. But for the discussion, let’s assume nobody here knows and we’re out to answer the question: does Capital One Bank have Zelle?

Yes, it does. Not only does the bank offer the Zelle service to every customer that holds an account, but it’s also one of the founding members of Zelle. In short, Capital One Bank is one of the seven banks that collectively owns and manages the payment system.

The advantages of Capital One being one of the owners are numerous for customers. Firstly, and most importantly, you get to access the service, which gives you quick and free money transfers to everyone with a bank that supports Zelle across the United States, which is a huge bonus per se.

In addition to that, however, there’s a pretty good chance that the bank will have better limits on the monies you send and receive using the Zelle system because it’s their product. If you want the best of something, you get it from the owners, which, in this case, is Capital One.

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With all that said, I think I should get back to showing you the Capital One Zelle limit to help you decide on creating (or not creating) an account with the bank. The following section will answer your questions on the limits associated with Capital One and Zelle.


How to Use Zelle with Capital One


When it comes to using the Zelle payment service, there are only a few banks that are as great as Capital One. The payment service is already baked into the bank’s mobile app and internet banking interfaces, just as you’d expect when the bank in question is one of the owners of the service.

With such integration already in place, you should expect using Zelle to be a piece of the cake. If you already have an account with Capital One, the steps below will show you how to start the transaction with Zelle on your already existing account.


  • Using the mobile app

If you’re using Capital One Bank right now, chances are very high that you carry out the vast majority of your transactions using the mobile app. Integrating that with the Zelle payment service is a piece of cake since the app already has the functionality to send with Zelle built in.

To use the payment service from your Capital One mobile app, send “MOBILE” to 80101 to get a link that lets you download and install the bank’s mobile app. Then, sign up, select any of your checking accounts, and tap the Send Money With Zelle option to get started.

If you’re not comfortable with the mobile app, there are alternatives you can try, most notably using the authentic Zelle app and accessing Zelle through the Capital One website. 


  • Using the Capital One internet banking website

The mobile app isn’t the only way to access Zelle with Capital One Bank. You can also sign into the website at and try to make a transfer. The online website is the better option when trying to bank from your computer as opposed to your Android or iOS smartphone.

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The steps required to use Zelle from the Capital One website are the same as that of the app. Click on the account you intend to use, select the “Send Money With Zelle” option, specify how much you intend to send, and complete the transfer; easy and quick.




Capital One Bank has one of the most generous Zelle limits in the United States, which is it should be at the top of your considerations list if you care about Zelle. This article has explained all you need to know about the daily, weekly, and monthly Capital One Zelle limits.

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