Can You Use a Cash App Card at ATM?


Over the years, payment services like Cash App are rapidly catching up with traditional banks, offering similar or even superior value to what we get from banks. Since Cash App dwells completely online, you may be thinking: can you use a Cash App card at ATM?

If you’re having this thought, you’re severely underestimating the capabilities of online payment apps.


If you have an activated Cash App card, there are many things you can do with it. You can check out at stores using the card and use it to make online purchases.

In this post, we’ll look at the possibility of using Cash App cards at ATMs. Here, you’ll learn what ATMs accept Cash App cards and what you can do in those ATMs.


What’s a Cash App Card?


A Cash App card is a Visa-powered debit card that works exactly like any other debit card issued by a bank. You can use your Cash Card to pay for goods and services, both online and offline.

Cash App services come bundled with some incentives for users. Notable among the offers is the $1 cashback on every coffee shop in the United States.

You can get the Cash App card for free once you have a functioning and verified Cash App account. However, you may have to pay $5 if you want a customized card, which is fair.

Your Cash App card links to your Cash App account. When you add money to your Cash App account, it is instantly available to use on the card.

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However, using your card to get cash from ATMs is a deal-breaker for most people. If you are part of ‘most people,’ here is the answer you have been seeking.


cash app card at atm



Can You Use a Cash App Card At An ATM?


Yes, you can use your Cash Card to withdraw cash at ‘any’ ATM, according to the information on the Cash App website.

While that is true, to some extent, it is also too encompassing. Cash App cards work across ATMs in the United States but not outside the country. So, claiming that the cards work at any ATM isn’t true.

Cash App doesn’t only allow you to withdraw from banks, but they also reimburse all the bank charges associated with each withdrawal. Cash App will refund $7 per withdrawal at most and will only refund three ATM withdrawal charges per month.

However, you need to pay a $2 fee to Cash App on every ATM withdrawal, regardless of how much the bank charges.

This offer still sounds like a good idea, especially for someone who doesn’t make a ton of ATM withdrawals every month.


How Much Can You Withdraw Using Cash App Card at ATM?


Now that you know that you can use your Cash App card at any ATM in the United States, you may be having another question: what is the ATM withdrawal limit for Cash App?

Well, as you might expect, you can only withdraw a limited amount of money using your Cash App card.

To be specific, you can only withdraw $250 per day, no more than $1,000 per week, and a maximum of $1,250 per month.

Yes, I understand that those digits scream ‘limited,’ but don’t you think those limits are good enough for a peer-to-peer payment service venturing into bank territory?

If you need a payment service that will let you access a ton of physical cash every day, you don’t need Cash App. You need a business bank account.

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Can I Use a Cash App Card at ATMs Outside The US?


Travelers often find themselves in another territory, and they may need quick cash to keep alive.

However, if your only source of cash is Cash App, you’re as good as dead. Regardless of how much you have on your Cash App account, you cannot withdraw outside the United States or the United Kingdom.

You may not be allowed to log into your account to withdraw to your bank, as you lose access to Cash App once you’re outside of US territory.

If you frequently need to use your debit card outside the United States, you should get something apart from the Cash App card that lets you do that.


Can You Deposit Money to a Cash App Card at ATM?


This is something that most Cash App card users struggle with. Since I can sneak a few dollars into my bank account through the ATM, can I do the same for Cash App?

You cannot deposit money to your Cash App through an ATM. Cash App doesn’t have any physical branches, and they don’t handle physical cash, so they don’t have the facilities required to receive cash deposits from ATMs.

However, you can deposit money to your bank account and send it to your Cash App account, which achieves the same aim.


Are There Any Free ATMs for Cash App Cards?


Some banks waive the charges for their customers if they use specific ATMs. Since Cash App is almost like a bank, you may wonder: what ATMs are free for Cash App cards?

Unfortunately, there are no free ATMs for Cash App customers at this time. You will have to pay at least $2 to Cash App for every transaction, even if you manage to find a free ATM.

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However, Cash App will reimburse whatever the ATM charges for the withdrawal after the transaction if you don’t make more than three withdrawals per month.

After three withdrawals, you start to pay the ATM charges, as well as Cash App’s compulsory $2 charge, driving up the costs even further.




Cash App cards are great and all, but can you use them at ATMs?

Well, you can use them at ATMs, but their practical use cases at an ATM are pretty limited. Firstly, you cannot withdraw large sums of cash, and secondly, you can’t deposit money into your account through an ATM.

However, these limitations only show the true purpose of Cash App as a P2P payment service and not a full-fledged bank with the primary purpose of dispensing cash at ATMs.

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