Is Cash App Safe Or Not? – Is It Safe To Use Cashapp?


With the pandemic, Cash App and similar P2P payment services skyrocketed in popularity. A lot of people have adopted the already-popular payment service, and it seems it’s not fading out anytime soon.

With Cash App’s endearing interface, people seem to forget an important question: “is Cash App safe or not?”


Scammers are everywhere on the web, but they’ll prefer to go at your money directly. One of the easiest ways scammers could go at your money is by manipulating your payment app to earn undeserved income.

For this reason, you should worry about the safety of every app you trust with your money; and talking about apps you trust with your money, Cash App is one of the foremost.

This article will answer the burning question: “Is Cash App safe or not?”

Ready, sit back and read.


What is Cash App


Cash App is an app that enables users to transfer funds from one account to another through a mobile phone. It is available on Android and iOS.

Cash App made its initial appearance in 2013, but its massive success had to wait till recently. With the pandemic, people needed a quick and mobile solution to disburse funds, and Cash App dutifully took up the role.

Like any other successful payment platform, Cash App isn’t without its drawbacks. The major drawback isn’t an ugly interface or slow payment processing. It is a scam.

A lot of scams take place on this platform, owing either to the naivety of users or to the insufficient scam-detection tactics put in place by the managers of the platform.

In the subsequent sections of this article, I’ll highlight some of the major scams that plague the near-perfect mobile payment service and how you can always keep on the safe side.


Common Cash App Scams


Cash App is a very secure platform, technically, as they use secure encryption protocols on all transactions.

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Scammers, however, have weird ways of getting to your hard-earned cash without having to circumvent the already-existing encryption protocols.

Here are some of the most common ways a scammer could try to get to you explained.


  • Fake support

For some weird reason, Cash App has no support helplines. If you have any problems, either you sort yourself out or navigate to “Support” from your profile.

Granted these are not very good decisions, but they become even worse when you consider the fact that it opens a backdoor to a lot of fake support agents willing to offer you unneeded support for your perfectly fine account.

It is not new or unique to Cash App, we’ve seen the email version of these scammers with PayPal, but it seems that doesn’t work anymore. They’ve upgraded the strategy, and now it’s your money on Cash App.

Are you giving them?


  • Fake cash giveaways

If you’ve been using Cash App for some time now, you should know that there’s the signature Super Cash App Friday. It’s an event on Twitter and Instagram that randomly sends money to lucky users who’ve entered the giveaway.

One thing that won’t happen is Cash App telling you to provide any sensitive information to claim your payment. Not every user knows that.

Scammers create fake Cash App accounts and start to message those who shared and retweeted the giveaway posts on the app’s handle.

If you reply to the message and fall into the trap, you’ll either end up paying to claim your non-existent payment or giving out your login details to hackers so that they can make the payment themselves.

How cool is that?


How to stay safe on Cash App


I’ve said a lot about Cash App scams and you’re scared, right?

Well, you don’t need to be. Cash App is by no means a haven for scammers. Cash App is relatively safe to use once you know your way around.

In this part of the article, I’ll show you some things you should pay attention to if the money on your Cash App account still matters to you.

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  • Cash App has no support lines!

Someone could call you tomorrow and tell you that your Cash App account has been restricted. They’re not from Cash App. Cash App has no dedicated staff that makes and receives phone calls.

Also, do not call any number pretending to be Cash App support. Chances are that you will eventually end up speaking with a Cash App scammer who has no help to render but to wipe your existing balance off your account.

Note that your bank may provide support with integrating Cash App with your bank. This support is from your bank, and they will not ask for any sensitive information.


  • Use the available extra security features.

You might have lost your PIN to a scammer, but that doesn’t mean you’re surely losing your money. If you have security features turned on for your account, you might survive the scam unscathed.

At the moment, Cash App allows you to set two-factor authentications, secure payments with a fingerprint or PIN, and get notifications for malicious activity.

After setting up your Cash App account, you should go through your account settings to see if you have these security settings turned on by default, so you can keep your money as safe as possible.


  • Cash App won’t ask for your account details.

“Alright, we’ll solve the problem. Just let me know your card number and your PIN to access your account.”

Sounds familiar?

Anyone telling you that over text or phone is most likely perpetrating a scam, and you should disconnect immediately. Cash App won’t ever ask you for this information, so keep away from scams.


Is Cash App Safe or Not?


Cash App is one of the safest mobile payment services available right now, but it all breaks down to your security measures.

If you’re someone who uses two-factor authentication and doesn’t care about giveaways, you shouldn’t be getting into any problems with Cash App.

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However, if your Facebook account has been compromised a couple of times before, you might need to beef up your online security measures.

While there are many cybersecurity courses you can take, you’re not going to need a course to use Cash App. If you can read and follow the recommendations in this article, you’ll be able to use the Cash App without falling victim to the numerous scams out there.


Final Words


Hope the big question has been answered- Is the Cash app safe or not? Or should I use the cash app? – The answer is “YES, Cash App is safe

Keep your cash app logs to yourself, and don’t give anybody access to your cash app account. This way, you will avoid scams of any kind.

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