Cash App Unable to Sign In On This Device – See What To Do


You’ve successfully created your Cash App account outside of the United States, and it has been working fine so far.

One fateful day, you try to log into your account, and you encounter the much-dreaded message: “Cash App unable to sign in on this Device.”


And you have hundreds of dollars on the app. Is that the end?

Stop panicking and put your mind at rest for now. You can still get back into Cash App if you encounter login errors.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common login errors you can face while trying to log into your Cash App account, as well as how you can solve them.


Why Are There Login Errors on Cash App?


Cash App is a mobile payment service, and they’re trusted with handling their users’ money. They have to make the system secure.

You can afford to lose some degree of personal information to Facebook, and you can afford to lose your Twitter password, but you surely can’t afford to lose your hard-earned money to a so-called US finance company.

To maintain maximum security, Cash App needs to restrict some login attempts to protect its users.

If you still can’t make sense of all these, picture this scenario.

Imagine if some people somehow got access to your phone number and password. If you don’t have two-factor authentication turned on, they can log into your account and transfer all your Cash App funds to another account in an instant.

What’s more, you can’t retrieve those funds once they leave your wallet.

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When Cash App suspects that your account has been compromised, they will deny your sign-in attempt, and you might receive the error: “Cash App unable to sign in on this device.”


How to Fix Login Errors on Cash App


If you encounter login errors on the Cash App app, it might be due to different issues. To fix whatever might be causing the login errors, you must isolate the cause of the error and then take steps to reverse it.

If you’re facing this login error on Cash App, try the following fixes, and you’ll hopefully get Cash App working in no time.


  • Ensure you have your VPN connected

If you’re someone who doesn’t use VPNs before starting to use Cash App, you will find out that you often forget to turn on your VPN before trying to log in.

If you’re using Cash App from countries outside the United States and the United Kingdom, you’ll have to always log in using a VPN. Whenever you try logging in without connecting your VPN, expect to get weird login errors.


  • Sign out of all existing devices

It is a common belief that Cash App will function abnormally when you try to sign into multiple devices simultaneously.

If you’re getting this sign-in error on your Cash App account, and you’re using a VPN with a strong internet connection, then you should verify that you’ve signed out of all your other devices.

If you want to log out from Cash App, you’ll have to navigate to your profile and scroll down until you see the “Log Out” button. Click on it to sign out.

Once you’ve signed out of all your other devices, you should close the app completely, reopen it, and try again. Hopefully, you won’t encounter the error message anymore.

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If you did, continue to follow the subsequent steps below.


  • Ensure you’re logging incorrectly

Missing a single step while trying to log into Cash App might demean your efforts and lead to infuriating error messages. Before seeking help, try to ensure that you are using the correct login details and that you’re doing it correctly.


Here is How to Login to Cash App.


  1. Open the app on your Android or iPhone. You can also open the web-based version on a Windows-based computer or a mac. Ensure you’re using a VPN if you’re not browsing from the USA or the UK.
  2. Enter the phone number/email address associated with your account and continue to get the one-time password. Your $Cashtag won’t work here, just your email or phone number.
  3. Enter your one-time password in the appropriate box and click or tap “Sign in” to access your Cash App account. If you try these steps and couldn’t get to sign in successfully, something is seriously wrong with your Cash App account. This time, you might want to try more proactive measures.
  4. Let Cash App know of the problem.


There are two problems with this; Cash App doesn’t provide support over the phone, so you’re left at the mercy of a slow-replying representative.

However, it helps to let them know. Your account might be flagged wrongly for suspected fraudulent activities.

Most times, if Cash App couldn’t verify your phone, they’ll require you to create a new account.

Don’t worry, as you won’t lose any of your money as Cash App will merge your old account with the new one. You’ll get back all of your money, and your $Cashtag will remain the same.

However, if you are not staying in the United States, you might face some difficulties recovering your Cash App account. These might include requiring you to carry out some identity verification.

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Remember, nothing is impossible online.    




Cash App is a secure payment system, but they go overboard with their security sometimes. For no apparent reason, you might wake up to the fact that your account is down.

If the error message is “Cash App Unable to Sign in on this Device,” it shouldn’t be a big deal.

With a few taps and presses, you should have your account back up again, and if you don’t, you’ll need another account.

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