Does 99 Cent Store Take Apple Pay? OTHER PAYMENT METHODS


If you want to make some purchases at 99 Cent, you may be wondering if it is possible to make payments using your Apple Wallet.

Most especially if you are already used to the system of making payments through digital wallets, and how increasingly acceptable, digital wallets have tends to be.


Today, a large percentage of in-store and online stores are currently accepting payments from their customers through Apple Pay.

Therefore, if you want to know more about making payments with your Apple Wallet at 99 Cent, then, you can keep reading to have a complete understanding…


Does 99 Cent Store Take Apple Pay?


99 Cent currently does not accept payment from Apple Pay, however, you might want to consider other acceptable payment methods that are available at 99 Cent.

There isn’t any stated date or time when it will begin accepting payments via Apple Pay, therefore, you will be left to choose other payment options available to make payment.


There aren’t any reasons or drawbacks why 99 Cent is yet to accept payment from Apple Pay, therefore, you can only make payments with the available payment options.

However, since Apple Pay can’t be used as a payment method at 99 Cent, likewise other digital wallets, you may want to consider paying with your credit or debit card, the process taken to make payment with your card is considered the best option to make payment at 99 Cent.

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How to:


If you have a credit card, you may want to present your credit card to the cashier, at the point of checkout, who will then insert the card into the terminal.

You will be asked to enter your card Pin, which you are to do to complete your payment. Once the payment has been successfully approved, you can collect your receipt and you are good to go.


Other Payment Methods Available at 99 Cent


You should not be expecting an appealing list of payment methods, most digital methods of making payments are not available at 99 Cent, the only available payment methods you will find at 99 Cent is through, paying via Major cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Currently, it does not offer any digital wallet for making payments, and therefore, you are only left to choose either paying with your credit or debit card.


Does 99 Cent Take Google Pay and Samsung Pay


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make payment with your Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet, because they are yet to be accepted as payment options at 99 Cent.

The same reason why 99 Cent hasn’t accepted payment from Apple Pay, seems to be the same reason why It is yet to accept payment from Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Therefore, you might want to consider other payment options that are accepted at 99 Cent.




99 Cent currently does not accept payment via Apple Pay, it does not also seem to offer other mobile payment wallets such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and the like.

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Well, there hasn’t been any reason why this is so, therefore, in the meantime, while purchasing at 99 cents, it is recommended to consider paying with your card instead.

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