Does Harris Teeter Take Apple Pay?


Harris Teeter is a popular owned Kroger store. If you are looking for a grocery store, then you can give Harris Teeter a try.

Harris Teeter is quite known for its exclusive provisions of general groceries, such as seafood, meat products, frozen food, and the like.


Undoubtedly, Harris Teeter is a good grocery store to consider.

However, Harris Teeter doesn’t only ensure convenience among its customers, it also incorporates payment convenience by providing an array of payment methods that can be used by its customers in making payments for their purchases.

The incredible attention by most people to Apple Pay has brought about the need to Integrate making all Payments both at in-stores and online stores with Apple Pay.


However, most users become more concerned about getting to know if Harris Teeter takes Apple Pay as a payment option.

Therefore, in this article, I will be providing you with a detailed and elaborated article in answering all questions related to getting to know if Apple Pay could be used to pay for your purchases at Harris Teeter.


Does Harris Teeter Take Apple Pay?


Unfortunately, Harris Teeter does not accept payment from Apple Pay, though it offers a range of other payment options that can be considered by its customers.

Harris Teeter also has its payment app, which is Kroger Pay, with Kroger Pay, you can make both contactless payments as well as it supports making payments by scanning a QR code.

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Some other acceptable payment options available in Harris Teeter are credit cards, debit cards, EBT cards, WIC, and a lot more.


Is Apple Pay Widely Accepted?


Is Apple Pay Widely Accepted


Unfortunately, not all stores are accepting payment from Apple Pay, though, a large number of retailers are already on the system of taking payment via Apple Pay from their customers.


Even though Apple Pay seems to be more secure, you can’t be certain that a particular store will accept payment from Apple Pay, therefore, you will have to confirm if an in-store does accept payments from Apple Pay through the Apple Map App.


In other cases, you can consider going along with your credit card or debit card, since these are the most widely Acceptable payment options you will find in most stores.


Why Does Harris Teeter Not Accept Apple Pay?


Why Does Harris Teeter Not Accept Apple Pay?


No concrete rationale(s) why Harris Teeter doesn’t accept payments from Apple Pay, however here are some reasons why Harris Teeter may not have considered accepting payments from Apple Pay.

  • Harris Teeter Already Has its payment platform 

Earlier I made mentioned Kroger Pay, which is the official payment app for all Kroger-owned stores.

Therefore this could be a core reason why Harris Teeter is yet to accept Apple Pay and other NFC-based payment options, probably, to have greater use of their payment options, rather than others.

Therefore, if you truly want to make a payment with your phone, then you can consider downloading the Kroger app, which can be used at all Kroger-owned stores.

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  • Considering the Future

This could be another reason why Harris Teeter is not accepting payment from Apple Pay, which could be a result of trying to consider the future. Meaning in the future time it will begin accepting payment from Apple Pay.


Is Apple Pay Accepted in Grocery Stores?


Most grocery stores are already into the tradition of accepting payments from Apple Pay, however, you can’t be certain that literally, all grocery stores will accept payment from Apple Pay.

Therefore, some of the grocery stores that are currently accepting payment from Apple Pay are mentioned as follows:

Hannaford, Harveys Supermarket, Hornbacher’s \sJewel-Osco, Lin’s Fresh Market Stores of Chance, Meijer, Publix

Raley’s Supermarkets, Randalls \sSafeway, Supermarkets Schnucks, Shaw’s Supermarkets, and so on.


Can You Pay With A Phone at Harris Teeter?


Yes, you can make payment with your phone at Harris Teeter, one way is through Kroger Pay. Kroger Pay allows you to make both contactless payments as well as being able to scan QR codes in making payments.

Another way is through an mPOS Verifone,  if the customer prefers to make payment via mobile, the Harris Teeter employers will have to present the customer with a QR on the Verifone device.



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Harris Teeter currently does not accept Apple Pay, but let’s see what the future holds, however, it also offers a wide range of payment options that can be considered as alternatives and are convenient in making payments for your purchases.

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Therefore, a quick answer to the question above is, No, you can’t make payment with your Apple Wallet at Harris Teeter, but you can pay with your credit or debit card, Harris Teeter gift cards and checks, and even with the Kroger Pay app.

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