Does Wawa Accept Apple Pay? How To Make Payment


Are you wondering how possible it is to make payment via Apple Pay on Wawa? Then, you will find out in this article!

Wawa is one of the popular stores available in the US, Where you will find anything you want to purchase, it also has a gas pump in different locations.

Wawa tries as much as possible to ensure that making a payment is entirely convenient for its customers by providing a wide range of payment methods that support it.


You can Pay for your purchases in the Wawa store with your Apple Pay. You will find more in this article.


Does Wawa  Accept Apple Pay?


Currently, Wawa Accepts Apple Pay as a method of payment. You don’t necessarily need to make payments with your credit card or probably, give physical cash out on Wawa.

Wawa has built its payment system in ensuring optimum convenience for its customers. With your iPhone or Apple watch you can make payment.


Apple Pay doesn’t only seem to offer a convenient way of making payments, but it also helps to ensure the security of your information.

Small and Medium stores are beginning to accept Apple Pay as their payment method, while most big in-stores are already into the fashion of integrating Apple Pay as a payment method for its customers.


One amazing thing is, that you can make use of Apple Pay in paying both at the Wawa Gas station, as well as making payments at Wawa in-store.

Wawa Gas station integrates a Contactless system for making payments with Apple Pay, all that is required of you is to verify your identity and place your iPhone or Apple watch near the terminal, which normally takes up to 2 seconds before the transaction is done.


If you are considering making payments with your Apple Pay balance at the Wawa in-store, then that will be possible through the register checkout on Wawa.

However, before considering using your Apple Pay to make payments for the first time, you need to set up your Apple Pay, by linking your debit or credit card on the Apple Pay platform.

Once your Apple Pay is set up, you can also be able to make payments with the Wawa Mobile App, since it does come with a Mobile App that supports Apple Pay as a Method of payment.


Therefore, the process of setting up your Apple Pay for the first time is as follows:


  • Step 1:  Open your Apple Pay on your device
  • Step 2: Look for the “+” symbol to add a credit or debit card.
  • Step 3: Enter the correct details associated with your card.
  • Step 4: Wait till your card information is verified. Once verified, you will be able to make payment with Apple Pay.


Where Is Apple Pay Accepted?


About 85 per cent of stores in the US accept Apple Pay as a method of payment, therefore, you should have the confidence that what shopping you’re engaging in there won’t be friction on your choice of payment.


Apple Pay is popular, and therefore most stores accept it as a payment option, any store that makes use of contactless payment, will certainly accept Apple Pay as a payment option.

Literally, not only do in-stores accept Apple Pay, Gas Stations, as well as the other categories of business, does accept Apple Pay as an option for paying for the service rendered.


Can You Use Apple Pay at Gas Stations?


Popular Gas Stations, including Wawa, do accept Apple Pay as a means of making a payment. If you get short of Gas, and you are considering refilling it, then you can go along with your Apple Pay.

Gas stations like Wawa that support contactless payment, all is required of you to make payments, is to confirm your identity, then place your iPhone or Apple Watch closer to the terminal, to make the payment.


Is There a Wawa App?


Just like other stores like Amazon, Wawa also has a mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms. To get started with the Wawa mobile app, you need to consider downloading the Wawa app from an appropriate apps store.

Wawa app makes purchasing easier, through the app, you can browse through the products menu and order certain products of your interest.


Can You Use a Wawa Gift Card on Door Dash?


DoorDash won’t accept any other restaurant’s branded gift cards, like Wawa or Amazon or whatever. If you want to make payments with a gift card, then it certainly has to be a  DoorDash branded card.


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In answering the question, if Wawa does accept Apple Pay, the answer is Yes, you can make use of Apple Pay to make payments for your online or in-store purchases on Wawa.

You can also make payments for your gas purchase, through the Wawa Gas Stations Contactless payment system.

If you consider making payment via a gift card, Fine, Wawa also has branded gift cards that you can buy.

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