Does Ulta Take Apple Pay? Make Payment Easily


Ulta Beauty is a popular Salon that deals mostly in things related to human beauty and appearance, and also sells products related to nails, cosmetics, and body cream, it also offers salon services, as well as pedicure and related products.

Ulta Beauty is a good option to consider if you are looking for a better and more professional place to buy body cream or cosmetics.


One Amazing thing about Ulta Beauty is, that it also offers a mobile app for its potential users in accessing all features available in Ulta beauty.

However, one good question most users are concerned about is, knowing if Ulta Beauty accepts payment from Apple Pay.

Apple Pay offers a convenient and secure means of sending and receiving money. Most businesses and in-stores today try as much as possible to adopt Apple Pay as a payment option for there also.


Therefore, in this article, I will be providing you with a detailed guide and answers to all questions relating to using Apple Pay on Ulta Beauty, both online and in-store.


Does Ulta Take Apple Pay?


Aside from other payment options acceptable at Ulta Beauty, however, you can also make payment with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay seems to be more secure and convenient, and therefore, in a twinkle of an eye, you can make payment for your purchases at Ulta Beauty.

To make payment at Ulta Beauty, you can meet the sales representative, who will then direct you on how payment can be done via Apple Pay.

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However, it is also important to confirm that a particular Ultra location does accept Apple Pay, even though Apple Pay is officially accepted by Ulta Beauty, there are still some Ulta Beauty locations that are yet to take payment on Apple Pay.

You can confirm if an Ulta Beauty Location accepts Apple Pay through the Apple Map App.


All you have to do is to search for the particular Ulta beauty location. Once you pull up the location, look for the Useful to Know Section, just at the right, you will see the Apple Pay Logo, that is if that location takes Apple Pay or not.

This method will help you know if a particular Ulta location will accept payment via Apple Pay or not.


Other Payment Options at Ulta Beauty


Aside from Apple Pay, Ulta Beauty also accepts other payment options that can serve as alternatives for customers in choosing the right option for making payments at Ulta Beauty.

Therefore, some of the acceptable payment options at Ulta Beauty are as follows:


All network branded


However, while all these Payment methods are acceptable via an Ulta location, you won’t be able to make payment through Cash or Personal Check at the Ulta Mobile App.


Where Can I Get the Ulta App?


The Ulta App makes it quite convenient for its users to have access to their products and service via their smartphone.

If you want to download the app; it depends on the mobile platform you are using. If you are on an Android device then you will be able to get the Ulta App at Google Play Store.

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If you are using an iPhone device, then you will get the Ulta Mobile App, at the Apple Store App, on your iPhone device.


Benefits of using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty


Benefits of using Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty


There are several benefits attached to making payments with Apple Pay at Ulta, some of which are:


  • Nature

No doubt, Apple Pay eradicates the hassles of making payments. Making a payment with Apple Pay, you don’t need to be bothered about security breaches, this is because Apple Pay offers a contactless mode of making payment, making it difficult for any criminal or fraudster to steal your card details.


  • Getting CashBacks

Do you know that through consistent use of Apple Pay to make payments at Ulta Beauty, you can get some cashbacks for purchases you have made?


  • Fast/Speed

Apple Pay is incredibly faster than most other payment apps, with a Twinkie of an eye and just one touch, you can make a payment with Apple Pay.


Does Ulta Pay Take Apple Online?


Yes, Ulta also accepts Apple Pay online, once you are ready to make payment online, then you can Select Apple Pay to complete your order.

Other acceptable methods of payment are PayPal and After Pay.


Where Is Apple Pay Accepted?


While most new generation stores are yet to accept Apple Pay as a payment option, however, a large number of stores in the United States do accept making payments with Apple Pay.

Therefore, anywhere you go, a large percentage of in-stores will accept payment with Apple Pay, if you are unsure, then you can simply use the Apple Map App to confirm.

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Alright, so now you get the answer which you long looked for, so if you are wondering if Ulta Beauty takes payment from Apple Pay, then, I think this article answers all questions related.

In a quick summary, you can make payments with Apple Pay, even for online orders. However, you must also ensure to keep track of confirm if a particular Ulta location accepts payments from Apple Pay.

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