Does Lucky Money Pay Out? Lucky Money Review


Have you heard about the new android game that has been making round, called Lucky money? Lucky money is an exciting game that doesn’t gain popularity because of the game quality, but because the game offers different ways to earn cash rewards. 

You might be wondering if it is possible to cash out while playing Lucky money or if it is another scam. This will be discovered in the article as we proceed with an extensive discussion on the Lucky money game. 


Is Lucky Money App A Scam?


Lucky money is an application that has been running legally, however, the legitimacy of the app doesn’t guarantee payment as it is unclear if you will be able to withdraw your earned money. 

In the beginning, your earnings on the Lucky money app will be fast but this will reduce as you proceed with the games. Several Google reviews also indicated that several players have been unable to reach the $100 that has been set as the minimum amount that can be withdrawn. 

It can be annoying after dedicating much of your time playing games and watching tons of videos and you can’t cash out your earned cash in the end. 


Does Lucky Money Pay Out?


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You can withdraw your cash rewards on Lucky money through Paypal. However, the minimum amount you will be able to cash out is $100 which means you have to continue to accumulate your cash rewards until it is up to $100 before you will be able to withdraw the money. It might take a while before you will be able to reach that number which means you will have to continue playing and earning as much as you can. 



How Does Lucky Money Work?


Getting started with the Lucky money app is straightforward, the required steps include. 


  • Installation And Registration

The Lucky money app is only designed for android devices. The application is free and can be easily downloaded and installed on the Google play store. Once the app has been installed, you can proceed with playing scratch cards without having to complete the sign-up process. 

However, it is more advisable to register through your Facebook account to ensure your account remains safe. 


  • Cash And Tokens

There will be two different balances available for you on the Lucky money app. A balance will be for virtual currency while the second is for tokens.  Once you’ve accumulated up to a $10 cash reward, you will be able to make a withdrawal from your cash balance through Paypal. 

When exchanging tokens, you must have a minimum of 20,000,000 tokens in exchange for a $1 Amazon gift card



How Do I Earn With Lucky Eggs?


When partaking in scratching cards, you will have the chance to earn a golden mallet which can be used to smash the golden egg and claim the reward hidden inside.  You will earn at least one or two mallets from each scratch card.

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Prizes that can be won in the golden eggs include a cash reward, a token reward, and raffle tickets. 


How Do I Earn With Raffle Tickets?


You can make use of your earned tokens to acquire entries for the hourly, daily, and monthly raffles. You will have to exchange 25,000 tokens for the hourly raffle ticket, 20,000 tokens for the daily raffle ticket, and 10,000 tokens for the monthly raffle ticket. 

A random winner will be chosen from the pool of eligible tickets and your chance of winning will be raised by the number of tickets that were collected in the raffle. You also have the chance of entering up to 1000 tickets in every raffle.


How Do I Earn With Lucky Numbers?


With lucky numbers, you will be required to select five numbers and one lucky number from 60 regular numbers every day. If you can successfully match the six numbers, you will be rewarded with the prize of $100,000. Other rewards that can be won include $5, $50, 250,000 tokens, and 500,000 tokens. 




Video Section





Winning a substantial prize on Lucky money is almost impossible, what is even more difficult is reaching the $100 payment requirement. Most participants are stuck on the road and have been unable to earn as much as they used to. 


While the app is free to install and participation is free as well, there is no guarantee that you will be able to access your earned reward after investing your time and effort into it. The only guaranteed payment is the amount the developers will make from al;l the video ads you’ve watched which is why you shouldn’t intend to make money from the Lucky money app. 

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