Stanbic Bank Recharge Code 2023 – How To Buy Airtime From Stanbic Bank


Are you searching for Stanbic Bank Recharge Code? In this article, I will be showing you how to Buy Airtime From Stanbic Bank account. If you want to buy credit from your Stanbic bank account this guide will help you to recharge yourself and others.
You can do more with Stanbic bank mobile banking codes. These codes allow you to enjoy bank transactions from your comfort. Pay your bills and do more with stanbic bank mobile banking. We have written guides to help you learn and activate your bank mobile banking.

Maybe you are out of airtime at midnight or you don’t have cash at hand to buy airtime. Don’t work, below are simple steps to help you recharge from your stanbic bank account. The airtime money will be deducted from your account. No extra charge is required or a fee is applied.


For you to buy airtime from your stanbic bank account. You must have activated stanbic bank mobile banking on your device. This must be done on the phone number connected or used to create your bank account with Stanbic bank. If you haven’t registered or activated the mobile banking platform, CLICK HERE.


Stanbic Bank Recharge Code 2023 For Self Recharge


This method is used to recharge the phone number connected to your stanbic bank account. This method is called self-recharge. Don’t run out of airtime again, learn how to recharge using USSD codes.

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For Self Recharge: To recharge the phone number you use to open your stanbic bank account. Dial *909*Amount#. Example: If you want to recharge 500 naira – Dial *909*500#, and you will be credited with 500 naira worth of airtime to the network of your choice.


How To Buy Airtime From Stanbic Bank For Others


This method helps you to use Stanbic bank recharge code for others. You can use simple codes to buy airtime for your friends and family. Use the steps below, when you want to recharge any phone number not connected to your stanbic bank account.

  • Dial *909*Amount*phone number#. Example: *909*1000*08104128059# this phone number will automatically receive 1000 naira airtime.


You can do more with Stanbic bank’s mobile banking code. There are various digital banking platforms, created by Stanbic bank to make banking easy and convenient for its users. You don’t need to stress yourself at the ATM to transfer money, pay bills, TV subscription, etc. We have written guides to help you enjoy any stanbic bank platform you want.


Stanbic Bank Airtime Recharge Limit


This is the maximum amount of airtime you can buy from your bank in a day. To control and handle things, stanbic bank allows each user to buy a maximum of 5,000 naira airtime in a day. Once that limit is reached, you can’t buy airtime from the bank again. This means that you have to wait till the following day. However, you can increase your daily recharge limit. Visit the nearest stanbic bank branch. There is no extra charge involved, no hide charges when you buy airtime from stanbic bank.

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Hope you have learned how to use the Stanbic bank recharge code. Now, you can buy airtime from your stanbic bank account for yourself and others. Do well to learn more about other stanbic bank digital banking platforms. Stanbic IBTC recharge code: how to buy airtime for others.


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