Does Ross Have a Credit Card? How To Apply


You probably already know Ross; the discount retailer that focuses on selling branded clothing items at a discounted price to customers across the United States. While that description doesn’t fit that of a company that should be issuing credit cards, some people research how to apply for a Ross credit card.

Before continuing, it’s important to note that there’s Ross-Simons, a jewelry retailer that does indeed offer credit cards. It’s possible that in a bid to learn how to get a credit card from Ross-Simons, people ignore the Simons at the end, leaving them searching for how to apply for a Ross credit card.

In this article, I’ll answer the question: “does Ross have a credit card?” in a way that will clear all your doubts and misconceptions. Then, I’ll explain what kinds of cards you can get from Ross and how to apply for a credit card at Ross-Simons.


Does Ross Have a Credit Card?


Does Ross Have a Credit Card?


Ross Dress for Less doesn’t offer any credit cards at the moment. While it accepts credit cards as a payment method for items purchased within the store, you can’t get a credit card with the Ross brand name on it anywhere.

The closest thing you can get to a credit card with Ross is a Ross Gift Card, which is a prepaid card that you can only use for transactions within the store alone. Since a gift card is still a far cry from a credit card, Ross cannot be said to have a credit card at the moment.

However, if you’re confusing Ross with Ross-Simons, there might be some hope for you. Ross-Simons, the Jewelry giant, actually offers credit cards that you can apply for on the store’s official website. If what you needed was the Ross credit card, you’ll learn how to apply and get one in subsequent sections of this article.

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How to Apply for a Ross Credit Card


As you have probably already guessed, it’s currently impossible to apply for Ross credit cards because they don’t exist. To be honest, you don’t need a credit card from Ross since there are many other stores and financial institutions offering credit cards anyway.

One reason you may not want to get a store-branded credit card, like one from Ross, is that they usually have terrible rates, at least compared to that of a dedicated financial institution. The only time you’ll wish you had a credit card from a particular store is when you’re shopping there.

Since most people don’t shop at Ross so often to want to have a card anyway, there’s no point in getting a branded credit card. Because of this, the affordable clothing giant has decided not to offer credit cards to customers throughout its several decades of existence.

However, if you still need to get a card with the Ross branding, you do have an option. While you can’t get a credit card, Ross offers gift cards that you can only use to purchase items when shopping at one of its locations.


How to Get a Ross Gift Card


As explained earlier, Ross doesn’t offer an option to apply for a credit card but you can always get a gift card from the website. That births the question: how do you get a Ross Store gift card?

You can always get a Ross-branded gift card from the website or by walking over to one of their stores. Simply open in your favorite browser and you’ll get to a screen where you can customize your gift card.

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After choosing your favorite design, you’ll need to enter how much you want to preload onto the card before continuing. Then, you can pay using any of the supported methods and have the gift card of your preferred value shipped to you in no time.

Even with that, it’s still generally unfavorable to get a Ross gift card instead of the many other options available. The foremost reason why you should skip a gift card with Ross is that they do not have an online store. If you gift someone the card, they’ll have to go to a physical store to redeem the value of the card.

In addition to that, the Ross gift card is not reloadable; once you spend the entire balance on a card, you’ll have to discard it since it becomes technically useless. Since the maximum amount that can be on a Ross gift card is $150, you’ll quickly notice that it’s not convenient to use.

If you already have a Ross gift card that you have no use for, you can cash it at any Ross store if the balance is lower than $10. However, cashing out your Ross gift card balance requires you to be in California, which confirms the inconvenience of using the card.


How to Get a Ross-Simons Credit Card


If you meant credit cards, you’re likely looking for a way to get a Ross-Simons credit card. While Ross-Simons is technically different from Ross, the names are close enough to warrant a mistake. To cover for any possible mistakes, I’ll show you how to get a credit card from Ross-Simons, just in case.

To get the card, you can apply from the Ross-Simons credit card application page. It’s not one of the best credit cards you can get in any case, but if you shop regularly at Ross-Simons, the store-specific promos on the credit card might interest you.

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While Ross doesn’t offer a credit card, it does have a gift card that’s available through its official website. To be honest, there aren’t enough positives about the card to make it warrant your attention.

If you’re on the lookout for a credit card, however, you’re most likely asking about the Ross-Simons credit card, which is available. You can follow the steps in the preceding section to get a credit card from Ross-Simons. Also, I don’t think the credit card has enough positives to make you care about it at all.

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