Is Bitcoin To The Moon Legit?


Bitcoin faucets are websites and applications through which you can be awarded a little amount of Bitcoin after completing some required tasks. There are numerous Bitcoin faucets and Moon Bitcoin is one of the most prominent. 

If you’ve been wondering if you will be able to get your Bitcoin reward after completing the necessary tasks on  Bitcoin to the moon, we will be discussing this and other necessary information about the Moon Bitcoin in this article. 


Is Bitcoin To The Moon Legit?


You did not have to doubt this Bitcoin faucet as it is a real and legitimate company. The company has been operating for a long time assisting people to acquire Bitcoin through task completion without having any fraudulent accusations. 


With over six years of existence, the company has become a trustworthy household name among its users and its audience keeps growing massively every day. 


How To Register On Moon Website For Free?


You wouldn’t only be able to earn Bitcoin for free after completing the required tasks and surveys, but the registration to earn Bitcoin on the Moon website is free as well. Registration on the Moon websites will allow you to earn cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. 


To register on the Moon Bitcoin website, you will be required to set up a crypto wallet with Coinpot. This wallet will be essential in collecting and storing your earned coin from the Moon Bitcoin website. 

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Once you have your Coinpoy crypto wallet set up, you can proceed by visiting the Moon Bitcoin faucet website and selecting Register. You will be required to input your Coinpot email address before signing up.


After successfully signing up, you can proceed by logging into your Moon Bitcoin account. This can be done by inputting the information that was provided during registration.  Once this has been done, you can start to earn Bitcoin while completing your given tasks. 


Logging In On Moon Bitcoin


Once your registration has been completed, you will be able to log in to the Moon Bitcoin faucet. If you have forgotten your registration password, visit the login page and select Forgotten password to reset your Moon Bitcoin password. 


You will be required to input your Coinpot email address where you will receive the mail with the information through which your account will be recovered.  


How To Earn Bitcoin On Moon Bitcoin For Free?


Earning Bitcoin with Moon Bitcoin is free as long as you’re ready to carry out the required tasks. There are five different ways through which you can earn Bitcoin with Moon Bitcoin, they include. 


  • Through Referral

Referring to your friends and relatives is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start earning Bitcoin on Moon Bitcoin. When you refer a new user on Moon Bitcoin, you will receive a one percent bonus which will be on all your claims up to one hundred percent. 


  • Through Loyalty

Once you become a regular user, Moon Bitcoin will reward your loyalty by [providing a one percent bonus when you claim your Bitcoin reward back to back for the required number of days. 

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  • Through Minning

Mining is an integral part of cryptocurrency and you can earn Bitcoin when you mine at Moon Bitcoin. You can qualify for this bonus when you permit your computer to hashing power. Tick on the Run mining bonus to earn this bonus. 


  • Through Offer

Offerwalls is a feature on the Moon Bitcoin website through which you earn by completing surveys. Complete surveys on the offer walls within thirty days and you will be eligible for a five percent bonus on all faucet claims you make. 


  • Mystery Giveaway

This is a giveaway method of earning on the Moon Bitcoin faucet. With this earning method, you will have access to a bonus offer pop up which will be displayed on the page bottom. You will be able to earn different amounts of bitcoin when you click on Claim.


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Does Moon Bitcoin Have A Referral Program?


Yes, there is a referral program on the Moon Bitcoin faucet which you can earn when you refer your friends and relatives to register at the Moon Bitcoin website. Once your friends and relatives successfully register on the website, you will be eligible to receive a bonus and earn Bitcoin. 


How Does Moon Bitcoin Pay?


Before registering on the Moon Bitcoin website, it is required and important to set up a Coinpot crypto wallet. All your earnings and bonus on the Moon Bitcoin faucet will be transferred to your Coinpot wallet. 


You can also make use of a BTC account to sign up on Moon Bitcoin. In this case, all your earnings and bonus will be transferred to your BTC account. 

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Video Guide






Acquiring Bitcoin has become more challenging and expensive. Through Moon Bitcoin, you can easily acquire Bitcoin by carrying out simple tasks and partaking in surveys. Your earned Bitcoin will be transferred to your Coinpot wallet which can be withdrawn at any time. 


If you did not have the financial capability to purchase Bitcoin, try out the Moon Bitcoin faucet as it is a perfect opportunity for you to earn some. 

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