How to Add Gift Card Money to Cash App


Gift cards are a popular payment option for purchases on the internet, especially during the holidays. While gift cards are intended to help you make purchases, you may also want to add the value of the card to your Cash App balance, making you a few dollars richer.

However, Cash App currently doesn’t support adding money from gift-based cards to your Cash App account directly. While some other online payment services like Google Pay or Apple Pay offer the feature, it’s still unavailable on Cash App, unless you’re willing to use a workaround.

If you can forgo the conventions and use a workaround, this article might just be able to help you add money from your gift card to your Cash App balance. Continue reading this article to learn how to add gift card money to Cash App.


How to Add Gift Card Money to Cash App


Can I Add Gift Cards to Cash App?


Before going on to ask how you can add money from your gift card to your Cash App account, I think you should try to find out if doing that is even possible in the first place. To help you determine the possibility, this section will answer the question: can you add a gift card to Cash App?

If you read the introduction, you should already know that wouldn’t be possible. At the moment, Cash App doesn’t support adding money from gift-based cards to your Cash App wallet for reasons best known to them.

However, if you use alternative payment services like PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, you’ll notice they all support adding gift cards directly since they offer native support for them. For Cash App, however, that wouldn’t be an option unless you’re using a few select government prepaid cards.

So, no; Cash App isn’t compatible with gift cards and you cannot add the money from your gift card to your Cash App wallet. If you want to see the workaround that may work, you may want to keep reading this article through the following few sections.

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How to Add Gift Card Money to Cash App


How to Add Gift Card Money to Cash App


Unofficial workarounds may not inspire a lot of confidence, but they’re an excellent way to access features that might be otherwise unavailable. One of the features that you can access using unofficial workarounds is adding money from a gift card to your Cash App, and you’ll see the workarounds in a bit.

Since it’s already certain that you cannot add your gift card anywhere on the Cash App to redeem the money, why not try looking off Cash App for the feature. As you may have already guessed, the fix for adding money directly to Cash App from a gift card is outside the app.


Here are some of the best methods for adding gift card money to the Cash App.

  1. Using CardCash

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve never heard about CardCash. However, if you regularly find yourself in a scenario where you wish you can transfer money from your gift card to your Cash App wallet, CardCash is the service for you.

The logic behind CardCash is pretty simple: you sell your gift card to the website and get paid to your PayPal. Afterward, you can send the money to your bank account when it hits your PayPal wallet and from the bank account to your Cash App wallet.

When it comes to CardCash, getting to sell the card should be one of your least worries. As long as the card has value, you should always get a decent offer from CardCash, which will eventually turn into a good deal on your gift card.

One disadvantage of trading with CardCash, however, is that you’re at the mercy of the website when it comes to the value of your card. You don’t get to choose how much you’re selling your card; you only get offers that you can choose to decline or accept, and they’re often below the value of the card.

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If you think CardCash is a good idea, here are the steps required to transfer money from gift cards to Cash App using CardCash.

  • Open the CardCash on your favorite web browser at com. You can click the link to open the website automatically.
  • Once you get to the website, you’ll see an option to trade your gift card. Enter the merchant’s name and the balance on the gift card. When you’ve entered the required details, select the “Get Offer” option to continue.
  • You’ll get an offer on your card. Tap or click on the “Get $(amount) Cash” to accept the offer and start trading your gift card.
  • On the next screen, you’ll see payment options. Since Cash App direct is unavailable, you’ll have to choose PayPal Express as your preferred payment method. The idea is to receive the money via PayPal, send it to your bank account when it lands, and eventually use your bank to fund your Cash App wallet.
  • After selecting the PayPal option, you can provide the gift card number and get the value of the card from CardCash almost instantly. When that happens, you can transfer the funds from your PayPal to your bank and use your bank account to fund your Cash App wallet.

It’s crucial to note that when you try to add gift card money to your Cash App using this method, you don’t usually get the full value of the credit card. However, isn’t it better to have anything at all than to have nothing?


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The fact that Cash App has no support for gift cards makes it impossible for you to add money from a gift card directly to your Cash App wallet. If you have to do it, however, you can utilize unofficial means to get some of the value to your Cash App.

The only way to add gift card money to Cash App at the moment is by selling it on CardCash. While the process is pretty convoluted, the sacrifice becomes worthwhile when there are no other options.

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