Does Hertz Accept Chime Credit Cards? See How I Use It


Hertz is one of the world’s largest car rental companies, and they offer a variety of payment options to their customers. But do they accept Chime credit cards?

The answer is yes, Hertz does accept Chime credit cards. You can use your Chime credit card to rent a car from Hertz at any of their locations. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license and a credit card with a minimum credit limit of $500.
  • You must be at least 21 years old to rent a car from Hertz.
  • You may be required to pay a security deposit.

If you have a Chime credit card, you can rent a car from Hertz without any problems. Just be sure to meet the requirements and be prepared to pay a security deposit.


Does Enterprise Accept Chime Credit Cards? 2024


Enterprise, unlike Hertz, does accept the Chime credit card, as a method of making payments for your rent, although, based on my research and study, I found out that even though the Chime credit card is widely accepted by Enterprise, most users have experienced rejections from Enterprise.


Therefore, the feasibility of your Chime credit card being accepted by Enterprise is imperatively affected by the location in which you are using the Chime card.

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While a majority of Chime users have experienced success renting from Enterprise car rental companies, others have experienced Enterprise not accepting their cards.


Do Dollar Rentals Accept Chime Credit Cards?


Some years back, The Chime credit Builder Card was once Accepted by Dollar Rentals, but currently, most users have been experiencing rejection from Dollar Rentals when they try using their Chime credit cards.


Dollar Rentals is quite a part of the Hertz Group, so you shouldn’t expect something different from the operation of Hertz.

The Chime credit builder card isn’t supported by Dollar Rentals, and nor is the debit card supported.

However, you can try out, if you truly want to figure out if you can rent a car on Dollar Rental.


Does Avis Accept Chime Credit Cards?


Avis is also another popular car renting company, so understanding if it accepts the Chime credit card, is quite difficult to know.

Most user’s have been experiencing Avis not accepting the Chime Credit card, probably because of fraud-related claims. 


Therefore, in my own candid opinion, while trying to rent a car at Avid, either before pick up or after pick up, ensure you go along with an alternative debit card or credit card.

Note: You might be required to have some amount of money on your card, either the debit or credit card.


Can I Rent A Car With A Chime Debit Card?


Does Sixt Accept Chime Credit Cards?


The answer to this question on Sixt is No, Sixt officially made a statement that it doesn’t accept cards from domestic online banking apps, unfortunately, Chime happens to fall under this category.

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Chime isn’t a commercial bank that you can visit and make your traditional bank withdrawal or Deposit, it offers all its services completely out of the physical space.


Think of other banks that are quite under the same category 

 Chime, trust me, they will end up not being accepted.


Sixt also does not accept the following payments:

  1. Prepaid Cards or Gift Cards: Cards that are not linked to a bank account and are required to be loaded and reloaded are also not accepted on Sixt.
  2. Checks of any type are not supported by Sixt, therefore, you shouldn’t rent a car on Sixt with your check deposit, and it will be rejected.
  3. Cash and cash app, are also Totally not supported by Sixt
  4. Maestro cards
  5. Electronic cards.

Therefore, if you try going along with either of these cards, it will be rejected.


Does Turo Accept Chime Credit Cards?


No doubt, if you are looking for a car rental company that accepts the Chime credit card, you can try out Turo. A large number of people have experienced success with Turo accepting their Chime credit cards.


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In this article, I have taken your through in understanding if you can use your Chime credit card to rent a car on Hertz, the results of this article show that it is unsure if Hertz does accept the Chime credit card.


Therefore, the best candid option that can be recommended as a Chime user relies on trying out other payment alternatives that are quite supported by Hertz.

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You can as well contact Hertz support to be sure of your intentions.

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