Does Walmart Take Google Pay? Other Payment Mathods


In a global view, there are numerous mobile payment services available, having their terms and conditions, method of usage, method of application, and so on, one of which is Google Pay, Google Pay, has become one of the most popular payment methods available today, available for all android devices, within its coverage.


It is gradually becoming an acceptable payment method in most of the popular stores, gas stations, and restaurants quite known to you.

But the big question is, Does Walmart take Google to pay?


Keep reading to find out more about the possibility of using Google Pay as a payment method at Walmart.


Does Walmart Take Google Pay?


Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Google pay among its payment methods, it also does not accept payment via Apple Pay, however, if you are considering making a payment at Walmart, then you have to consider Walmart Pay since it is the only available mobile payment method available.


Mobile payment methods such as Google Pay, and the likes have become among the most preferred payment methods by most users. This is a result of the conveniences and simplicity derived while making payments using a digital wallet.


Several parent stores have their payment system, kind of have less consideration about other payment methods available, this intent is to provide a way of ensuring higher usage of their internal payment system than others.

Now that you know the only possibility of making digital payment at Walmart, the next question you might be bothered about is knowing how payment can be done using Walmart Pay. 

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How To Setup Walmart Pay


How To Setup Walmart Pay


The steps below show you how to set up your Walmart Pay, and how it can be used to make payments at Walmart in-store.


  • Step 1: Download the app on the Google Play store. Once the download is completed, it will be automatically installed on your device.
  • Step 2: Open the Walmart app on your phone by tapping on the Walmart Pay icon on your app home screen.
  • Step 3: Add your payment card information, this is necessary, because, the card linked to your Walmart Pay, will be used to fund the payment done using the App. Cards such as Amex, Visa, Mastercard, gift cards, and prepaid cards, are all acceptable, and therefore, can be linked to your Walmart Pay account.
  • Step 4: Enter your Login information, such as a 4-digit pin or fingerprint identification.
  • Step 5: At Checkout, open Walmart Pay, and scan the QR code which is available at the store, to complete your payment.


Walmart Pay can be used to make payment for your purchase at all its in-store, this process is easy and convenient to adopt while consistently paying for what you have purchased at the Walmart store.


Other Payments Methods Accepted At Walmart?


There are several other payment methods available aside from Walmart Pay, these payment methods can be considered by you as an option to consider while paying for your purchases at Walmart.


Some other payment methods available at Walmart are as follows:

    1. PayPal: PayPal is a popular payment method, which allows customers to make their daily business transactions in seconds. Therefore, at Walmart, you can consider paying using your PayPal balance without having any glitches.
    2. Visa, Mastercard, Discover: This could be a debit card or credit card. if you have a credit or debit card among the listed card providers above, then, you can consider linking it up on the Walmart Pay app, or probably, explicitly using it to make payment at checkout.
    3. Gift Card and E-gift card(Walmart): if you have either a Walmart gift card or an E-gift card, then, you can also choose it as a means of making payment at Walmart.
    4. EBT: For food stamps, and other available government programs, such as SNAP and the likes, you can choose to pay using your EBT card at Walmart, for eligible items only.
    5. Cash: Cash is also an acceptable payment method at Walmart, you can also consider using it to make payments at Walmart.
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Does Walmart accept Google Pay Online?


Walmart currently does not accept payment using Google Pay, online, if you want to make payment online at Walmart using a mobile wallet, then, you have to consider Walmart Pay, since it is the only available mobile payment method available at Walmart, and all its outlets.

However, before considering making payments using Walmart Pay at Walmart, you have to consider setting up your Walmart Wallet, which is done, by adding a bank card to your wallet as a source of funding for making payments.



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Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept payments via Google Pay at all its in-stores and online. However, it does have a payment method known as Walmart Pay, that can be used to make payment for your purchase easily.

The process of using Walmart Pay to make payments at Walmart has a slight difference when compared to mobile payment services such as Google Pay Since Google Pay is based on making payments using an NFC-based reader, and Walmart Pay is based on Qr System.

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