I Got Scammed On Google Pay (How To Recover Money)


If you have been scammed on Google Pay and wondering how you can recover your money back, then, this article is for you.

Google Pay is one of the most significant mobile financial apps, available to make millions of transactions daily, it is quite known for its fast, and secure service which it offers to its users.


Being secure doesn’t exclude its users From being scammed online, which could be a result of users’ ignorance, in terms of being timid toward the strategies used by fraudsters in defrauding them of their money.

If you have been victimized by being scammed on Google pay, then this article is for you.


How to Avoid Payment Scams on Google Pay


Before understanding how to get your money back on Google pay, it is important to understand how to prevent hackers and scammers from defrauding you from your earnings.

Therefore, some of the ways you can adopt to prevent scams on Google pay, are as follows:


  • Transfer Money Only With People You Know and Trust

This is the first thing you need to consider before sending money to someone, it would be difficult for someone who you trust and know to scam you or your money.


Therefore, you should always be conscious of to who you are making payments.


Another thing that needs much consideration, is to be conscious of with who you share your Google pay details, most especially sensitive information associated with your Google pay.

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Such as Debit or Credit Details, Your Identification Number, Bank Information, Your Password, or Passcode, enter your details on a website not trusted.


  • Never use money transfers to make purchases or sales

This is also another way to prevent payment Scams on Google pay, and avoid making instant transfers in return for a particular product or service to be rendered.

If you are dealing with an online store, that requires money to be paid, before the product is delivered, ensure to have enough information regarding such a store, to know if their services are legit or scams, you can check several reviews sites.

Most scammers come in the form of offering a service or probably, proposing to deposit some amount of money to earn a huge amount. These methods are a total scam, and you should be conscious of this.


  • Do not Download Apps Requesting your Google pay Details

Some apps may come in the form of asking you to enter your Google Pay details before the app feature can be accessible to you.


Your Google Pay Details are confidential, and shouldn’t be shared by any third party unless when making payments on a particular shopping site, which you are sure offers legitimate services.

Therefore, when you see apps like this, you should rather uninstall the app, to save your money.


How to Recover Money on Google Pay, After Being Scammed 


Now that you have understood the process of how you can easily prevent future scam occurrences, how can you recover money from Google pay, if you were scammed?

There are several methods one could recover money from Google Pay, which are as follows:


Contact the merchant

If you were scammed as a result of ordering something online, and in the end, you didn’t receive the product, you had ordered, you can simply contact the merchant for a refund of money.

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Since the main intention of the merchant is to defraud you of your money, you are likely not going to receive any money refund, therefore, this method of getting your money back may not be as productive as possible, therefore, you can simply stick to the second method of getting your money back.



This method of getting a refund of money seems to be more effective, though, it can take longer for the money to be refunded back to your account.

Request for a chargeback simply means disputing a particular transaction, in the request for a refund of money, what happens here is, that the said amount of money that you have paid, will be taken from the merchant account and credited to your account.

However, to dispute a transaction on Google pay can be done as follows:


  • Step 1: Log in to the Google Pay app
  • Step 2: Select the transaction in that you want to raise a dispute.
  • Step 3: Please note that the Raise Dispute option will become available after two days after the transaction date.
  • Step 4: Click on Raise Dispute.
  • Step 5: Click on I Agree.
  • Step 6: Tap Continue.


Google pay will therefore have to investigate the dispute, and after some time, you will get a refund of money, although, as I mentioned earlier, this method can take longer to get a refund of money.


Can I Get My Money Back if I Was Scammed?


Yes, you can get your money back if you were Scammed. If you were scammed online, you can simply dispute such charges with your bank.

This can be done either by contacting your bank support center, or rather, disputing the transaction on the Mobile App.


Can Google Pay Be Charged Back?


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Yes, Google Pay does engage in Chargeback, however, to request a chargeback on Google pay, it must be two days after the transaction date.

Chargeback is meant to be the last method that should be considered when trying to get a refund of money. 


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In this article, I have shown you how you can easily recover your money, after being scammed, either via trying to purchase something online, or unknowingly, putting your Google Pay information on the wrong platform.


Therefore, Google pay allows its users to dispute certain charges not authorized by them, with the aim of getting refund money.

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