How Long Does A Bank Of America Claim Take?


The Bank of America is one of the most popular and influential banks in the US. This is a result of providing exclusive services that profitably serve human needs.

While you might have had several transaction disputes, perhaps, not getting the services which you have paid for, or rendered, you can simply apply for a refund of the money.


The main purpose of a claim is to have your money back, Hopefully, after making a payment with your BoA credit or debit card, and getting dissatisfied with the product delivered or the service rendered.

Therefore, in this article, I will be showing you how you can file a Bank of America claim, and how long it could take.


How to file a Bank of America Claim?


There are typical, varied ways why you might want to file a BoA Claim, some of the reasons, which are seemingly popular are: Unauthorized Transaction(s) (Transactions not authenticated by you), Identity Theft, Lost Money and so on.

There could be other non-exceptional reasons (s), which will require you to file a BoA claim.

If you find yourself as a victim of either of these reasons why do people file a Bank of America claim? You will have to do some preliminaries as a victim, by providing the right information as documents that the transaction was unauthorized by you. 

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For cases related to a merchant not delivering the expected product(s), the first thing you certainly need to consider is requesting a refund directly from the Merchant, if things are not leading to getting your money back.

Then, you can involve higher authorities. This can be done by getting the attention of the Law agency, as I mentioned earlier, you might be requested certain documents that are supposed to serve as evidence for the situation on the ground.

Hence, for a quick response, you can contact the Bank of America customer support, by dialling their number at 1-866-266-0212.

Via this method, you can easily file a claim with Bank of America.


How Long Does A Bank Of America Claim Take?


The timeframe for a Bank of America claim can take as much as 60 days. However, this isn’t a rule that all claims cannot extend more than 60 days. 

However, it all depends on the magnitude and size of the claim, some claims can take as long as a year. 

Therefore, the Bank of America seems not to have any fixed window for a claim.


How Do I Check My Bank of America Claim?


It is very important to keep track of your claim(s) status, however, checking your Bank of America claims status is an easy task.

You can check your Bank of America claim status, either via the mobile banking app, or via internet banking.

If you are using the mobile app to view the status of your claim, then you can simply log in to your account, and navigate to the Help and Support section of the app.

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Then tap on View My Claims, once done, you will see all associated claims status.

However, you can also keep track of your Bank of America claims online, via their web platform. 

All you have to do is Log in to your account on the Bank of America Online platform. To find the status of the claim can be seen displayed under the Claim Messages section.


How Long Does It Take a Bank to Dispute Money?


However, for Bank Of America to resolve any underlying dispute, the Bank must engage in a critical appraisal of the dispute on the ground.

However, this process can take a longer time to complete, pending the size and influence of the claim.

On a general rule of thumb, the time frame taken for a Bank of America claim can take up to 60 days and beyond.


Bank Of America Dispute Process


While every bank or financial establishment has its process of resolving payment disputes, among buyers and merchants, however, if you are to lay a payment dispute in Bank of America, there are two ways you can either request a chargeback.

The first method can be done through the bank of America online banking, or for a faster response, you can try contacting the bank of America customer card in regards to a payment dispute.

The bank will, therefore, contact the merchant for the dispute at hand, and information will be required.



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Wrapping up


If you have recently been scammed online, then, trust me, you are safe, all that is required of you is to dispute a such transaction and the application for a refund.

Bank Of America, does make it easy for its customers to file a claim, which can take up to 60 days and beyond to get a refund, which depends on the magnitude of the claim.

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