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Banks and several financial institutions have begun embracing the concept of chargeback because the occurrence of payment dispute among its users is inevitable, it must happen.

When you request a refund of money, well, a refund of money from a merchant, probably, after purchasing an item that isn’t up to what you have expected.

The process for chargeback is done primarily by the credit or debit card issuer, which is an example of the Bank of America. 

However, Chargeback is a result of a payment dispute, probably, when a credit or debit card holder, files a request for the refund of money back to his or her account.

Payment disputes come in different forms, most people request a chargeback when they figure out a Fraudulent transfer of money from their account, and buyers who order products from online stores also make use of chargeback.

The Bank of America, therefore, ensures to provide support for chargeback-related cases, probably, when a user experiences an issue related to the error in payment.


Return Item Chargeback Bank Of America


The processes involved in a chargeback are duly followed, to engage in a more proper investigation of the payment dispute on the ground. 

The process of a chargeback by any bank or financial institution is completely regulated and guided by the Federal Fair Credit Billing.

According to the aforementioned body, the following are scenarios that request a chargeback:

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  • Error in Payment

This is one of the most frequent reasons why most people file a payment dispute with a particular financial institution. 

Sometimes, as a result of network glitches, you get debited twice, when you are only to make one payment.


  • A dispute in Product Purchase

Also, this reason is one of the frequent reasons why most people engage in a chargeback, which is a result of not getting the expected product you had purchased from a merchant website.

It is also common to request a refund if the goods delivered to you are completely damaged.


  • Fraudulent Money Transfer 

When you notice a fraudulent transfer of money done in your account that wasn’t authenticated, you can apply for a return item chargeback.

However, before applying for a chargeback, you must ensure that the dispute truly meets the requirements for a refund of money, you must also ensure that, before filing any dispute with bank of America, you must have contacted the merchant, the seller, or the company.

Since sellers or merchants should provide contact details, that will make it easy for customers to contact them easily, therefore, you can navigate to the bottom of the platform where you order a product, and you will get their contact details.


Can Bank of America do a Chargeback?


Yes, every bank or financial institution is meant to offer the chargeback service, if you are wondering if the Bank of America does Chargeback, the Answer is Yes.

Bank of America chargeback occurs when a payment or charge dispute was done through the bank of America credit or debit cards. If the evidence you provide is valid, then you will be given a chargeback, in which the money will be debited from the merchant or seller’s account to your account.

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If the reverse is the case, then the money will become accessible to the merchant.


Bank Of America Dispute Process


While every bank or financial establishment has its process of resolving payment disputes, among buyers and merchants, however, if you are to lay a payment dispute in Bank of America, there are two ways you can request a chargeback.

The first method can be done through the bank of America online banking, or for a faster response, you can try contacting the bank of America customer card in regards to a payment dispute.

The bank will, therefore, contact the merchant for the dispute at hand, and information will be required.


Chargeback Fee for the Bank of America


If you are to make a chargeback, there will be a fee attached for the chargeback you intend to do. However, in the case of Bank of America, the customer or the buyer won’t be charged any fee. 

But rather the merchant will be charged a fee of about $25 to $50, for every dispute.


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It’s completely legal to apply for a Chargeback from the Bank of America because it is certainly one of the fastest ways you can easily get a refund of money after a charge dispute.

However, if a payment dispute happens as a result of a buyer and seller relationship, then it is advisable to contact the merchant and let it be known to the merchant about the payment dispute.

If you have any issue applying for a chargeback on the Bank of America, you can simply contact their help center.

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