How Much Are The Coins Worth On JustPlay?


Mobile games are now a thing, and a lot of people spend their time playing games online; some apps allow you to play games in your free time and at the same time earn money. JustPlay is one of them; this app publishes games from various developers, so you can pick anyone interested and then play and earn.


JustPlay app rewards users for not only playing games but also for watching videos and finishing offers. So if you’re among the numerous people who want to know more about this gamer’s reward app, the guide below is for you. We will be discussing everything you need to know about this app, including how much it’s worth and how you can maximize your earnings.


How Much Are The Coins Worth On JustPlay?


The JustPlay app is developed by JustPlay GmbH and is only available for Android users. There are numerous games available on this app, and you get points for playing any of the games. These points are referred to as coins; these coins are converted to real cash when you reach the minimum threshold required for payout via PayPal.


There are no specific JustPlay app coins to cash conversion rates available. There’s no way to find your coin value; you must wait until it’s time to withdraw your cash. The coin value varies for app users because we’ve discovered users that earned $4 for 10,000 coins and some that got $1 for 100,000 coins. There’s no genuine payout calculator for this app, but sometimes a coin can be worth as much as $0.0004, and other times, it can be as low as $0.00001.


How Do You Get The Most Money on JustPlay?


Several games are available on this app to install, play and earn. However, you can try the methods below to get the most money on this app:


  1. Playing Different Games.
  2. Completing More Game Levels.
  3. Watching Videos.
  4. Connecting With Social Media.
  5. Reaching Your Daily Coin Goals.
  6. Completing Paid Offers.


Method 1: Playing Different Games


The JustPlay app has different games, including Ball Bounce, Solitaire, Mad Smash, Treasure master, and many others, for you to play and earn rewards. The more you play, the more your balance; it also helps to play different games. 

For instance, instead of playing Ball Bounce the whole day, if you don’t mind installing various games, you can install and play both Ball Bounce and Mad Smash. This will allow you to increase your earnings 


Method 2: Completing More Game Levels

The more levels you complete in your game, the more coins you get. And some games give more coins as a bonus every time you win.


Method 3: Watching Videos

You can also earn more coins on this app by watching videos. These sponsored videos are on various things, so you can use this method to boost your earnings. But you have to wait two minutes between videos and ensure you don’t skip the videos or exit the app while these videos are playing; you won’t get coins this way.


Method 4: Connecting With Social Media

If you have any social media accounts, you can connect with them to earn more on this app. You get a reward for each social media to account you’re connecting to.


Method 5: Reaching Your Daily Coin Goals


You earn more when you hit your daily coin goals. Although it increases as you get a certain number, if you keep reaching your coin goal, you get to earn more.


Method 6: Completing Paid Offers: 


The JustPlay app has various paid offers, all under the “Complete Offers” tab. This section has several better games you can download and play to earn, but there are certain in-game achievements you’re required to achieve, and these offers can take more time to complete than when you’re just playing the usual games on this app. But once you achieve the goals, you earn more than usual games in the main tab.


How Does The JustPlay App Pay?


You can play games and cash out on the JustPlay app every 24 hours. And the minimum threshold required before cashing out via PayPal is just $2. Once you hit this mark, you can tap on the “Cash out” icon located top right-hand corner or bottom of your screen.


After tapping this button, you get transferred to the page where you can select your desired payment service provider. If you’re interested in charities, you can donate your cash to charities like Doctors Without Borders, The Hunger Project, Mitigate Climate Change, and other alternatives.


If you want to withdraw your cash, you get cash out via PayPal. You receive payments within a few hours, and if you’ve gotten paid up to $25 on this app, you get a bonus of $5.


You can also get your rewards visa gift cards such as Target gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, Google Play vouchers, and Amazon gift cards. And if you don’t want to wait to hit the $2 mark before redeeming your rewards, you can also receive Amazon gift codes to apply to your Amazon account so your payment can appear under your Amazon gift card balance.



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JustPlay is a legitimate way to make money online while playing games. And although the exact worth of the JustPlay app coins is unknown, it’s worth something. And instead of the numerous play games and earn money scams available, you can install this app, play the games you enjoy in your leisure time and earn money via PayPal or get gift cards.

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