How Much Can You Make From Usertesting? REVIEW AFTER USE


The option to earn money by testing websites and apps is available on, but is it legitimate and secure? If so, how much can you earn on Usertesting?

Continue reading for comprehensive information on who may become a tester, how much you can earn, and how UserTesting functions for both clients and testers, as we will be providing in-depth information on these and more.


What Is UserTesting?


What Is UserTesting?


The usability testing platform called enables businesses to test their websites, apps, products, prototypes, and more with people from all different types of backgrounds and demographics. These people, also known as testers or participants, are carefully chosen by UserTesting and get compensated as independent contractors to carry out usability tests in their own time.


One of the co-founders of UserTesting, Darrel Benatar, claimed that the inspiration for came to him while he was watching his colleague Dave Garr conduct usability testing on his company website, After realizing its efficacy, Darrel and Dave founded to make usability testing simple for other designers.


Today, the company has become one of the most well-known usability testing platforms in the world and has worked with other prominent companies, including Walmart, Domino’s, Facebook, lululemon, and others.


How Does Usertesting Work?


UserTesting acts as a go-between for people who want to test websites and applications for usability issues and professionals who want to test websites and apps for additional income. They make the procedure simple for both parties by handling the provision of the software and taking care of all payments and support issues.

To provide a better understanding of how UserTesting works for both clients and participants, we will be providing an extensive explanation below. 


  • For Clients

UserTesting provides a free trial for new customers and makes it simple to get started if you’re looking to test a website, app, prototype, or whatever else.  You can quickly set up your test using the resources they have on hand, or you can ask their research team for assistance with more involved investigations. Self-guided or live interview-style tests, as well as any number of specialized tasks and questions, can all be included.

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When you’re ready to launch your test, you have two options. You can either invite your own audience or select UserTesting members that fit a particular demographic. You could start receiving results as soon as an hour after your test has been issued. The input is then available for viewing, annotation, and, if necessary, sharing with colleagues. You have the option to ask for a new round of tests if you are dissatisfied with the one you were given.


  • For Participants

You must apply and pass a practice test to participate in UserTesting. You’ll begin receiving paid tests on your dashboard after you’re accepted. You should also take note that device specifications differ. While certain tests can be taken on various devices, some call for a particular model.


You must record your voice and screen for every test, and some also require you to record your face. There are tests for live interviews. These will normally take place over Zoom.


You must complete 1–10 unpaid pre-screener questions to be eligible for a test. You should also take note that you won’t be eligible for every test that appears on your dashboard because some customers have very strict requirements.


Once you are qualified, passing a test is simple. For typical unmonitored assessments, you will perform a series of straightforward pre-written activities while speaking out. At the conclusion, you could be asked to provide some written feedback.


Each completed test can earn you up to $10 to $60. After the exam is over, payments will be made through PayPal. Customers can also assign a star rating of five to completed tests. Be as helpful as you can throughout each test you take because users with lower ratings will have fewer opportunities to take tests in the future. Your payment might be refunded if you submit a test that is incredibly poorly written, but this rarely happens.


How Can You Earn Money As A UserTesting Participant?


There are primarily two test categories available on for which you can apply and be compensated.


  • Regular Unmonitored Tests

On, these are the tests that are run the most frequently. Each of them pays $10, and all of them require you to complete a series of tasks on a website or mobile app while recording your screen, voice, and occasionally even your face.

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For instance, you might be asked to add a movie ticket to your cart if you were testing a new app for movie theaters. Additionally, more general inquiries like “How do you like this page?” may be made. or “Would you expect to find this item here? If not, then why not?


After completing the recorded tasks, you could additionally be required to respond to one to four written and/or multiple-choice questions. A whole test like this shouldn’t take up to twenty minutes.


  • Live Interview Tests

These tests entail having a live video conference with a client using Zoom or another program, and they pay $60/hour. Most of them demand you to have a face camera. You might test a website or app in real-time in various circumstances. In others, you’ll merely respond to a series of questions in the form of interviews, such as How much do you know about insurance? What factor is most important to you when selecting an insurance company? and With whom do you consult regarding your insurance requirements?


The length of these tests might range from 30 to 120 minutes. The link to take the test will also be available on your dashboard 15 minutes before it begins when you are eligible to take one.


How Much Can You Earn From UserTesting?


Regular unmonitored UserTesting tests normally last 10 to 20 minutes and pay $10 apiece. for live interview tests, these tests pay $1 per minute or $60 per hour which means a 30-minute test will pay $30,  while a 60-minute exam will pay $60.


You can anticipate making up to  $15–60/hour on UserTesting after accounting for time spent taking unpaid screeners. This conclusion was reached with the information collected from participants stating that their typical hourly earnings ranged from $4 to $40 ($16.80 on average). With an average of $36.60 per month, reported average monthly earnings ranged from $10 to 73.



It is also important to take note that you won’t take or pass enough tests to regularly earn the hourly wage mentioned above. Only a few exams might be given to you each day, and it might take 20 screeners just to get one test. Your timing and demographics will also both be put into consideration. 


As a participant, you can only anticipate qualifying for 1–5 tests per month, or several tests per week if they are diligent about taking qualifiers.

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Is UserTesting Legit?


Yes, UserTesting is typically a safe and reliable website where you can sign up without giving out a ton of sensitive personal information, have your data protected and never sold, accept or reject tests at your discretion, and deactivate your account whenever you like.


Some exams may need you to sign in to online accounts such as banking, insurance, or shopping accounts, however, if this makes you uncomfortable, you can pause the screen recording or decline the test entirely. To safeguard your privacy, the majority of exams will only provide you with fictitious credentials.



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Surprisingly many Trustpilot reviews are unfavorable for Their overall score is a dismal 2.7/5. However, the majority of the complaints tend to be about the pre-test screeners being unpleasant, there aren’t many tests offered, there’s poor customer service, and there are occasionally testing bugs. 

Nevertheless, other customers claim to have had a positive experience and have no trouble making money on the website. 


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