How To Get Money Off a Card That Won’t Swipe (I Tried It)


Swiping to make a withdrawal using an ATM card is a routine task that doesn’t require much thought if you use them frequently. But as time goes on, the magnetic strip on your card may start to deteriorate, making it difficult or impossible to swipe the card at point-of-sale terminals or ATMs. 


Your card should now be able to be swiped without any issues after a few tries


When this occurs, you must obtain a new card from your bank as soon as possible. However, if you require cash right away, there are other ways you can get your cash off the card. 


How To Get Money Off a Card That Won’t Swipe


Your card might not be working because the chip is dirty, if this is the case, put it in a plastic grocery bag before using it. This will improve card scanning. When using your card for cash advances, be sure to keep it clean by wiping it down with a dry towel. Your card should now be able to be swiped without any issues after a few tries.

However, if the problem persists, you will be able to get your money by trying one of the following procedures. 


1. Check Your Card


Your ATM card should have a Visa or MasterCard logo on both the front and back. These card issuers let you make purchases at physical stores using an ATM card just like a credit card. When a card bears this logo, it is more commonly referred to as a debit or check card.


 If an ATM card bears the logos of NYCE, Cirrus, or another ATM network, you may occasionally be able to conduct a debit transaction with that card. Visit a store that accepts ATM, debit, or check cards for transactions and offers cash back. Ask the retailer whether he can execute the transaction by typing in the card number rather than swiping it.

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Buy something from the shop. Give the card to the cashier and let him know you want to execute a debit transaction with cash back. Hold out until the cashier manually inputs the card details onto his own terminal. When prompted, input your ATM PIN and choose the Get Cash Back option. You should also input the amount you wanted to withdraw.


Ask ahead of time because some merchants have a maximum cash-back limit. Wait for the debit transaction to be approved. Your purchase and the cash-back amount are combined at the register, and the sum is then deducted from your checking account.


2. Make Use Of Your SmartPhone


Customers can now use ATMs at financial institutions like Wells Fargo without a debit card. This method entails downloading the bank’s app to your smartphone and asking for an 8-digit code that can be entered on the ATM keypad only once.


On the apps of other banks, there is a 2D barcode that can also be scanned at the ATM. Ask your local bank if one of these options is available to you.


3. Visit Your Bank


If the above-mentioned options don’t work for you and you are unable to access your money, you might have to visit your nearest bank branch to check if there is an issue with the card’s magnetic strip.


Your bank will, if necessary, cancel your card and make arrangements to send a new one. , you might also be given a temporary card to use while waiting for your replacement ATM card to arrive. Additionally, request a card pocket from your branch representative to prevent the ATM card strip from wearing out and getting demagnetized with time.


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Can I Fix A Credit Card That Won’t Swipe?


Can I Fix A Credit Card That Won't Swipe?


There are a few things you may try to, fix your credit card if it won’t swipe. Wrapping a piece of paper or a dollar bill around a magnetic strip is one simple remedy for a broken one. It can be risky to submerge magnetic strips in water or clean them vigorously because they can be quite sensitive. Because the magnetic strip is the component that houses the cardholder’s information, attempting to remove it could cause damage.


Try enclosing the card in the dollar note and the card will become less magnetic as a result of this. You can try covering the magnetic strip with plastic bags if this doesn’t work. If you don’t have any plastic bags, you can also cover the magnetic strip with a piece of register tape. This will lessen the likelihood of the card-swiping strip getting dirty. 


How Does Credit Card Become Demagnetized?


How Does Credit Card Become Demagnetized


Information about the card and the cardholder is stored on the magnetic strip on the back of credit and debit cards. The card won’t function in electronic transaction processing machines if this strip becomes demagnetized. This situation cannot be fixed, and you will have to get a new card if it happens. 

Below are a few causes that can demagnetize your card.


  • Security Systems

The data stored on the magnetic strip can be lost if it comes into close contact with anything magnetic. The strip on your credit card may become demagnetized, for example, if it is on the counter while the cashier deactivates the security feature on a brand-new compact disc.


  • Home Considerations

A credit card can become demagnetized if it comes into contact with magnets on refrigerators, wallet clasps, tape measures, and flashlights.


  • Electro Magnetic Field

Credit card strips can potentially become damaged by objects with high electromagnetic fields. For instance, it’s better not to place cell phones or digital cameras close to credit cards. 


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Will My Credit Card Work After Going Through Wash?


Will My Credit Card Work After Going Through Wash


If a little water splashes on your credit card, it will probably still function but, if you put it through the wash, spin, and drying cycles of your washing machine, there may be a serious issue. Credit cards look to be made of standard, dryable plastic, so it may seem counterintuitive. 

However, if compromised, the cutting-edge technology built into swipe strips and the security chip might render usually dependable plastic completely unreliable.


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A damaged card can be frustrating as it will deny you access to your funds. In this situation, there are a few things you can do to get money off a card that won’t swipe. If your card is not working, it is advisable to reach out to your bank and get a new one. 

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