How To Send Money To Canada From USA


Are you looking for the fastest and safest way to send money to Canada? Well, stay relieved because we’ve got you covered. We’ll be telling you the Paramount steps to take when sending money to Canada so stay tuned as we brief you on them.


Fund Your Wallet


To send money from Canada to USA, Deposit USD directly into your wallet using your online banking


Convert Cad At The Best Fx Rate


We use the real mid-market conversion rate with only 9.03% free of the total amount


Send Your Payment Like A Local


Your money will be received by your recipient in one business day or less. Free up cash flow by paying your suppliers via the local clearing system, meaning your funds spend less time in transit and more time in your account.


Fast, direct payment to Canada


Looking for how to send money from Canada to USA? Simply login to the online platform, load your wallet, convert USD to Canadian dollar and send your payment. Like we said earlier, your payment will be received by the recipient in one business day or less


Simple low fees


Pay just 0.3% above our transparent, interbank exchange when converting U.S dollar into Canadian dollar. No international transaction fees, no sign up fees

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Are You Wondering How Long Your Payment To Canada Will Take?


When using the local payment option, your payment will be sent to Canada in one business day or less. We will transfer your funds using Canada’s local banking network so your Canadian dollar payments are received fast and full.



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We hope you’re satisfied with the information given to you on how to transfer money to Canada from USA. Our aim is to ensure that your transaction are made with the fastest and safest means

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