How to Add Money to Cash App Card at Walmart


Do you want to Add Money to your Cash App Card at Walmart? If yes, then this article will serve as a guide for you not to get scammed. Read carefully, and don’t forget to share with family and friends. 

A Cash App card without funds is as useful as a phone without internet; you can’t do much with it.

You understand this, and you’ll like to add some money to your Cash App account. however, you don’t have a bank account.

When you don’t have a bank account, your options for adding money to your Cash App account are very limited. You can get someone to send you cash over Cash App. Alternatively, you can fund your Cash App at a Walmart store.


Can You Add Money to your Cash App Card at Walmart?


Maybe you’ve seen a random article on the internet where someone ruled out the possibility of adding money at walk-in stores.

That was true some years ago, so that article is most probably outdated. Today, Cash App lets you fund your Cash App accounts at select stores, a prominent one being Walmart.

While it is possible to load your Cash App Card at Walmart, you don’t need to do that. It is not the best solution if you’re trying to evade charges as you have to shell out a little service charge for each transaction.

If you add up these service charges over time, you’ll end up with a pretty significant figure in the long run.

By far, the most cost-effective way to add money to your Cash App card is by linking your bank account or debit card. This way, you can add money to your Cash App account without having to pay annoying charges.

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But what if you don’t have a bank account?

Don’t panic. As long as you can afford to pay $3 for a job well done, you can add money to your Cash App card at Walmart.


How to Add Money to Cash App Card at Walmart


While there is a better way to do this, I understand that you might have no options. To help you out, I’ll write this extensive guide that will help you load your Cash App card at any Walmart store.

If you’re in the United States, and you live near a Walmart store, you just need to walk in and ask a cashier to fund your Cash App account. You will have to pay the amount, coupled with the charges in cash, and the money will be returned to you via Cash App.

While the charges for adding money to your Cash App card at Walmart are usually minimal, there is no set fee. It runs from around $2-3, but the cashier will tell you exactly how much you’ll need to pay. Whatever you’ll be billed, it won’t be groundbreaking, I promise.

While this method sounds straightforward, there is no guarantee that the Walmart store beside you will support this.

This service isn’t widely available across the United States and chances are that all Walmart stores in your state don’t offer this service.

If that happens to be the case, are you screwed?

I guess you’re not. If Walmart doesn’t work, there are a couple of other stores in the United States that offer the same service with competitive rates.


Where Else Can I Load a Cash App Card?


Okay, Walmart is out of the story now. Any luck?

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The fact is that you’re not out of luck. Some other departmental stores in the United States allow you to add money to your Cash App card, even if you don’t have a linked bank account.

Here are some of the most popular stores where you can load a Cash App card.

  • Walgreens

If you don’t have access to a Walmart store, Walgreens might just be your next best bet. They offer the same service as Walmart, and their name kinda sounds similar.

If you’ll like to use the services of Walgreen, you can walk into any of their stores, approach a cashier and make your request. The cashier might request your Cash Card to complete the transaction.

Registered Walgreen members get exclusive benefits when loading their Cash App card; sometimes, the card will be loaded free of charge. If you’re not registered, you’ll have to pay the charges, which vary wildly.


  • Dollar General

Dollar General works almost like Walgreens when it comes to loading your Cash App card.

You also have to give your card to the cashier, and you’ll also have to pay in cash. Dollar General doesn’t load Cash App cards free of charge. You have to pay a minimal fee that the cashier will let you know before the transaction.


  • Buying from a friend

Since your Cash App card is linked directly to your Cash App account, adding money to your Cash App account also makes your card richer.

In this sense, you can find a friend who has a well-functioning Cash App account that’s linked to a bank account already. You’ll need to pay in cash, while your friend sends the money to you via Cash App.

Clever right?

This method is as risky as it gets. You should only do it with people you know, as there are just too many scams out there. Some people will collect money from you and abscond with your money.

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This method is popular in countries where Cash App isn’t supported, as you can’t link a Bank account, and Walmart stores are nonexistent.




Your Cash App card is a pretty little Visa card, but is it really useful without funds?

If you cannot add money to your Cash Card, it is just as useless as not having a card in the first place. In this article, I’ve shown you how to add money to a Cash App card at Walmart.

What if you don’t have a Walmart store nearby?

I’ve got you covered.

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