Unable to Activate Cash App Card [SOLUTION]


Are you Unable to Activate Cash App Card? In this article, I will be teaching you how to fix this problem.

You’ve successfully applied for your Cash App card, and the card has shipped. However, there is a problem preventing you from using the card, and you can’t activate the Cash App card.

Cash App card activation is usually instant and easy. Get the card, scan the code, and start using your card.


On rare occasions, however, the code mightn’t work. In these cases, your Cash App card activation will take longer than you envisaged.

Not to worry, however, as in this post, you’ll learn everything that could go wrong with your Cash App card activation and how to solve them.


Why Am I Unable to Activate My Cash App Card?


We know it’s annoying to be unable to activate your card. However, some things could go wrong, preventing you from activating your card.

Here are a few reasons why your Cash App card activation may fail continuously. Here are some of the common ones.


  1. Discrepancies in your supplied information

You already know Cash App doesn’t verify accounts for users below age 18, and you can’t get a Cash App card without verifying your account.

It can only make sense that you trick Cash App into believing that you are of legal age when you’re not.

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If Cash App comes to learn of this cunningness, the card may be remotely disabled, preventing you from ever using it.

While there is no proof that Cash App disables cards this way, there is a possibility.


  1. The QR code has been tampered with

If you’ve read anything about QR codes, it would be that scanners scan the white part of a QR code and not the black.

If anything scratched the surface of the QR code, you’ll be unable to activate your Cash App card using the QR code option.

However, there’s still an alternative way to activate your card, if the QR code option won’t work.


  1. You’re doing it wrong.

There might be nothing wrong with your Cash App card or with your details either. You might just be trying to verify your account wrongly.

No worries, however, as I’ll show you how to activate your Cash App card correctly in this concise post.



How to Correctly Activate Your Cash App Card


Before you can be sure that you can’t activate your Cash App card, you have to make sure that you’re doing it the right way. If you’re not activating the card the way you should, the activation will fail.

Before proceeding to activate your card, you have to make sure that you have the correct card. Check the $Cashtag and other relevant details on the card to confirm.

If you’re confident that that’s your card, open the Cash App on your phone and make sure you sign in to your account. Select the card icon at the bottom; it’s the second icon to the left.

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Since you recently applied for a card, there will be an option to activate your Cash Card. Select this option to continue.

If you see the options, select the ‘Scan QR Code” option, and a camera will load up. Although, you may have to permit Cash App to use your device’s camera to complete this step.

Now, you should check out the Cash App card’s packing. From there, you should see an acknowledgment paper. Your activation QR code will be on this page.

Now, point the camera that loaded up on your phone earlier to this QR code, and the activation should be instantly successful.

If it isn’t, then there might be some issues.



How to Solve the Unable To Activate Cash App Card Error


If you can’t activate your Cash App card by scanning the QR code on the acknowledgment paper, there is another option.

Below the scanner on the camera that pops up when you try to activate your card, you’ll see an option to activate your cash app card if you don’t have the QR code. It is ‘MISSING QR CODE’ written in all caps.

Tap on this phrase, and select the option to verify your Cash App card by entering the CVV. The CVV is a three-digit number behind your Cash App card.

After entering your CVV, you might have to input the card’s expiry date to activate your card.

If your Cash App card fails to activate even after all these, it’s time to contact Cash App support. Call the number on the Cash App card to get help with your card.

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The Cash App card is so useful that you shouldn’t look away. However, it becomes discouraging if you can’t even activate the Cash App card.

In this article, I’ve analyzed the possible reasons why your Cash App card may be unable to activate and what you can do about it.

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