How To Check Pending Deposits on NetSpend?


Yes, Netspend is a little different from your regular debit card, and how to check pending deposits on Netspend can be a little tricky for new users. If you are a new user and wondering where to check your Netspend pending deposits, be assured that it is very easy to do this.

You can easily check pending deposits on your Netspend card by logging into your account. Netspend allows you to see all pending deposits for your account, and accessing this is very easy. It only requires you to log into the Online Account Centre, and all the information you need will be displayed on your account dashboard. 


You can be sure that how to check pending deposits on Netspend is a function that it offers, and this is why it is so easy to manage your Netspend account.

Additionally, Netspend boasts of an excellent online account center that allows you to manage your account easily and requires little to no tech knowledge to monitor your transactions. 

However, if you are a newbie to Netspend and wonder how to check pending deposits on Netspend, in this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and answer other related questions you might have.


How To Check Pending Deposits on NetSpend


How Long Does Netspend Hold a Pending Deposit?


Unfortunately, Netspend transactions are not instantaneous, and the process takes some time before it clears into your account, especially deposits into your account. Let’s take a look at how long a Netspend pending deposit takes.

The type of deposit will generally determine how long it takes to process. A cash deposit will usually be available on the same day or the next. A check deposit can take two days to a week before it is fully processed; however, depending on the bank, you will be able to access a fraction of the check immediately.

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Note: that there might be exceptions to this timeline.


However, it is common for Netspend to hold onto pending deposits for around 2-3 days, with two business days being the most common amount of time they hold deposits. After this period, the money should reflect in your account and become part of your available balance. 

Netspend marks pending deposits differently from cleared deposits to improve ease of use. So, you can easily see the money that has entered your account apart from the money that s currently pending.

This makes managing your money a lot easier. With that in mind, let’s look at how to see pending deposits on Netspend.  

Now let us find out the different methods to check pending deposits on Netspend.


How To Check Pending Deposits on NetSpend


Check Pending Deposits on Net Spend


As stated above, this is relatively easy to do, courtesy of Netspend. We have detailed the three major methods on how to check pending deposits on Netspend; let’s explain them below;

You can simply log in and check your pending deposits if you have an online account. They are typically shown at the top of your deposit/purchase history. Your bank can also see your pending deposits, so you can contact them at the customer service number to inquire about them.


Check Pending Deposits on NetSpend Online

We bring you the easiest method to check your pending deposits on Netspend by using the Netspend website and, more specifically, their online account center. Upon activating your Netspend card, you will be encouraged to set up an online account. You will be able to use this account to access the online account center. 

To access the online account center, you will need to

  1. Go to the Netspend website and log in to your online account.
  2. After logging in, you will gain access to your account dashboard.
  3. Displayed for you on your dashboard include; your account balance and all pending and cleared transactions (including deposits).
  4. Your dashboard interface is very easy to use, so this method is best for looking for pending deposits. 
  5. Any pending deposits will be shown under the ‘deposits’ section of the dashboard, and they will be clearly labeled ‘pending’.
  6. All your deposits will be listed under the ‘deposits’ section, including pending deposits, so if nothing is showing, then there are no payments pending. 
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Check Pending Deposits on NetSpend Using App

This method appeals more to mobile phone users; therefore, if you spend a lot of time on your phone, this method was designed with you in mind. You can simply download the Netspend app from the app store by searching ‘Netspend’. 

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to

  1. Launch the NetSpend App
  2. Log into your account. You do not need different details from what you would use to log into the online account portal.
  3. After you have logged in, the same information you can access on the online account portal is available, and it has simply been designed for use on a cell phone instead. 


Check Pending Deposits on NetSpend Over the Phone

Suppose you are not so tech-savvy and prefer an old-fashioned phone call and want to talk to customer care over the phone. In that case, this method is available for you, and you will be able to find out any information about pending transactions by contacting Netspend customer services.

Simply contact the company at 1-866-387-7363, and they will be able to help you with your query. Kindly note that you will be billed for this phone call. 

When you want to deposit money or withdraw from a bank account, the request will be reviewed and verified by the bank. When these requests are received, but on hold, they are called pending transactions.


Similarly, a pending deposit is a bank transaction that shows the funds have been received but are pending authorization before being added to your available balance. You can not use the money deposited until it has been cleared.


Can a Bank Release a Pending Deposit Early?


Can a Bank Release a Pending Deposit Early On NetSpend?


If you get direct deposits from your employer, some banks will authorize the early release of such a pending deposit as it is likely to be approved. 


Generally, the policies of financial institutions are different, and your bank will be the best to tell you the best course of action. However, you can get an early release of a pending deposit by paying a fee.

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Can a Pending Deposit Be Canceled On NetSpend?


The following reasons, which are given below, are some of the common reasons a pending deposit can be declined and canceled:

  1. Insufficient funds in the sender account to cover the check
  2. If there are any incorrect details in the transaction.
  3. The transaction is suspected of fraud.

You are given the liberty to cancel a deposit or stop the payment by select banks. However, this must be done quickly before the transaction is processed and may incur a fee.


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As we have detailed above, you can learn how to check pending deposits on Netspend, and it is very easy to view these pending transactions. We also discussed different methods to check your pending transactions by simply logging into the online account portal, downloading the Netspend app, or phoning customer service. You can also contact Netspend customer service for more.

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