How To Delete Square Account 2023 – Deactivate Square Account


Let’s take you through the steps to delete your square account, while you’ll like to note that square only charges per transaction, so there’s no cost to keep your account open if you’re a seasonal business, or you make use of any square subscription service. Alright, let’s jump into the details of How To Delete a Square Account.


Square Account Resources


It is worthwhile to note that  If you choose to deactivate your Square account, you will not be able to access any of your payment history or account information (including 1099-K tax forms, if eligible), and any team members will be removed from your account.

Deactivating your account will result in the removal of any team members linked to your account,  as a necessity you must also cancel any active subscriptions linked to your account.


Here we give you some of the resources provided by your square account;


  • sales history with Square and advanced reports to keep track of your growth.
  • Any tax forms Square has or may issue for your account, making tax season easier.
  • Your Customer Directory to keep your customer’s information organized and secure.
  • Business tools like Square Marketing email campaigns and free time card tracking with Team Management.



Steps to Take Before You Deactivate Square Account


Let us give you some recommendations to observe before you go ahead to deactivate your Square account. Read through the article and learn more below…


  • Export your payment history
  1. Download your payment history for your records. You may need this information for tax purposes, future reference, or when applying for a bank loan or credit card terminal. To start:
  2. Navigate to Balance in your online Square Dashboard.
  3. Use the date selector to refine a date range. Click This Year or Last Year, then use the arrows to navigate between years. Note: Click the middle of the date selector to see a full calendar view.
  4. Select All Locations, or manually choose locations to review.
  5. Click Export to download a CSV file to your computer, which you can open using Microsoft Excel or another common spreadsheet software.
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  • Export your Item Library
  1. Exporting your Item Library is a good idea if you plan on creating a new inventory list with another point-of-sale system. It’s also great to keep for your records. You can export your item library from your online Square Dashboard into an Excel (.xlsx) or CSV file. Here’s how:
  2. Visit Items in your online Square Dashboard.
  3. Click Actions > Export Library at the top-right of the page.
  4. Select whether you’d like to export the file as Excel or CSV. A spreadsheet will download to your computer which you can open using Microsoft Excel or another common spreadsheet software.


  • Export your Customer Directory
  1. You can export your entire customer list directly from your online Square dashboard. This may come in handy if you’ve been collecting customer information you want to reference in the future. To start:
  2. Visit Customers in your online Square Dashboard.
  3. Click Import / Export > Export Customers.
  4. Select the groups you’d like to export customers from. If a customer exists in multiple groups, they will only be exported once.
  5. Click Download.
  6. A .CSV file will download to your computer, which you can open using Microsoft Excel or another common spreadsheet software.


  • Cancel your Square Online subscriptions and services

If your Square account uses Square Online, please cancel all of the subscriptions and services in your Square Online account from the Square Online Overview page first before deactivating your Square account. This will ensure you do not continue getting charged for Square Online services you are no longer using.

Learn how to manage your Square Online subscriptions for more information on canceling Square Online services.

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As we go further please note that;

Your Square Online account is an extension of your primary Square account with separate billing management. Deactivating your Square account will not deactivate your Square Online services and subscriptions, so be sure to manually cancel those first before proceeding with deactivation.


  • Download any Forms 1099-K issued to your account

If your account qualified for a 1099-K for a previous year, the form is available to download from the Tax Forms section of your online Square Dashboard.


Note: Your account may qualify for and be issued a Form 1099-K in January of next year for sales processed this calendar year. In the case you deactivate your account before the end of the current year and qualify for a 1099-K, it will be mailed to the address on file for your account. Confirm or edit your business address and corresponding tax ID in the Tax Forms section of your online Square Dashboard.



How To Delete Square Account


We are here finally as we explained above there is no cost associated with keeping your Square account open. If you have come this far you are still interested in How to Delete your Square Account. Well, you are in the right place…

It is quite a simple process to delete Square Account as you can do so right from your online Square Dashboard.

A reminder before we proceed;

Deleting your square account is a one-time thing as once deactivated, you will not be able to reactivate your existing account. You will need to create a new square account should you decide you need to use square again.


Steps on how to delete Square Account:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Account & Settings.
  2. From the Personal Information tab, select Deactivate Account.
  3. Select your reason for deactivation and click Continue.
  4. Enter the verification code.
  5. If you have 2-Step Verification on your account, your verification code will either be texted to you or you can use your authenticator app. If you do not have 2-Step Verification on your account, your verification code will be emailed to the email address associated with your Square Account.
  6. Confirm deactivation by selecting Deactivate.
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If you are reading this we say Thank you for taking the time to read our article on How to delete a square account,  with that in mind you might like to know that square accounts can be created for free, and you’re welcome to create a new one at any time. Once deactivated you will need to open a new Square Account.

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