How to Get Money Back On Cash App If Scammed?


Cash App tries to get all transactions done at lightning speed. Most times, this is in the best interest of the end-user, until it’s not.

You won’t understand the drawbacks of instantaneous money transfers until you send money to the wrong Cash App account. There and then, you start spamming Google, trying to learn how to get money back from Cash App.


Well, you don’t need to do that. In this article, I’ll show you exactly what to do if you mistakenly sent money to the wrong Cash App account and if you have any chances of recovering your cash.



Can You Cancel a Cash App transaction?


Cash App transactions are so fast that calling them speedy is an understatement. However, this is exactly where the problem lies.

Once your transfer migrates from pending to done, you can only do so much to get your money back. You cannot tell if you’ll get the money back, but there’s a chance.

Let’s be realistic here. There are two times when you may want a refund of a Cash App transaction, but only on one of these two occasions do you have any chance of getting the desired refund.

You may request a refund if you sent money to the wrong Cash App account entirely. You can also request a refund if you sent the wrong amount to a known recipient.

While I don’t deny the presence of good Samaritans like you in the world, the success rate of the first circumstance is so minute that it’s not even worth trying.

However, sending the wrong amount of money to a known recipient is the luckier option of the two. Nobody wants to be a bad guy to their friend, isn’t it?

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The takeaway here is simple. The success or failure of a canceled Cash App transaction depends solely on the recipient. If the recipient doesn’t approve the refund, your money is gone forever.

For now, let’s assume the recipient of your money is as perfect as you. How do you get your money back from an erring Cash App transaction?

That’s what you’ll learn in the next section.


How to Request a Refund From a Cash App Transaction


If you want to get your money back from a Cash App transaction, you can only request a refund and hope that the user on the other end is kind enough to approve it.

While I won’t teach you how to convince the user on the other end to approve a transaction, I can teach you how to request a refund.


Here is how to request a refund or cancel an erring Cash App transaction.

  1. Launch the Cash App on your preferred device (Android, iPhone, or iPad).
  2. Navigate to the Activity tab when you’re logged into the account that you used for the transaction. The activity tab is represented by a clock icon at the bottom right corner of the Cash App interface.
  3. You’ll see a list of your recent payments in the Activity tab. Find the specific one you’ll like to cancel and tap on the payment. A quick overlay with the details of the transaction will pop up.
  4. At the top right corner, click on the three, horizontally arranged dots (. . .) and select ‘Cancel Payment,’ if the option is available.

If this option is available, it means your transfer isn’t complete yet, and you can still control how the payment goes. When you select the option, wait a few seconds and hope it doesn’t output an error, and you’ll get your money back.

  1. If you don’t see an option to cancel the transaction, you can always select the ‘Request Refund’ option. Cash App will request that you select a reason why you’re requesting a refund before sending the refund request.
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The recipient of the funds will be notified, and they can authorize or decline your refund request, sending it in either direction at their discretion.



How to Refund a Payment Not Meant For You on Cash App


I know you’re a good Samaritan, and you’ll love to learn how to send money back, in case someone mistakenly transfers money to you.

If the other party requests a refund, you can refund the money by reviewing the Refund request and tapping the green Refund button.

Funnily, you can request a refund for a refund too, to keep everything in a refund loop, lol.

If the user on the other end doesn’t request a refund, here is how to refund a Cash App transaction without receiving a refund request.

  1. Launch Cash App and navigate to the Activity tab. You can get to the Activity tab by tapping on the clock icon at the bottom right corner of the interface.
  2. Select the payment that you’ll like to refund. This should be an incoming payment, as you want to return the money.
  3. Select the transaction to reveal more details, and click on the three horizontally arranged dots at the top right corner.
  4. Select ‘Refund’ from the options that appear. You will receive an info message, tap ‘OK’ to confirm the refund. Cash App will instantly send the money back to the sender.

If the money wasn’t from another Cash App account, it could take longer for the refund to be completed.




Hope you have learned How to Get Money Back From Cash App If Scammed?

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Cash App lets you request refunds or cancel payments, but the process is still complicated. While you can cancel a payment before its conclusion, you have no control over it once the recipient receives it.

However, if the recipient is also a Cash App user, you get your refund instantly once the recipient approves it.

I’ve said it earlier; unless you sent the money to Jeff Bezos’s kid, you shouldn’t expect to get a refund. However, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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