How to Dispute A Charge on Wells Fargo? Easy Process


Fargo is a multinational financial company, offering several diversified financial services to its customers.

Financial services offered in Well Fargo, are not limited to the following, Banking, Investment, Mortgage, Insurance, Consumer and commercial finance.

It offers both credit and debit cards that are quite supported in making online payments, in both online stores and in-store.

However, the question that has led you to this article, is seeking an answer on how you can easily make a charge dispute on Wells Fargo.


Probably, you have identified a transaction that wasn’t done by you, and you are wanting to file a dispute for such a transaction, to get a refund of money.

There may be other instances, where you needed to make a charge dispute on Wells Fargo, therefore, in this article, I will be showing you how you can easily dispute a charge on Wells Fargo.


How to Dispute A Charge in Wells Fargo


The increasing nature of fraudulent activities has made it possible for credit and debit card Fraud.

Therefore, to simply identify some occurrences out of your consent on your card or other bank accounts, it is necessary to keep a track of transactions history, as well as, have a periodic view of your monthly statement.

There are several reasons why you might want to dispute a charge. When you identify a charge that wasn’t carried out by you, you can easily dispute such a charge to get a refund of money.


However, you must ensure to critically view the transaction details to be sure that you aren’t the one who has authenticated this charge.

As mentioned, there are several reasons why you might want to dispute the charge, which are as follows:

  1. Ordering a product from a merchant and not getting it received.
  2. Transaction Error, debited twice from a merchant payment system as a result of a network glitch, or whatever that might have caused the double debit.
  3. Card Fraud, is when you identify a payment not authenticated by you, or therefore, have been a victim of identity fraud.
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Therefore, if you want to dispute a charge on Wells Fargo, one of the best and more efficient ways you can do this is by contacting the merchant itself.


  1. Contact the Merchant or Seller

If you have identified a particular extra charge that was made, or probably ordered a product not delivered to you, then you can simply contact the Merchant or the Seller, he or she will be in a better position to explain things further.

If it’s due to convention, and you were too fast not to read the terms and conditions, the merchant will let you know about that.

Merchants do well to provide working Contact information, such as email address, phone contact, and so on, that could be used to reach them.


This method of disputing a charge is quite effective, because, either you or the merchant won’t have to pay any extra charges that might be attracted on the latter hand.

However, this method may not be effective in all cases, and therefore, you will have to consider the second method of disputing a charge, by contacting Wells Fargo Customer Care.


  • Contact the Wells Fargo Customer Care

This method of disputing a charge is quite effective, reliable and certainly leads to a conclusion, although, using the method to dispute a charge can take a longer time, and will attract extra charges.

How this method works are simple and Straightforward, you contact Wells Fargo, customer care, and request a dispute of charge, you will have to fill in certain information regarding the Charge.

You will be given a response code, and an investigation will be carried out, and if after the investigation and you are cleared, the money will be debited from the merchant’s account and refunded back to your account.


If the extra charge is a convention, that it has been stated in the terms and conditions, and the fact you didn’t read the merchant’s terms and conditions, then you might end up losing the case.

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What Is Wells Fargo’s Chargeback Fee?


What Is Wells Fargo's Chargeback Fee?


Disputing a charge on Wells Fargo will attract a fee, and therefore, you must first contact the merchant before requesting a chargeback on Wells Fargo.

For every chargeback you make with Wells Fargo, it will cost as much as $25. Therefore, whenever you are requesting a chargeback, you must ensure that you provide the necessary evidentiary documents that could save you.


How Can Merchants Prevent Wells Fargo Chargebacks?


How Can Merchants Prevent Wells Fargo Chargebacks?


Merchants can prevent Wells Fargo Chargebacks, by being straightforward and honest, with every action. Several online shopping websites offer entirely unreal products and are existing to scam timid customers.

Therefore, if you are offering a true and honest service, you can prevent chargebacks through the following ways:


  1. Providing an accurate description of the item you intend to sell, can be done by stating every feature associated with the product you are selling, adding photos, and short videos which will portray a good view by the buyer in knowing what he or she is buying.
  2. Make a defined and clear terminology on refund policy on your website or business platform, and let it be in a place where it will be easily seen and understood by your buyers or customers.
  3. Provide accurate contact information, this is because, if your customers can get your contact information, they will be able to contact you regarding an issue, instead of filing a dispute with the financial institution.


How Many Chargebacks Are Merchants Allowed?


Wells Fargo frowns on merchants having too many chargeback cases, therefore, it is recommended not to have more than one 1 chargeback for 100 transactions. 

In getting it right, the number of chargebacks you can get is 1% of all your transactions.


What Are Wells Fargo’s Chargeback Time Limits?


For every process of a chargeback, there is a limit, in terms of how long it will take to get a refund of money, as well as, how long it will take to provide the necessary information by the merchant.

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In short, if you are requesting a chargeback, it can stay up to 120 days, before the money is refunded back to you, on the merchant side, 12 business days maximum to provide the necessary documents.



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Disputing a charge on Wells Fargo is possible, and if you are a consistent user of cards such as credit cards and debit cards, you will certainly find yourself disputing certain charges.


However, the process may not always end successfully, if the error is from you, then you won’t have the money refunded, therefore, you must ensure to keep track of your transaction history, and have a thorough understanding of your transactions.

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