How To Cancel Paypal Dispute – Complete Guide


The razing of PayPal has brought about how easy businesses can carry out effective money transactions between them and their prospective buyers or sellers.

Indeed it is considered one of the most reliable, trusted, and secured payment platforms, this is as a result of its exclusive features, that are aimed at business oriented.


With the PayPal System, you can easily add or link your bank debit or credit card, for easily linking your bank balance to Paypal.

Most businesses today provide the PayPal payment option, as a method of payment for their intended users, or customers.

Indeed PayPal works, being intuitive and as well, considering every e-commerce activity out there.


One of the features available in PayPal is the ability for a customer to request a refund of money paid to the merchant accounts, which is known as a chargeback.

Chargebacks are done for several reasons, probably in cases where the customer did get the exact product agreed with the merchant, or probably some damages in the products delivered.

The user can, therefore, request a chargeback from the financial institution, issuing the debit or credit card, that is the bank itself.


Sometimes, you might want to stop it, probably when the dispute has been settled, chargeback involves a process and is likely to take time before the money can be refunded back to you.

Therefore, in this article, I will be showing you how you can easily stop a Chargeback mom from PayPal.


How To Cancel Paypal Dispute – Step By Step Guide


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If you have filed a chargeback, as a result of a payment dispute, you might want to consider canceling it.

Chargeback does happen as a result of payment disputes between buyer – seller, probably, when the customer is unhappy with what was delivered and wants a money refund.

The steps below are how you can easily Cancel a Payment Dispute.


Step 1: Open PayPal on your Website, or Mobile App.


This is the first thing you will ever need to do, before stopping a payment dispute.

All you have to do is, navigate to your favorite internet browser, and type in

If you are using a mobile app, you can launch the PayPal App.


Step 2: Tap on The Help Option

If you are using a website medium, you will see the help feature in the navigation, tap on it to open the PayPal Help Center.

If you are using a mobile device, then you click on the gear icon, at the top right corner of the PayPal Mobile App.


Step 3: Select Contact Us

Among the options which you will see, such as community forums, tax centers, resolution centers, and Contact Us.

Therefore, select Contact Us. If you are using a mobile platform, it may be different, therefore, if you are using the mobile app, then you will find the Contact us, at the bottom of the help center.


Step 4: Select Dispute

Once you tap on the contact us, you will see a list of topics that you can contact the PayPal support center, however, for this case, we are trying to resolve a dispute.

Therefore, hit the Dispute Option, if you are on a Mobile platform the process is similar.


Step 5: Choose a Dispute Sub topic.

You have to be specific here, once you choose the dispute option, then you will be open to several fields, where you can input several extra information regarding your dispute.

Therefore, in the second input field, tap on it and select Credit Card Chargeback Status.

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Step 6: Select Email Us

Once you have been able to identify the dispute, which you want to cancel, then you can scroll down, and select the email us.

You will see a message field there, type in the reason why you are sending them a message, and let it be known that you don’t want to file a dispute anymore, and therefore, you want it to be canceled.


Step 7: Hit the Send Button

Once you are done typing a message quite explanatory, then you can hit the send button pending till you receive a reply.

So that is how you can easily cancel a payment dispute on PayPal.


What Happens when Pay Pal Closes a Dispute?


What Happens when Pay Pal Closes a Dispute?


When PayPal itself closes a payment dispute, two things happen, either the money is released to you or refunded to the buyer. Whenever a payment dispute has been filed against you, PayPal will keep a temporary hold on the money.

Once every dispute has been investigated, if the investigation reveals that the money should be refunded back to the buyer, then PayPal won’t hesitate to do so, also, if you are cleared, then, you will be given access to the money right away.


What Happens if A Buyer Wins a Pay Pal Dispute?


Whenever a buyer wins a PayPal dispute, in tradition, the money will be refunded back to the buyer, but this may not always be the case, the seller may not agree to that.

Therefore, if the payment dispute could not be resolved by both the buyer and the seller, then PayPal will be the one to take the next decision.


Can’t Cancel Payment Dispute


If you can’t cancel a payment dispute you have filed earlier, you can easily send them a dispute message via their email, this can be done by navigating to the contact us feature in PayPal.

While sending them a dispute message, you must ensure to send them an authorization, that you are actually the one doing this, and therefore, PayPal will help you cancel the dispute.

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Is It Hard to Win a Pay Pal Dispute?


As a seller when refuting a chargeback filed against you by a buyer, you must ensure to send every necessary information that is compelling.

If the cause of the investigation and documents are quite compelling, you are more likely to win the case, and return back accesses to your money.

If you are unable to provide evidentiary documents, then you might end up losing the case to the buyer, which means the money will be refunded back to the buyer.



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How to stop a payment dispute is something you will find yourself doing. This is because payment disputes could be dynamic, after you have filed a dispute against a seller, you might want to settle amicably by canceling the already filed dispute.


Therefore, for a simple process, I have researched intensively how you can easily stop a payment dispute. If you still have any issues, you can drop a message below.

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