Someone Used My Credit Card To Buy Gift Cards? What To Do


Buying a gift card with a Credit Card is simply a process of choosing credit as a method of payment. 

Many people do consider buying a gift card with a credit card, probably to earn rewards or save money.

This has become a fast and reliable means of buying gift cards, from popular gift card stores, like Amazon, Walmart, and the like.


However, due to the possibility of using a credit card to purchase a gift card, it becomes a road path for fraudsters to compromise your card, and thereby, make a gift card purchase with it.

If you have recently experienced someone making a gift card purchase with your credit card and you are wondering what to do next, then you can keep reading.


What to Do if Someone Used Your Credit Card to Purchase a Gift Card


Before understanding what to do next, it is important to know how someone out of your consent had used your credit card to make a gift card payment.

Paying anything online doesn’t just go too smoothly, as proposed, the person who had purchased a gift card with your credit card might have had access to your credit card number, exp. no, CVV, and above all have access to your One Time Password (OTP).

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This method of fraud is one of the most recognized ways Fraudsters are used in engaging in Gift card fraud. You also need to check the people around you, because, before one can successfully make payments with your credit card, such a person might have had access to your credit card, your phone, and your online password.

Most fraudsters who use this means, try as much as possible to ensure that the money is exhausted as soon as possible, making it difficult for a chargeback by the real owner.


Gift Card Fraud – What to do???


In situations like this, you might not be able to get the money back through chargeback.

Therefore, the only option available is to contact your card provider, request the deactivation of your credit card, and probably order a new one, since the first one has been compromised.

This is because, of the method the fraudster used in making a payment with your credit card, in the purchase of a gift card, there is a tendency that he would still use the same method to fraud you further.


Therefore, recommendations are based on totally blocking your current credit card.

On your side, you must ensure to provide secured passcodes to your phone, financial apps, and so on, to prevent third parties from engaging in unauthorized activities, which might be a problem for you in the future.


Can I Get My Money Back if Someone Used My Credit Card?


Can I Get My Money Back if Someone Used My Credit Card?


Yes, you can get your money back if someone has used your credit card. However, this may not always end successfully, probably, when the person had received money and withdrawn it into physical cash, it becomes impossible.

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On the other hand, if the person is yet to withdraw the money into physical cash, then you can simply contact your credit card issuer, and request a chargeback.

After some investigation, you will get your money refunded back to your credit account.


Can Gift Cards Be Traced Back to A Credit Card?


Are you wondering if a gift card can be traced back to a credit card? However, most single-store gift cards can’t be traced back to credit cards.

If your gift card is linked to a particular network branded, like MasterCard, Visa and the likes, then, the answer is Yes.


Can Fraudsters Go to Jail for Using Stolen Credit Cards?


Yes, if someone stole your credit card, and is using it to make payments not authorized by you, you have the legal right to sue such a person, that is, if you know the person and you are sure.

Such a person will have to pay a sum of $250k or will have to spend 10 years in jail.



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Gift card fraud is quite popular, and comes in different variations, of which one is through the use of unauthorized credit cards to purchase a gift card.


Whenever you experience this, the best thing you need to consider doing is to contact your credit card issuer, as soon as possible, before putting any money into it.

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