How To Find Activity Tab On Cash App 2023


Do you know much about the cash app? If yes, the activity tab on the cash app is one of the tasks you need to know about the cash app. This article will help you know much about the cash application through the activity tab.


In addition, apart from receiving payment and sending money from the cash app, there are other tasks that you will be encountered. The information below gives many details about the cash app so let’s go…


how To Find Activity Tab On Cash App


How to Find the Activity Tab on The Cash App


There are two things involved in this section; one is how to view any payment received on the cash app. And the main and second one is to know how to find or locate the activity tab.

  1. To view any payment you have made or received, you click or tap on the Activity tab, the clock icon. The details shown include the recipient’s name, the amount, time, the date, and so on…
  2. And to check your activity and locate a recent payment, you will need to click or tap on the activity on your cash app home screen. Then click on the payment you would like to review and see its status, and that’s all.
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Cash App Activity Not Showing


This can be a case while using the cash app, but you don’t need to worry because it does happen for a reason. There are three things to be expected in the cash app activity, which include the following:

  1. Receiving payment
  2. Missing payment
  3. Payment canceled

So cash app activity might not be showing as expected, and this is because the specific transaction that you are currently running or performing with your Cash app account has not been fully completed at that very time.

So, in this case, you may fall into one of the icons in the cash app activity, which may be either your payment is missing or canceled. Just don’t panic, as you can still rectify it.


How to Check Your Cash App Activity


A cash app is an application that is meant typically to display your cash app activities instantly on your activity page. However, there may be some cases where it might be a delay in showing the activity.

So to check your cash app activity if such delays occur, there are some steps that you need to follow, which include the following:

  1. Firstly, click or tap the clock icon located in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. You then tap or click on the activity tab.
  3. Inside the activity tab, it shows a list of all the people you have recently interacted with on the application.
  4. From the list, you now select a payment activity that you would like to review to see its status.
  5. Done.
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The five steps above will guide you to check any of your activities present on your cash app without stress. So now you have no problem concerning how you can view your activity on your cash app so let’s continue.


Can I Hide Activity on Cash App?


You may be thinking of hiding your activity on your cash app. Well, it’s possible. It takes you little steps to make such happen, and you will get the information below.

The cash app is a peer-to-peer payment application that shows the money sent to anyone from the application. You can also withdraw cash at any bank ATM or retail location with the same cash app.

You can hide transactions on your cash app by going to settings, clicking on privacy, tapping transactions, and then clicking on the hide button. This is just a simple way to follow if you want to hide your transaction activity on your cash app.


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The activity tab on the cash app is an application that shows all your transactional history present in the cash app, including the pending payments, received payments, missing payments, canceled payments, and all other activities made in the cash app.

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