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If you’re trying to use the Direct Deposit feature on Cash App, you’ll need to provide the depositor with a routing number so they can deposit money to your Cash App account directly. However, Cash App is not a bank, and there’s no way they’ll have a routing number.

Well, it turns out Cash App doesn’t have a routing number, but they do provide you with one; courtesy of Sutton Bank. The routing number you get identifies the bank, and that’s a rundown of how the direct deposit feature works, even as Cash App isn’t a bank.

In this article, I’ll give you a detailed overview of the Cash App direct deposit feature and how the Sutton Bank routing number comes into play. I’ll also show you how to get the routing number from your Cash App, and a step-by-step process for using the number to receive deposits.


What is the Sutton Bank Routing Number Cash App?


In case you didn’t know, there are two different routing numbers you could get from Cash App, representing the two banks that Cash App partnered with to bring banking features to the payment app. You can check if yours is the Sutton Bank routing number for Cash App by learning the routing number for the bank and comparing it with yours.

The Sutton Bank routing number for Cash App is 041215663. As explained earlier, yours may be different from that, depending on the bank that’s facilitating your Cash App card. However, if it seems to be the same, that means you’re using Sutton Bank for Cash App direct deposits.

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Is the Routing Number the Same for Everyone on Cash App?


Another common question that flies around Cash App forums is if the routing number for all Cash App users is the same. The answer to that is no, the routing number may differ across users on Cash App, but that’s not because Sutton Bank has a different routing number.

Rather, the multiple routing numbers are the result of Cash App partnering with two different banks for the Direct Deposit feature: Sutton Bank and Lincoln Bank. If your routing number is the same as the one in the preceding paragraph, your direct deposits are powered by Sutton Bank, but if it’s 073923033, you’re using Lincoln Bank for direct deposits.


How to Get the Routing Number on Cash App


The entire story of routing numbers on Cash App only exists for one main reason: Direct Deposit. The feature requires Cash App to partner with a bank, and the payment app partnered with Sutton Bank and Lincoln Savings Bank for the purpose. Therefore, you need to enable the feature to access the routing number.

If you created an account only for the Direct Deposit feature, you might be disappointed that you still have to enable it after creating and verifying your account. The steps to getting a Direct Deposit on Cash App look unnecessarily cumbersome to me, but it’s worthwhile if that’s all you created your account for.

The first step to enabling the feature on your account is getting a Cash App card. For some reason, Cash App requires you to have the card to be able to use the Direct Deposit feature in the first place. You can order a Cash App card from the app after verifying your account.

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After getting the card, you can head over to the Banking tab on your home screen and see the routing number and banking number under your account. Tap on either of the numbers to copy them to your clipboard and provide them to anyone intending to deposit money into your account.

You can also get a Direct Deposit form by tapping on the appropriate option from the Banking tab and selecting the “Get Direct Deposit Form” option.


Can I Change the Routing Number on the Cash App?


If you noticed, the routing number on Cash App is linked to a specific bank, and there are only two available for all Cash App users. Once you request and get a Cash App card, either of the routing numbers automatically gets assigned to you, which you can use for direct deposits.

However, say you don’t fancy the routing number that came with your Cash App account by default; how do you change that?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to change your routing number on Cash App at the moment, and it’s even unclear how to get one specifically. Your only chance of getting a different one is closing your account and opening another while hoping that you get a different routing number.

However, since Cash App doesn’t let users select what routing number they want, those steps are like a gamble since there’s a good chance that you’ll still get the same number. Some reports across the internet suggest that your routing number is tied to your location, which makes sense, but then, we still don’t know what states get what bank if that claim is even true, to begin with.

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The Sutton Bank routing number on Cash App is one of the two routing numbers available to Cash App users in the United States. If the routing number is 041215663, you’re using Sutton Bank, and there’s no way to modify or change it.

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