How to Reject a Venmo Payment [EASY METHOD]


When listing out the popular payment platforms available in the US today, you will certainly find Venmo. 

Venmo’s payment platform has grown so wide that it has become the most preferred option for people to make their daily transactions.

With Venmo, you can send money and as well receive money from other people with ease.

Venmo also offers other features such as instant transfer, making it possible to transfer money to other people in a couple of minutes.

However, sometimes you might receive an amount which you can’t tell who has actually sent the money to you


How to Reject a Venmo Payment


The best thing you will do is to seek the source of the money.

This way you can figure out who sent the money to you.

The structure of Venmo has made it necessary for people to be conscious, when making payments with Venmo, because once you send the money to the other person, instantly the money will be received by the person.

If you just received some amount of money from a source that you don’t know and you are looking for ways to reject the money, then you are in the right article.


Can You Reject A Venmo Payment? 


The answer is NO; you can’t reject a payment someone has sent to you on Venmo. 

However, there are several things you can do to reject the money, either by contacting the Venmo support center or by refunding the money back to the person who sent it, using the username or email address, or phone number of the person.

Venmo will be in a better position to reverse the payment made to your account.


Can You Reject A Venmo Payment


How to Reject A Venmo Payment [Guide]


Whenever you receive an unexpected fund from Venmo, this could as a result of a mistake from the sender; the best option is to sort out how to reject the money.

However, the question is, can you reject a Venmo payment? Well, you can’t explicitly reject money sent to you on Venmo. 

If you have received money from someone you don’t know, the best thing to do at this moment is to contact the Venmo support center to reverse the money.

As a user there isn’t any direct way to reject payments on Venmo, Venmo doesn’t offer any features that can help you do this right away.

Another way to reject a Venmo payment is by sending the money back to the person before you can send the money back to the person who sent it to you.

You will need the username of the person. Getting the username of the person who sent the money is quite easy since you already have all the details of the transactions.

Once you have gotten the username of the person who sent the money to you, you can opt-in to refund the money back to the person by clicking on the Pay or Request.

Enter the person’s email address or username, or if you have the person’s phone number, you can use that as an option as well.

Enter the amount you want to send back, and hit the Pay button, to pay the exact amount you have stated.


How Long Does It Take For A Venmo Payment?


Whenever a payment is made to your account, it is immediately sent to your account. 

Venmo uses Instant Transfer, however, if Venmo has some issues, probably network issues or a downtime server, the payment might take as long as the glitch occurs.

Also if you are using a debit card or a credit card it might take up to 1-5 working days before the amount can reach the stated recipient.


Will, I Be Charged Anything If I Decline A Venmo Payment?


Whenever you decline a Venmo payment you won’t be charged any fees, whatever way you are using to reject the payment won’t attract any charges.

Transferring the money back to the person is a no-fee transaction, or while reporting to the Venmo Support center, you won’t be charged anything.


Someone Accidentally Paid Me on Venmo


Most Venmo users have experienced someone accidentally sending money to their Venmo account.

The best option to consider is by contacting Venmo customer support.

By reporting to Venmo, they will help you reverse the money back to the person who sent the money to you.


How To Accept A Payment On Venmo?


Accepting payment on Venmo isn’t a difficult thing to do, once someone sends you money on Venmo, the money will automatically reflect on your Venmo account.

If someone sends you money on Venmo and after some time it is yet to reflect, this could be as a result of several issues, like Network issues, or probably your ISP is down.



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No doubt that Venmo doesn’t provide any feature to reject a payment, however, if this occurs the best thing to do is to refund the money back to the person using either the username, email address, or phone number.

Or if you prefer reporting to the Venmo support fine.

Venmo Support Center will help you reverse the payment to the person who sent it to you.

Note: you won’t be charged for rejecting a payment on Venmo.

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