How to Stop Recurring Payments on the Cash App Card


Anyone would agree that one of the most annoying things is paying a monthly subscription for something that you no longer use. Sadly, however, if you have recurring payments on your Cash App card, you’ll have to turn it off to avoid losing money manually.

Once you stop using any service that requires monthly payments, it’s crucial to cancel the recurring payments from your Cash App card to avoid incurring unnecessary costs. Unless you’re very experienced with the app, learning how to stop recurring payments on the Cash App card might be pretty tasking.

To help, this article will show you how to stop recurring payments from your Cash App card to ensure you’re only paying for what you use. You’ll also learn how to auto-add cash to the app and how to stop automatically adding money at intervals.


How to Stop Recurring Payments on the Cash App Card


How to Stop Recurring Payments on the Cash App Card


Before showing you the steps required to stop recurring payments, it’s important to clarify what the article means by recurring payments. As you may already guess, these payments refer to those you regularly make, either weekly, yearly, quarterly, or annually.

Such recurring payments are commonly used in covering the costs of subscription platforms like Netflix, Spotify, and other similar platforms. However, that’s not the only kind of recurring payment you may want to stop on your Cash App card.

It’s also possible to set your Cash App card to deposit money into a specific account at intervals. The report may not be that of a subscription service like Netflix or Amazon Prime; as long as it can receive money, you can send recurring payments to the account.

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The steps for sending recurring payments to subscription platforms are slightly different from paying to a specified account. This section will focus on stopping recurring payments by canceling a subscription; we’ll look at the ways of stopping others in the following areas.


With that said, here’s how to stop recurring payments on the Cash App card.


  1. Open the Cash App on your smartphone.

To carry out any activity relating to payments with Cash App, it’s not news that you’ll have to open the app first. Like you do before carrying out any transaction that relates to Cash App, stopping recurring payments requires you to open the app and log into your account if you’re not signed in already.


  1. Navigate to Deposits and Transfers

After opening the app, you’ll need to navigate to the banking tab denoted by the home icon on the bottom icon row. That takes you to a sea of controls and banking options for your Cash App account. Find and select Deposits and Transfers to continue with the operation.

Here, you should see a list of every payment you’ve set to repeat every interval automatically. You should also see the specific details by tapping on each of them, including the recipient, the amount, the next due date, etc.


  1. Disable the Recurring option to stop automatically paying for the service

From the Deposits and Transfers tab, scroll down to the Recurring menu and turn off the Auto Add Cash toggle. Turning that off will prevent your Cash App account from funding the Cash App Card monthly, which prevents the card from continuing to make recurring payment.


It’s crucial to note that stopping recurring payments on Cash App this way doesn’t automatically cancel your subscription to the service. If you use the feature to pay for your Netflix, you’ll still have to find a way to pay for the subscription renewal if you plan to continue using your Netflix account.

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While the processes sound simple, understanding why they work the way it does can be a bit more complicated. The following section will explain how recurring payments work on Cash App and why the steps above stop them.


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How Do Recurring Payments Work on Cash App?


Since Cash App is certainly not affiliated with most companies, you use recurring payments, asking how the feature works is a valid question. However, while it may look complicated on the surface, it only requires a bit of concentration to get what’s going on under the hood.

While there’s a way to set up recurring payments to make it work by sending payments directly to the merchant, that’s not the most popular way. The most popular method is using a linked credit or debit card to purchase a subscription service and setting a Cash App to fund the card automatically at intervals with a specific amount.

The payments are charged from the card, but you’re paying for it from your Cash App account. If you stop using the service, you must also cancel the recurring payment from Cash App, or you’ll still be charged from your account.


How to Stop Recurring Payments on the Cash App Card Urgently


When you submit a request to stop recurring payments on your Cash App card, you’ll notice that it takes a pretty long while for the bid to actualize. By a rather long period, we’re looking at three working days. However, that might be way too late for whatever you’re intending.

Fortunately, there’s a way to stop the payment sooner by talking to a team member. You can contact them using the Cash App support page, and they’ll be much willing to help you out. For insanely short recurring payment cancelation, consider using the phone number.

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The Cash App auto-add cash feature has its positives, but when you do not want to add money to your debit card automatically, all you start seeing are the negatives. If you don’t quickly do something about it, you’ll pay monthly for a service you’re not using.


This article shows you how to quickly stop recurring payments on the Cash App card. You also get to learn how the feature works in the first place and how to complete the process faster if it’s urgent.

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