How To Use Spot Me On Chime


Spot me is an optional, no-fee service that lets members with an active debit card make certain transactions that overdraw your chime checking account.

Many people often consider spot me as a lifesaver, this is because it helps you cover your expenses even if the amount in your checking account isn’t up to the amount needed to purchase a product.

Most times while you make payment online, and your chime checking account balance is not up to the required amount, you can make an overdraft.


How To Use Spot Me On Chime


Why spot me remains best, is its high level of consideration. In traditional banks, where your spending exceeds the available amount on your account, aside from the money to be balanced, some extra charges will still be applied.

But by using Spot me, the amount you are going to balance will be the exact amount added by the chime, not charges or feed.

So, if you are confused about how spot me works and how to use spot me on the chime, you are in the right article. 


How to Use Spot-On Chime Easily


Before, Understanding how to use Spot Me, it is important to understand how to spot me works in Chime.

Spot me is available for every user who has activated their chime debit card and has made a minimum deposit of $200. 

According to the spot me official, once you make these requirements you become qualified for Spot Me.


How To Use Spot Me On Chime


So, therefore, Here is how Spot Me works:

Let’s say you made a purchase of $100 and you have only $85 in your checking account since over-drafting is allowed on chime.

Instead of chime adding their own interest to the remaining $15 dollars that was added, you will be charged the $15 only, without any other charges. 

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The next time any money is deposited into your account the $15 will be taken, as a payment of the $15

With spot me, users won’t be charged excessively when they overdraft on Chime. And would be saved from the tremendous over-drafting fees by regular banks.

Now that you have understood how to spot my works, you can begin learning how to use spot me on Chime

The first thing you need to do is to have a chime account, the chime debit card, and must have made a minimum of $200 on your chime checking account.


However, creating an account with Chime doesn’t mean you are eligible for the spot me offer.

There are certain factors that are examined by chime before you will be spotted by the chime, such as Account/ Transaction History, Activities, referral promotion, and so on.

If you are not eligible to spot me on the chime, you won’t be spotted by the chime, when making payments where your checking balance is lower than the amount needed.

But once you have become eligible to enjoy the spot me on the chime, whenever you are making any spending, and the amount you want to spend is higher than the amount available on your checking account, you will be spotted by the chime, and therefore, the necessary amount will be added so that your payment can be successful.


The range of how much can be topped does not go beyond $20 and $200, getting up to $200.

You must have been a long-time member of Chime and have made countless transactions history before you can be spotted in the addition of up to $200.

The big deal there is, starting out today because of the chime spot me offers doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be spotted right from your first transaction.

You will have to wait for a long time, with a good transaction or activity history.

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What Happens if You Try to Overdraw Your Account by More than Your Limit?


As I mentioned earlier, Spot me offers a limit, and having a higher limit depends on certain factors that must be assessed before you can be spotted and overdrafted the necessary amount.

However, whenever you try overdrawing more than your limit, the transaction will be declined.

Yes, Chime will decline your transaction.


Let’s take a practical example:

Let’s say you are only eligible to make an overdraft of $25 on Chime, and therefore, you are trying to make a payment where you have $90 on your checking account, whereas the amount for the payment is $150. Sorry, chime will decline your transaction.

This is because you have exceeded your limit, if you want to increase your limit, you have to keep making transactions with chime, probably about $500-$1000 monthly will cause great changes on your spot limit.


How To Increase Chime Spot Me


Unfortunately, you can’t manually increase your chime spot. If you are a new user on chime all you have to do is to make a minimum of $200 on deposit.

Plus making subsequent direct deposits will help boost your chime spot me to limit.

The number of transactions you make, on a monthly basis, will determine how your chime spot me limit can be increased.


Chime Spot Me Not Working


Sometimes you might experience your chime Spot me not working, this could be as a result of several reasons.

Note: Chime spot me only works on debit card purchases, for example, when trying to pay something online, probably from a grocery store or a bike store, and the amount to be paid is higher than the amount available on your chime checking account.

However, chime spot me will not work, when withdrawing funds from an ATM machine, and making instant transfers to a friend or close relation.


What Can I Do With Spot Me Chime?


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Spot me on chime can save you from so many transaction declination issues that might arise as a result of insufficient funds on your account.

With the Chime Spot Me, you can make debit card purchases that overdraw your account with no overdraft fees as regular banks may do.



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Learning how to use Spot Me requires some preliminary knowledge of how to Spot me works on chime.

In this article, I have in-depth explained how Spot me works on the chime, and how you can increase your Spot my limit, in order to enjoy more debit card purchases, even when you don’t have up to the required amount.

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