Does Walmart Accept Klarna? How to Use Klarna on Walmart


Does Walmart accept Klarna as a payment method for all your purchases? If you want to figure it out, then you are in the right blog post.

Walmart is one of the most popular shopping stores in the US, providing basically every good you could ever think of. 

Whenever you buy goods at Walmart, you can pay for such goods using several payment options available, such as PayPal, Benefits Card, Credit and Debit card, and so on.

Having Klarna, you might be wondering, if you can use your Klarna account to finance your purchases on Walmart.

Although, at an earlier time, Klarna wasn’t supported by Walmart as a payment option, thereby creating some level of restrictions on Klarna users in paying for what they have purchased at Walmart.

Before answering the question, of whether Klarna is supported by Walmart or not, let’s understand what Klarna is, and how it can be used.


Does Walmart Accept Klarna


What is Klarna


Klarna offers Buy Now, Pay Later payment plans, for your online and in-store purchases through its mobile app.

With Klarna you can buy goods, even without having money at the moment, it offers useful Buy Now, Pay Later plans, with intensively little or no interest charges.

The Buy Now, Pay Later plan of Klarna can be used in popular stores like Sephora, Macy’s, and the likes, Walmart inclusive.

Having understood what Klarna is, you can proceed in learning how Klarna works

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In order to understand how Klarna works, it is important to know how the Buy Now Pay Later plan works on Klarna.

Klarna offers three packages, which are: Pay in 4, Pay in 30, and Financing

Using Klarna you have to choose either of these packages, however, the Pay in 4 is the most common and used plan on Klarna. Although, other plans have their own specific usage.

Each plan on Klarna is used for a specific purpose and comes with an entirely different requirement.


Does Walmart Support Klarna: How to use Klarna on Walmart [Steps]


How to use Klarna on Walmart



Now that you have understood what Klarna is, It is important to understand how to use Klarna on Walmart.

The steps below show you how to use Klarna on Walmart:


Step 1: Download the Klarna App.

Yes, the Klarna app works in a mobile-based software environment, and therefore before you can have access to its features, you must have downloaded the Klarna app on your Device.

Klarna app is available on both Platforms (Android/ iOS), if you are using an Android device you can find Klarna on Play Store, While for Iphone Users you can find Klarna on the App store.


Step 2: Search for “Walmart”

Once Klarna has been downloaded and successfully installed on your device, then search for Walmart on the Klarna app. Once you have located Walmart on Klarna, then you begin adding to your cart what you want to buy.


Step 3: Add A Product

Add the product you want to buy on Walmart, by adding it to your shopping cart.


Step 4: Go to the shopping cart

Once you have everything which you want to buy on your shopping cart, then hover to your shopping cart, by going to the checkout page and pressing the Pay with K button at the bottom of the app screen.


Step 5: Select Pay in 4

When paying with Pay in 4 on Walmart, this is what Klarna does. The total amount of the products you have added to your shopping cart which you want to pay for will be divided into four, which you are expected to pay every two weeks.

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For example:

Let’s say the total cost for your shopping is $300, by using the Pay in  4, The $500 will be divided into four, making it a payment of $125 every two weeks. Therefore you are to pay $125 every two weeks to Klarna.

Late payment will attract a fee of $7.


Does Walmart Take Any Payment Plans?


Yes, Walmart offers several online and store monthly payments with Affirm. Walmart partners with Affirm in providing very intuitive and affordable monthly payment plans.

You can choose from 3 to 24 months, you can buy or make a purchase and pay at a later time. Affirms ensure to notify you with terms and at times of checkout, you will be shown how much you are going to pay.

Affirm won’t charge you any extra money, just as some other credit cards may do


Does Walmart Accept Afterpay?


While Klarna can be supported as means of financing your purchases on Walmart.

However, Walmart doesn’t support Afterpay, if you are an after-pay user, you can opt-in for other payment platforms like Paypal, Affirms, and the likes.

Platforms like Affirm and Paypal, offer interesting payment plans that can be of benefit to you.

Affirm offers a monthly payment plan of up to 24 months, with no extra charges, when paying back.


What Kind Of Payment  Does Walmart Accept?

Aside from Klarna, Walmart accepts other payment options like, 

  • Paypal, 
  • Credit card, 
  • Debit cards, 
  • Gift Cards,
  • Benefit Cards
  • Affirm
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer and so on.


How Does Klarna Work In-Store

Aside from the wide support of Klarna online, Klarna offers a digital debit card that can be used in making payments.

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With the Klarna digital card, you can link your card with other wallets like Apple Pay, or Google Pay, which are widely accepted in stores in the US. 


Does Klarna Affect Your Credit Score?


The Answer is NO, Klarna won’t affect your credit score, Klarna is an online payment platform that helps you buy now and pay later.

Therefore, your Klarna won’t affect your credit score.



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Now, you know if Klarna is accepted on Walmart. 

In this article, I have explained several things associated with using Klarna on Walmart.

In answering the Subject question, Yes, Walmart Accepts Klarna as a payment method.

Therefore, if you have a Klarna account and you want to use it as a payment option, fine you can go on.

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