Is Project 2048 Legit? No, Read This


There has been an arousing controversy on the internet over the authenticity of the project 2048 application. It’s essential to make proper research before trying out a new app that promises to reward you in the long run.

This publication will answer the question of whether project 2048 is legit, how to get paid, and if project 2048 is worth trying.


About The Project 2048 App


The game is targeted at people who hope to win virtual cash from merging blocks. People who download this game usually play for a chance at winning a thousand dollars or more every month, and it’s easy to get anyone excited about this offer.

The project 2048 game was designed by a team of developers popularly known as XM studio. The team has successfully created and launched diverse mobile games on the internet and is well experienced in the field of creating mobile games.

This game is available for download in all parts of the world, and you stand a chance of making money from the comfort of your home using the project 2048 game. Some countries are at an advantage of earning more depending on the currency exchange rate in their country.

You are not required to deposit any amount of money before you can earn with the 2048 app. Meanwhile, you stand a chance of earning cash and Amazon gift cards when you try out the game.

The game is said to share similar features with the lucky poker game, but the game designs are different from each other. Aside from winning cash prizes, you also stand a chance of winning gadgets such as a smartphone and an HP laptop. 

The game has gained millions of attention from different parts of the world because of how words have spread about the app. People love free money, and millions of people around the world will want to play for a chance at earning free cash.


How Does It Work?


You need to first download, and install the game from the play store. However, the 2048 game is only available for Android users, and you access the game on the play store or third-party app download platform.

The game gives you a one-time bonus which serves as a headstart for earning $1,000. You will receive a total sum of $100 to kick-start your earning process. $1,000 seems like a long way to go, but you’ll feel a sense of trying when you have free $100 leaving you to aspire to earn $900 more.

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Before you receive your one-time bonus of $100 in cash rewards, you are required to watch a short video ad. You are expected to watch the video until the very end in other to receive your cash rewards. Upon successfully watching the video, you may then continue the earning process and aim for à thousand dollars.

There are chances you might find the game a bit challenging which is why the game developers came up with additional ways in which you can use in earning cash prizes and speed up your earning process. For example, you can get paid for visiting the app every day.

Visiting the app every day for up to a week gives you a chance of earning up to $500 or more. Do note that the amount you’ll earn for visiting the app every day may vary. For example, you may get less than $200 on some days, and earn more than $250 on some days.

What’s certain is that the app cares about you reaching the $1,000 goal which is why they make everything easy for you. If you don’t find the game interesting you can visit project 2048 every day of the week for a chance at earning unlimited cash.

It’s also important to note that the minimum withdrawal limit is set to a thousand dollars, and you can’t withdraw anything less than $999.99. 


How To Play?


Most people who download the project 2048 game are usually interested in playing the game for a chance at winning cash prizes. If playing interests you, then you may be intrigued to find out how it works, and bow you can speed up your earning process and withdraw over $2,000 every month.

You play by merging cubes and numbers. However, do note that the game does involve some bit of mathematics. You are required to calculate and predict a higher cube number in the game, and you are expected to apply your basic arithmetics knowledge in the game.

You play by blasting merging cubes to destroy them, and you must aim to destroy all cubes before they go over the limit. The higher the cubes go, the lesser your chances of playing. So you have to aim to hit your target, and must be quick with it.

Hitting your target automatically increases your account balance. However, you may be required to watch a video ad before you can claim your rewards. The good news is that the video ads are always short and interesting to watch.


Winning Additional Prizes On Project 2048


The game developers are generous enough to allow people to win not only Cash but also to win other fantastic prizes such as a smartphone device, smart TV, a personal computer, and many more. In other to win these additional prizes, you are required to look out for a prize floating in a diagonal position while you are playing the game.

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Clicking on the prizes you see gives you a chance to win the aforementioned prizes such as a Tv, smartphone, etc. However, you are required to match a puzzle game together before you can win your prize.

Here’s the catch, automatically merging a puzzle does not give you the right to claim your prize. However, you stand a chance of claiming any prize if you want when you can complete more than 10 puzzles within a 20 days timeframe.

The game gives you a chance at solving more puzzles. All you have to do Is to watch a short video ad, or you may choose to play the lucky spin which will then give you more puzzles to try out.


Withdrawing Your Money


Withdrawing your money from 2048 is incredibly easy. All that is required of you is that you must hit the withdrawal limit of a thousand dollars. Thereafter, you may then choose to withdraw via PayPal or through the gift card option.

Interestingly, the gems you earn while merging blocks also give you additional money. For example, you can merge a specific amount of gems for an Amazon gift card, or other types of gift card options such as iTunes, or an in-game gift card option such as PES, Xbox, etc.

You may choose to withdraw your funds once you’ve hit the minimum withdrawal limit.


Is The Project 2048 Game Legit?


There has been a lot of controversy on whether the 2048 game is legit or a scam. However, I feel the whole concept of the game is based on a fallacy. The game is only offering people diverse ways to earn more money so they can spend more time playing, and also spread the word about the app.

It is incredibly easy to hit the minimum withdrawal limit within a few days. However, you will be required to wait for 3 business working days before your money will appear in your PayPal account balance, and also the gift card option.

 It is uncertain whether you are going to win the additional prizes included in the game. But I feel the additional prizes are just there to lure people to compete for a chance of winning the mentioned prizes. 

The app generates money from its users when they watch video ads. The money generated from watching video ads on project 2048 is not enough to pay everyone over a thousand dollars.

With that said and done, you ought to realize that the app will not pay you for anything in the long run. But you may choose to not take my words for it.

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However, consider Jade from the United States who has played the game for a chance at winning a thousand dollars. She was able to accumulate over a thousand dollars within a week and tried withdrawing. She waited for seven (7) consecutive days while hoping for her money to appear in her account balance, but she never saw it. 

Jade tried emailing the customer support team to complain about not getting paid but she never got a response until the present day.

Take Jack from Canada as another example, Jack played the 2048 game for 2 months before he was able to accumulate a thousand dollars. It took jack that long because he is often busy with work, and he tried withdrawing his cash prizes and never got it.

Irrespective of what you feel about the project 2048 app, you may also choose to read other reviews about the app on the Google play store and see what other people are saying about it online.



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Video Section




In conclusion, the project 2048 app is an app that promises exciting cash rewards and prizes. However, do not expect a penny from the game because it is a total waste of time, and you are only going to spend lots of time watching video ads to enrich the developers.

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