Is Royal Chips 2248 Real Or Fake?


Lovers of cryptocurrency stand a chance of earning Bitcoin just by playing the royal chips 2248 game on their mobile phones. The incredible thing about the game is that you stand the chance of earning over $5,000 in a single month of playing.

Controversies have been raised on whether the royal chips 2248 game is real or fake. Meanwhile, some people have invested their time in the game, and have found themselves addicted to playing the mobile game every day while aiming to accumulate Bitcoin.

The app solely generates its revenue from video ads on the app, and there is no legal policy which states that the app must pay out its users through cryptocurrencies. You may choose to play to find out if it’s legit or not because there are diverse apps on the app stores which promise to offer cash rewards or cryptocurrency rewards when you perform specific tasks.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the Royal chips 2248 are all about, how it works, how much you are expected to earn monthly, how to get paid and if the app is fake or worth trying.


Introducing The Royal Chips 2248 App


The royal chips 2248 mobile game is an app targeted at lovers of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies became the talk of the whole world in the year 2021 when the leading cryptocurrency-Bitcoin was worth over $60,000. 

The royal chips 2248 give you a chance of earning Bitcoin and securing your financial future. The game is available for download in all parts of the world, and you can earn Bitcoin cryptocurrency from your comfort zone.

Some people play the Royal chips 2248 game from their place of work. For example, Ken an IT guy at a company in Morocco specifically spends time playing the Royal 2248 game in his free time. When asked, Ken claims he knows the importance of cryptocurrencies in the present-day world, and he’s willing to compete for a chance of earning Bitcoin for free.

The game revolves around solving a puzzle where players are required to combine chips carrying the same digits in other to win Bitcoin prizes. You can always withdraw your Bitcoin to your Coinbase account, where you can later transfer it or choose to exchange it for cash.

In other to win Bitcoin prizes, you must connect discs with the same numeric value, and ensure you hit the target specified by the game. Playing the Royal chips 2248 game is incredibly easy, and a child can play the game with ease. 

The royal chips game has gained millions of attention from all parts of the world and has recorded thousands of downloads from the Google play store alone. Meanwhile, there have also been high records of downloads from other third-party app stores.

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You may choose to join thousands of people around the globe who are trying out the game for a chance at winning cryptocurrencies. However, it may be saddening to find out that it’s not everyone can try out the game.

The game only supports withdrawal to a Coinbase account, and it may be disappointing to discover that Coinbase is not supported in your country. Some countries like Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Africa amongst others are not allowed to own a Coinbase account.

However, you may find ways to bypass it by moving to a Coinbase-eligible country or finding other alternatives to own an account.


How Does It Work?


Before you kick-start your journey of earning cryptocurrency with the Royal chips 2248 app, you must first download and install the app from the Google play store or any third-party app store of your choice. The app is however available to Android users only while putting iOS users at a disadvantage.

You are not required to deposit before you can start playing the Royal chips game, nor are you required to pay a one-time fee before you can be able to claim your Bitcoin reward.

If you have already downloaded the game, you should go through the app’s privacy policy, and check the legal terms and conditions binding the app. However, you can access this information when you’ve been promoted to a VIP user while leaving basic users at a disadvantage.

It is easy to upgrade from a basic user to a VIP user; the steps and processes will be explained later in this article. Generally, the app is self-instructive. You can always read the instructions at the top of your screen after launching the app. 

The instructions are there to guide you on how to earn Bitcoin with the app. However, the minimum amount of Bitcoin you can withdraw is 0.1 Btc which is equivalent to over $300 in the year 2021, and you are going to receive a welcome bonus of 0.009 BTC to help speed your earning process.


How To Play To Earn?


Playing to earn Bitcoin is very easy with the Royal chips 2248 game. All that is required of a player is to swipe their fingers around to connect a line. It sounds and looks extremely easy, and a thirteen-year-old can earn a thousand dollars within one month.

You play to earn by merging chips, and you stand a chance of earning up to 00.008 BTC per every successful hit. You can choose to play over and over again until you cross the set withdrawal limit. But, you are likely to face some minor restrictions after playing more than 3 times.

You can then unlock more moves which can be used in playing to earn Bitcoin by simply watching a short video ad. You stand a chance of earning more rewards compared to the 00.0005- 00.0008BTC that you are expected to earn when you successfully connect the chips to form the Bitcoin logo.

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If you’re good at puzzles, you are going to enjoy playing since the app is packed with lots of exciting rewards which you can always withdraw whenever you wish.


How To Cash Out In Royal 2248 Chip Connect?


As mentioned above, you can only withdraw your earnings to your Coinbase account. You are advised to create a Coinbase account before trying on the Royal chips game. Some countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc have no restrictions to own a Coinbase account. It’s often best to check if your country is eligible enough before you try on the Royal chips 2248 game.

You can always initiate a withdrawal once you’ve been able to earn over 0.01BTC which is worth over $350 in the year 2021. The incredible thing is that the app creators make it easy for anyone smart enough to meet the minimum withdrawal limit within 7 days.

If you are good at puzzles, you can earn over $300 for yourself within a short period. Once you’ve successfully accumulated over 0.1Btc, all you have to do is hit the redeem icon and claim your reward by inputting your Coinbase email address.

You will then be prompted to wait for a maximum of 8 days before you can receive your rewards. This withdrawal process is free and safe enough. However, you may choose to speed up how fast you’ll receive your rewards in your Coinbase email.

You can speed up your earnings by constantly watching a short video ad on the app. This will help subtract a few hours from your waiting days, and you may choose to watch the ad videos over and over again so you can receive your Crypto reward as soon as possible.

There are chances you may find the video ads annoying especially since you may have to spend over 20 minutes watching each video ad.

Alternatively, if you are not patient enough to wait for 7-8 days, and you don’t like the idea of watching a video to decrease your waiting time, you may then choose to pay a one-time fee of $1 to help speed your withdrawal process.

You stand a chance of receiving your rewards within 12 hours when you pay the one-time fee of $1, and you do not have to spend half an hour watching a video ad to decrease your waiting time.


How To Upgrade To A VIP User


It’s clear that the Royal chips 2248 game is aimed at collecting your time and money because players are required to pay a sum of $7 to upgrade to a VIP member. VIP members get to enjoy additional benefits such as not getting forced to watch a video ad.

In addition, VIP users get to receive higher rewards for visiting the project 2248 app every day. VIP users also get to access the app’s terms of service and its privacy policy.

Before upgrading from a basic level to a VIP level on the project 2248 app, you have to first analyze and figure out if the app is going to reward you in cryptocurrency at the end of the day.

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Is the Royal chips app legit?


Controversies have been raised on whether the project 2248 game is real or fake. However, I feel the game is an obvious scam, and you are not going to receive any form of Bitcoin in your Coinbase account.

The game creators specifically feed on victims of the app who play for a chance at earning Bitcoin. The creators only get rewarded when you watch video ads, and they get additional rewards when you decide to speed up your withdrawal process, or when you choose to upgrade to a VIP member.

My cousin tried out the game in the year 2022, and strongly advised anyone who’s already playing the game to put a halt to it. 

You may choose to take my cousin’s words for it and stop playing. You may also choose to keep playing to see how things play out. But I’ll advise that you don’t make any form of a deposit to increase your chances of earning or getting paid faster.



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Video Section







In conclusion, you shouldn’t get carried away by all the reward policies the project 2248 game has to offer. The game is an obvious scam, and you won’t be rewarded in any form of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the game developers make profits off people who spend their time watching video ads, and people who are gullible enough to pay for the VIP membership and the speeding fee. 

Ensure you spend your time and money on other important things!

Don’t forget to share this article with friends and families who are fascinated about trying out the project 2248 game.

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