Is Top Instant Rewards Legit? Instant Rewards Review


There are numerous ways through which people make money on the internet.  While most of these platforms won’t give you a massive amount, they produce you an opportunity to make additional cash or prizes. One of these platforms is the Instant Reward. 

This review will provide the necessary answer to the authenticity of the Top instant rewards platforms.


What Is Top Instant Rewards?


The Instant rewards platform is a mobile device application where members receive points for the completion of certain requirements including offers, tasks, and video watching. The awarded points can then be changed for cash or gift cards. 


The platform has formed partnerships with companies such as Gamefly, Blockbuster Video, Netflix, and and makes money through affiliate marketing and adverts. A little amount of the earned money is what you will be received after completing the required tasks. 


You will be required to sign up on the app before you will be able to partake in tasks and earn. After completing the signing-up process, you will partake in the trial offers which will be from the companies that are in partnership with the Instant rewards platform. 


You will have to earn at least a credit before you will be eligible to partake in the programs which is the main source of earning on this platform. 

The offers you will partake in include the posting of a given link on your social media account and verification by uploading a screenshot and you will be given your earned points. With tasks, you will be required to carry out different assignments which will earn you points as well there are numerous tasks available and they include. 

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  • Task One

Your assignment on this type of task will be to install some applications on your mobile device and open the newly installed app on your phone. You might also be instructed to perform some actions on the application to guarantee your earned points. 


  • Task Two

The points to be earned from these tasks are usually higher than the formal which is why your assigned task will be much more than installing and opening an app. The task varies from signing up for free trials, to earning cash rewards by filling out insurance quotes. There will be numerous offers so you should carefully check them out and go for the best offer for you. 


  • Task Three

Just like the first task, you will be required to install some apps on your mobile device from the app store. You will then have to open the just-installed application on your phone to earn a high point. 


What Are The Available Rewards On Top Instant Rewards?


What Are The Available Rewards On Top Instant Rewards


On the Top instant rewards platform, you will be able to exchange your earned points for giftcards with six different options available including Paypal, Walmart, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and Best buy. 


You will have to exchange up to 1,000 points to earn $10 which is the minimum amount that can be earned on the platform.  Once you process your cashout, it will take a few days before you receive the cash in your account for Paypal while the other gift cards will be direct to your mail.


How Much Can I Make On Top Instant Rewards?


You can earn points quickly on the Top instant rewards platform by completing surveys and watching videos. 


  • Videos

Watching videos will only take up to 15 to 30 seconds to complete. The amount you will earn per video is fixed at $0.01 cent per video and the amount won’t change no matter the length of the video. With the rate you earned per video and the length of the average video you will be watching, you will be able to make up to $2.00 in an hour. 

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Videos can be limited and you might have to do manual clicking to play the next video. However, the platform’s increase in stardom will attract more brans which is why they;l surely make new partnerships which will result in more videos that can be watched to earn. It is still an outstanding platform to earn additiuonal cash when you have lots of time with nothing interesting to do. 


  • Surveys

Completing surveys on the Top instant rewards p[latform will take less than 30 seconds and you will earn $15 cents per survey which is 15 times higher than what you will earn when you watch a video with the same time duration. 


Just like with videos, the available survey offers are also limited and you will be unable to partake in more than two surveys in a day.  You also have to be active and ensure you check out if you have been offered surveys quickly before they get taken back and reassigned. 

Completion of a survey will make you eligible for an automatic draw where you can earn additional points and or a free gift card. 


Are There Other Ways To Earn Money On Top Instant Rewards?


Yes, you can earn additional cash on the Top instant rewards platform through its referral program. When a friend joins the platform through you, you will be eligible for 10 percent of such friend’s earnings. Your friends will also benefit from this as they’ll also be eligible for $1.00 when they make use of your referral code. 


Is Top Instant Rewards Legit?


Yes, the Top instant rewards platform is legit and it is not a scam. However, some users who have signed up with the platform have negative feedback about the platform. Some users complain about the unfair suspension of their account when they are almost close to the required cashing out amount. However, the population of people with such complaints is lesser than the large number of users that are satisfied with the platform operations and want to continue earning with it. 

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While you will not be earning a substantial amount from the platform, it is also not a bad idea when you can earn a $10 gift card during your free days. Through Top instant rewards, you can rest and earn at the same time which sounds so good. 


Top Instant Rewards Official Website

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